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Best  Android Auto Apps 2020

Android Auto Apps can be found in various categories such as Entertainment, Utilities, Navigation , Games and many more. Hands free way of using mobile while driving is the new lifestyle designed by the latest mobile developments. People who used to carry a mobile to chat or call each other has now become your travel guide and the best friend who acts upon your command. Finding this trends as an opportunity app developing giants have already begun to come up with many apps that make driving even more interesting and pleasurable. And this, has made a complete change the way we go in the car.

Here are best Android Auto Compatible Apps available for 2020.

Music Apps compatible with Android Auto


Android Auto spotify app icon

Spotify is an freemium entertainment providing app where you can find millions of songs and podcasts. One of the greatest features of it, is the discovering feature which enables you find new artists. For now Spotify boasts having more than 170 million subscribers streaming songs. Since this is a freemium service, you can enjoy a limited number of features at a zero cost. If you already have a subscription version of Spotify on your mobile, you should never hesitate to experience it on your car’s display with Android Auto.


Android Auto pandora app icon

Pandora is a radio music streaming app that gives you millions of songs. The service plays musics that has similar traits and users can give their feedback as thumbs up or thumbs down for the chosen songs by the service. These feedback are taken into account when arranging the next songs to play by the service. Thumbs down for a second time on a particular artist will ban the artist from the station unless he has given a positive feedback on a different occasion or if that artist has registered under the stations variety list. Therefore you can always listen to songs that you prefer in the personalized stations with Android Auto.This is one of the best Android Auto compatible apps you can try.

Messaging Apps compatible with Android Auto

What’s App

Android Auto whatsapp icon

What's app is a leading messaging app spread around the world to connect people via messages, calls, video calls, sharing videos, images, docs etc. If you are already a WhatsApp user, you know how important it is to have WhatsApp on your car's inbuilt display. you don't have to look in and type the message you want to send, but dictate or ask google assistant to do the rest.  This is one of the best messaging apps you can try on Android Auto.

Facebook Messenger

Android auto compatible messenger app icon

Nothing to tell about Facebook messenger. You know what it brings you day by day. It has become one of the closest messengers of life. So how about having it on the car's infotainment system. It makes you even more connected and closer with your friends. You can dictate or command Facebook messenger while you are on the road without being distracted by its notifications or messages.


Android Auto Skype icon

Skype is another way that you can send messages, share photos and videos. Skype is popular among many for its amazing video chatting feature had captured them as soon as it was released and still continue to facilitate its users with improved quality. But the video chatting feature is still not available in the Android Auto compatible version of Skype.


Android Auto we chat app icon

WeChat is another social media messaging app that enables you connect with the people you like to.  This basically provides text messaging, hold-to-talk voice messaging, (one-to-many) messaging, video calls and conferencing,  games, location, photos and video sharing.


Android Auto Telegram app icon

This is one another messaging app just like WhatsApp on your Android phone. With Telegram, you can do almost as the same as with messaging. That means Google assistant will read out the messages, compose and send at your dictation.

Kik Messenger

Android Auto kik app icon

This is also a messaging app in which you can share videos, photos etc. One of the main features that most has found interesting is that it doesn't require or demand the user to enter the mobile number for the registration making the app an anonymity preserving one.


Android Auto compatible hangouts

Hangouts is a messaging app introduced by Google. This also lets you have video calls and share contents. Although it is not that popular among general people, this is highly used in the business environments or by the business people. If Hangouts has been your app for messages or if you would want to see how well it works, you can simply give it a try with Android Auto.

Radio Apps compatible with Android Auto


android auto iheart radio

This radio app brings you thousands of radio stations regardless of your locations. so that you can enjoy songs and radio programmes continuously without any disturbance. This is totally compatible with Android Auto.


Android Auto Tunein icon

TunIn is a radio app that brings more than 100,000 radio stations and 4 million on demand programmes. No matter what you are interested in. Be it sports, News, Music, or podcasts. It delivers right into your car at your command. This is one of the best Android Auto compatible radio apps you must add into your journey.

Compatible Maps for Android Auto

Google Maps

Android Auto google maps

We all are aware that Android comes from Google. Hence it is not a secret tat Google Maps too, is a product of Android. Google maps is by far the biggest app in terms of its database of locations. You may simply ask google assistant to navigate you to the destination avoiding traffic congestion. So that you never get lost on the roads and late due to traffic conditions. Not only does Google show you the directions to where you want to go, it also shows you restaurants, filling stations, hotels, hospitals and many more.


Waze on android auto

Waze is just another map having a little too different features compared to Google Maps. With Waze, you can get all the real time information ahead as its active users can feed it with the road conditions such as accidents, rain, traffic congestion etc. So that you can never get late due to the unexpected road conditions that lay ahead.

Android Auto Compatible Podcasts and Audio Books apps

Pocket Casts

pocketcasts icon

Musics are most people's cup of tea especially when they driving. But there are times that we need something else rather than music. In such mood, people tend to hear news, podcasts, audio books and all. If you too, fall on the same category, Pocketcast is the app you should try.


Android Auto stitcher icon

Stitcher brings thousands of podcasts to you. You can enjoy podcasts from NPR, This American Life, WNYC, New York Times, Earwolf etc. the way you want it. This is also a better Android Auto compatible app option if you would like to try out.


Android Auto compatible Audible icon

If you are a longer commuter, Audible is one app you need to try. It's an audio book market place where you can buy as it fits into your taste.

News apps compatible with Android Auto


Android Auto compatible npr one app icon

National Public Radio usually known as NPR One brings you thousands of shows, programs, live streaming and stories for your listening pleasure. As this is compatible with Android Auto, you can pause, play, or skip to the next just by your voice.

NY Times

android auto compatible NY times

Interested in the latest news or breaking news? Then this is an app you must have in your car. This covers a huge range of news including politics, sports and trends. Therefore grabbing the latest news around the world is just so easy with NY Times app.

Non Default Android Auto Apps (eg: YouTube)

Many people search for visual based entertainment apps for Android Auto since most of them are not available by default. The reason behind restricting visual based apps may be the distraction for the driver caused by these apps like Videos, Games and YouTube. Even though, as there are some opportunities to use these apps, like when they are stuck on traffic. There is an Android Auto YouTube Hack , which you can follow and get YouTube on your Android Auto. But please be wise enough to not to use it while you hold the steering wheel.


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