CarPlay Compatible Apps 2020

CarPlay supports other apps too on your iDevice. That means you are not limited to the apps that have been developed only by Apple such as Apple Music, Apple Maps etc. but by car manufacturers too. Therefore you can enjoy a newer experience that is unique to your own car. You may also rearrange the apps exactly the way and where you want them to appear on the infotainment system. Below are the CarPlay compatible apps that you can enjoy.

Also we will be talking about a magical hack which enables any desired app on CarPlay. This will be really supportive as Apple has restricted some apps like YouTube, Netflix, Facebook.

Best CarPlay Compatible Apps


Spotify is a freemium music, podcast and video app which offers unlimited number of music downloads and streaming services to its users. Free version of this app contains advertisements and limited features. On the other hand the paid versions are free of apps and include more advanced features such as improved quality of streaming. CarPlay has included this Spotify so that you can entertain songs, podcasts and streaming while you are on the road.


Traveling takes time and leaves you most of the time without doing anything until you reach the destination. Hence most of the people are accustomed to read a book or an article while on the bus, train or on any kind of public transportation. But, if you are driving a car, you don’t have a choice. Browsing through the pages while driving will show you a definite way to end up in prison. Audible app on the other hand drives all these worries of car drivers. The app allows you to stay focused on the roads while listening to books or periodicals read by professionals. The app contains a huge variety of books and comes at a free trial for 30 days. Monthly subscriptions apply afterwards.

Pandora Music

Yes. Music is never enough to us. If all the rest of the music apps such as Spotify and Apple music still keep you hungry of music, Pandora Music is something that you need to try.  Pandora gives you a new personalized music experience allowing you to create stations as they fit into your moods or occasions. This app comes with a free 30 day trial period and comes at a monthly subscription fee thereafter. 

Radio Disney

We all went for long trips. But the travelling time makes you tired and bored especially to your children who are in the back seat of the car. But with Radio Disney, it is not a problem anymore as it provides you a range of kid friendly interviews, music, Djs and other videos. You may also listen to your most favorite artists. 


iHeart Radio app allows you to listen to hundreds of radio stations across the country. The app also lets you create your own personalized stations. You may listen to the most favorite stations quickly by saving prior to starting your journey.

TuneIn Radio

TuneIn Radio brings you more than 100,000 FM/AM radio stations to your iDevice. You may listen to songs, favorite programmes and live games including all latest NFL, NBA, NHL & NCAA games. TuneIn is also equipped with podcasts, news and other sports. This is a free app and now supports more than 50 car models including Tesla model S.


Whatsapp CarPlay version brings your whatsapp messages, images, and files right on to the car’s display allowing you easy access while on the roads. For the moment, whatsapp is the only messenger app that supports CarPlay.


You may listen to thousands of podcasts through podcasts app. With Podcasts you may subscribe for different categories such as health, education, kids and family, comedy, news and politics, sports and recreation, music etc and enjoy as long as the journey takes you on the road.


National Public Radio brings the latest news within the US and around the globe. This contains a huge range of topics such as politics, global issues, business etc. This also enables users to have news customized to their interests so that you can always get in touch with the latest news that covers your interested area.

Apple has made CarPlay experience a unique one with its being compatible with most of the apps. As a result, Maps, Messages, Podcasts, Music, WhatsApp, iHeartRadio, NPR One and all the rest have come just on to your car’s infotainment system. 

Want to know more of the other apps and how useful they have been to others? Visit CarPlay forum.

How to get any desired app on CarPlay

As we all know, Apple has restricted some visual based apps like YouTube, FaceBook , Netflix in default CarPlay for the driver’s safety. Still if you want to get them for others entertainment, there is an interesting hack. That is an app called WheelPal and with this app, you can add any favorite app to CarPlay.

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