Wireless CarPlay for Android (without mic)


Product Specification

  • This product does not compatible with the original factory car screen.
  • This product support 99% aftermarket Android head unit and 99% iPhone/Android phone.
  • This product does not work well on WinCE car.
  • The wireless connection only supports for Apple phones with IOS10 and above
  • Android phones can only be connected via USB cable
  • CarPlay supports Android 4.2 and above

Please click this link to check the video how this product works in the car : https://youtu.be/yjjobi6GUTE

Note:We suggest that you contact us before purchasing to confirm whether your CarPlay and mobile phone can use this product, thank you for your understanding and cooperation Please check the product description carefully before placing an order. If you are not sure whether it fits your model, you can contact us and we will help you .

Product features

Voice Control: Support Siri/Music/Maps/Phone calls/Messages/Audiobooks. Siri function helps you call anyone of your friends. Our device’s operating speed is according to your phone’s iOS speed.

Touch screen and HD Display: Directional control and view your phone on the car navigation screen with the USB cable.

Hands-Free and Safe driving: Make/answer calls, check voice mails, text messages, and bring up maps. Listen to your favorite songs using iTunes, Apple Music, or installed apps for hands-free.

How to install APK? Download APK for Professional and Wireless versions:

Install APK:

  1. You need to prepare a USB flash drive, format the USB flash drive as FAT32; after downloading, I will send your APK file to the USB flash drive (the QR code on the package is also the download address)
  2. Insert the U disk into the USB port of the navigation machine, find the file management menu, select the APK file in the USB, install the APK, and after installation, an icon will appear on the navigation machine;
  3. Plug our machine into the USB of the navigator, plug in the phone data cable, connect the phone, and wait a few seconds;
  4. The navigation interface comes out with an “Autokit” icon.
  5. iPhone Wireless connection. After inserting the product and seeing the prompt Please connect the phone, turn on the phone to search in Bluetooth, search for the Bluetooth signal of “AutoKit_xxxx”, enter the pairing code “0000”, the phone pops up whether CarPlay is enabled, click Yes.

Another way to install APK: “carlinkit.com/autokit.apk” enter this URL on your car screen( your car must Connect Network), and  then install it.

Product information

Color: White

Material: plastic

Size: 7.7cmx3cmx1.2cm/3”x1.2”x0.5”

Input: USB 5V/1A

Output: 5V/0.5A

Support Car: Android head unit screen car

Support Phone: iPhone/Android phone

Package: 1* wireless CarPlay dongle