WheelPal App – Top secrets to become a CarPlay PRO

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What is WheelPal app?

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WheelPal app is a collection of hacks and tips for all the Carplay lovers to get their CarPlay an enhanced one.

CarPlay has become a famous topic these days with the best ever CarPlay update of iOS 13 which was released at the end of September 2019 . And many car lovers pay more interest on having an extra ordinary CarPlay. So this app will definitely help you with tips to get more apps and same way to solve your CarPlay issues

Why WheelPal App?

The most controversial issue of CarPlay is, by default it allows only a limited number of apps . The main reason for this limitation might be that the CarPlay developers believe that, the driver’s attention should never be disturbed while they are driving. As a result, the visual based apps including, gallery, instagram, videos, youtube, facebook, Browsers, Media Players are not supported in default CarPlay. Find all the Carplay supported apps Here.

Here the WheelPal app comes for your support. You can get to know 100% working, methods of adding all your desired apps to CarPlay. Isn’t it simply wow ???

Features and functionality

In the initial level, this app detects your phone model and the iOS version and lists the most essential, non-default CarPlay apps which are compatible with your device. You can select desired apps to be added to CarPlay, among the provided list. Moreover you can install that app to your phone if it is not already installed.

Also, it asks whether your iDevice is already a Jailbroken one or not.

Then the app will redirect you to the guide for adding the selected app to CarPlay. The app provides all the necessary links, tools, instructions and everything.

All the apps, which you were dreaming to add to your CarPlay are now available with this app.

Upcoming Features ?

More apps will be added to the app list very soon.

Tweaked apps will be added to the app list along with download links.

Also the developers are doing researches to enable this feature for Android Auto, for the benefit of Android users.

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