CarPlay: Mercedes Benz A-Class Sedan

Mercedes brings the A Class Sedan to US. This will be the cheapest car of Mercedes Benz but the look and feel will not remain cheap. And it will fight against the demands of Audi A3 and BMW 1 – series: Mercedes Benz A-Class Sedan.


“We didn’t feel the European version was quite right for the European market. With the sedan, that changes completely” – The USA President and CEO, Mercedes – Dietmar Exler

Mercedes A – series, which has been previously in the European market as a hatchback, is now to appear as the first sedan in the global market and as the first of any configuration of A-Series in the US.

2019, Mercedes Benz A-Class Sedan: Key Features

  • MBUX language processing head up display and improved graphics

A-class is the first Mercedes to use their newest head up display/infotainment system called MBUX. it is equipped with language processing that can be activated by just saying “Hey, Mercedes”. Also the infotainment system comes with improved quality graphics.

  • CarPlay/Android Auto Support

The infotainment system supports both CarPlay and Android Auto. Therefore you can enjoy the features and the applications of your iPhone/iPad or Android device right on the infotainment system.

  • Most Aerodynamic compared to the current automakes

Mercedes Benz A- Class series claim to be the most aerodynamic make with a  co efficiency of 0.22. Beats even the leading auto make Tesla S model.

  • Engine and Performance

2.0 L turbocharged four-cylinder with a 188 hp and 221 pound-feet of torque.

  • Appearance: Exterior

Comes in handy shape. Quite similar to baby S-Class but little sporty in look than the other makes.  Elongated hood, Headlamps with integrated day time running LED s.

Body work: Slippery body work much similar to the work of new Benz CLS.

Wheels: 107.4 inch wheelbase

  • Interior

64 colors of the optional ambient lighting, availability of Benz safety and crash avoidance systems, equipped with autonomous driving systems

It is usual that anyone who is interested in this make, would surely like to know its price. But unfortunately Benz has not yet set a price for it. but reported to be the least expensive car they have placed for sale.

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