Android Auto App

Android Auto App

Unlike CarPlay, Android Auto has an app to get Android Auto in your car. Therefore you need to make sure that you have installed Android Auto App before you try in your car. If you have not used Android Auto on your mobile phone before here’s how you can have Android Auto installed.

Guide to setting up Android Auto/ Auto Play

Android Auto App icon
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  • Firstly make sure your phone is running on Android 5.0 (Lollipop) or up. And it is recommended to use Android 6.0 or later for best performance.
  • Then open Google Play and search Android Auto

Note: Android Auto app is only available in certain countries. So ,If you do not find in search results, that means it’s not available in your country for downloading.

List of Android Auto available countries

Argentina, Australia, Austria, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa RicaDominican Republic, Ecuador, France, Germany, Guatemala, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, NewZealand, Panama, Paraguay, PeruPuerto, Rico, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States, Uruguay, Venezuela

How to Setup Auto Play

  1. Firstly open Android Auto.
  2. If your phone asks you to download or update certain apps, please go ahead.
  3. Then review the Safety Notice and Terms & Conditions
  4. After that allow app permission to access your phone’s features and apps.
  5. Then turn on notifications
  6. If your phone is already paired with your car’s Bluetooth, tap on the device to enable Android Auto. Then it is ready for auto launch.

There are two main ways that you can connect your phone to the car’s inbuilt infotainment system. It is either by connecting your phone via a USB cable or via Bluetooth. But all the cars does not support Bluetooth. Therefore what way you would have to follow depends on the compatibility of your car.

Let’s have a quick look on how to connect the phone into the system.

Connect Android Auto via cable (USB)

  • Firstly make sure you have turned on your car and kept in park
  • Then unlock the phone screen
  • After that connect your phone into the USB port in the car system
  • Launch Android Auto App you installed on your phone
  • If it asks you to download or update certain apps, go ahead (for first time users)
  • Give permissions for access (for first time users)
  • Turn on notifications for Android Auto

Connect Android Auto via Bluetooth

  • Make sure you have turned on your car and kept in park
  • Unlock the phone screen
  • Start the Bluetooth process on the car’s stereo system
  • Go to settings of your smartphone > wireless and networks> Bluetooth Settings> Enable
  • Pair the car system with Bluetooth
  • Give access for Android Auto to perform better
  • Turn on notifications
  • Launch Android Auto app to enjoy Android Auto.