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“CarPlay weather app is more than what Apple thinks of it – People on internet claims”

CarPlay has been playing a successful role with many of the needy apps for a time. But Apple seems to have paid a little attention on one CarPlay app which is really need in terms of CarPlay. It is the Apple CarPlay weather app. It is not yet available in CarPlay. Some predicted that Apple would build weather app support for iOS 12. But there is no trace of a coming.

But why?

Apple’s mantra or curating phrase has always been about “stay focused on the road”. CarPlay weather app, being an informational and predicting app with real time precipitation, distracts its users in the driving seats. Apple believes. Therefore it seems that Apple is not that interested in adding CarPlay weather app to iOS versions. However many people criticize their idea. They claim that Apple weather app is essential for their in car experience as it helps driver understand whether there would be unexpected storms or tornado ahead specially when they are outside their familiar area.

Apple CarPlay weather app possibility

We now are aware that the weather app is not yet available. Even if the CarPlay weather app was made available, we would see a very limited version of the same app. For example, it would contain only the weather condition without upcoming updates or predictions etc. Having said that, we could still see that there are possible ways we can achieve this. It’s is either by downloading NGX Play or by downloading an Apple CarPlay compatible weather app.

NGX play is a third party app outside the App Store which requires jailbreak. If your iPhone’s version is jailbreakable and you are willing to jailbreak, that’s it. you may use weather app in seconds after downloading NGX Play. For the latter, you will have to wait until a developer’s hand is put into work. But don’t worry. team is to bring you a weather app for CarPlay and Android Auto soon.

Apple CarPlay weather app possibility for Android

Android users too, have unfortunately not been able to experience weather app on their Android Auto running car set up. Why? because, Android Auto has almost the same view of Apple which is “stay focused on road”. Therefore weather app on Android Auto is still impossible. But many people ask of a possible way to get the weather updates while driving. OK. Here’s the simplest way. Just get open the Android Auto app and get Google Assistant into play. you may anytime ask google assistant ” hey, how’s the weather like today” and it will get you the answer.

Weather app outside CarPlay and Android Auto

Most of the car makers like BMW, and Toyota have already made their steps to release their automobiles with the weather app support for inbuilt infotainment system. For example, Ford has got Weather Channel integration, Toyota has got their own app integration, Entune with current weather and BMW got on their iDrive system. And it is expected that more of the inbuilt car stereo systems would come with this weather apps integration as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto have decided to stay away from it for now.

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  1. The alternative to finding out about the weather in your area is to pull up an app on the phone. Surely this is much more distracting than viewing it on the car screen. The format on Toyota’s Entune works, but hte locations available are few and far between.

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