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The term CarPlay, has been sitting by the iOS community for few years now. So has Android Auto. Talking about Android Auto, not all the Android Auto users have yet been able to experience Android Auto on their car’s inbuilt infotainment system. Why? The answer is simple. Majority of the cars in the market or on the roads do not support Android Auto or CarPlay despite the car make giant’s move into adding Android Auto to their later versions. But is there nothing we could do to have Android Auto while driving if our cars do not support it? Or at least as an CarPlay Android Auto alternative.

Carplay android auto alternative solution

CarPlay hacks, having identified this as a major problem within the CarPlay and Android Auto lovers, has introduced an Android app called inCar. The app primarily acts as an Android Auto alternative that supports Android users to have Apple CarPlay user interface on their smartphone or tab. So that the Android users who love Apple CarPlay interface can turn their Android phone / into a CarPlay interfaced display .The app also lets you select the desired icon modes so that the interface becomes a perfect matching to your driving pleasure.

carplay android auto alternative app interface
inCar CarPlay interface

Carplay Android auto alternative interface- incar app
inCar Android Auto Interface

incar - playstore
(Click to download inCar App)

Default app comes with Android Auto icons on the CarPlay interface. But if you would like to have Apple CarPlay interface with Apple icons, that’s too just a tap away. All you need to do is just click the button on the home page. Soon as you switched, the Apple CarPlay interface appears with CarPlay icons. Likewise, you can even switch back to the default version at anytime you want.

What’s more on CarPlay Android Auto alternative – inCar App

Clickable Android Auto icons or Apple icons on the display, allows user to listen to songs, text, make calls, get directions and log into facebook, watch youtube videos and many more. What makes it even more interesting is that the app is launched in the landscape mode. So that it is very much easy for the user to use it in an easy way making the text and everything appear larger.

How to download inCar app

It's in Plays Store.

CarPlay android alternative -Incar app playstore

You may simply browse in Play Store  and download. it's just a tap away. 

Or else, you can click the below button to download it from Playstore to your Android phone / tab.

incar - playstore
(Click to download inCar App)

What to expect from inCar in future updates?

Surely, more apps will be added to the app. Further, inCar will provide you Android phone / tab holders for your personal use. So that you can just place your device on the holder and enjoy your ride like never before. Mind you, there are lot more to come. But for now they will be left for a while to come into your phones as surprises. Keep in touch as CarPlay Hacks will update you with more.

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6 thoughts on “Carplay Android Auto Alternative”

  1. I downloaded this months ago and it works fine with my phone. Of course it doesn’t have anything to do with the infotainment system. yet, it was useful for me as I could experience both Android auto and CarPlay interfaces on my iPhone. In your case, Alex I think if you are willing to experience Android Auto on your mobile, you will have to download the app and use it on your iPhone.

  2. If you can’t put it on your car screen what’s the point? You can put any app on your phone anyway so what’s the big deal with InCar? Am I missing something here?

    1. InCar is a simulation of real CarPlay, and Android users, who prefer CarPlay UI, can simply experience CarPlay through their Android device. Also the android users can choose iOS icons or Android icons on the CarPlay screen according to their preference. Same way, in InCar Pro app, the users can add only their preferred apps into the app cluster.

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