CarPlay on Phone - InCar iOS

incar ios

Ever thought of having a CarPaly alternative app with all the prefered apps? Now it has become a reality. Although CarPlay is available on latest iOS releases, many car lovers have become frustrated since the default infotainment systems of their cars are not compatible with CarPlay. Same way the given features of CarPaly are very limited. Only the default apps can be displayed and you can not customize the display as you prefer.

Therefore, Keeping all such issues in mind, the Carplay Hacks developers have developed an app called InCar-iOS.

What is InCar iOS

InCar-iOS is an alternative app for Apple CarPlay. It is a simulation of the real carplay, which is compatible with all the iDevices. This is an independent app and you can not connect it with your car. Landscape mode of your iDevice acts as the CarPlay display here.

The main interface has two sections , control panel and the app list.

incar app user interface

The app list section contains a set of buttons of large size which contains logos and names of the apps which are really useful for you when you are driving.Also you can swipe this section right, in order to view more apps.

You can click on a certain app icon button in order to use it and the app will  open in landscape mode which is easy to handle while driving.

InCar-iOS Apps

incar app user interface

InCar serves you a large variety of apps including Music, Google Maps, Messages, Contacts, YouTube, Podcasts, Audiobooks, Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, Messenger, Instagram, Videos, Hangouts, waze and more.


InCar-iOS upcoming features

In later versions, you will be able to customize the app set and many apps will be added to the app section.

InCar-iOS app compatibility

App is compatible with all the iDevices and runs on landscape mode.