CarPlay Maps – How to use

What is the first thing to hit your mind when you heard the phrase “CarPlay Maps”? Most probably the Apple Maps I guess. The reason is, Apple Maps is the default CarPlay map solution and only map which supports Apple CarPlay at the moment. However, Things are changing pretty fast in the CarPlay community to overcome its rival Android Auto. CarPlay Google Maps and CarPlay Waze support will be added soon to the CarPlay so that Apple can overcome one of the biggest advantages of Android Auto over Apple CarPlay. 

As you may already know, Android Auto is ahead of Apple CarPlay in some scenarios such as advanced Google Assistant, Google Maps support and many Android Auto compatible apps. Even in this stage, many users still prefer CarPlay over Android Auto due to the clean user interface, reliability & hardware performance and the less laggy responsiveness of Apple CarPlay. But, they needed a better map solution than Apple Maps. Google Maps on Apple CarPlay is not a new requirement. It was there since the first release of CarPlay. But, this is the first time Apple has listened to their users’ requirement on CarPlay Google Maps and trying to implement it.

Google Maps on CarPlay

If you compare Apple CarPlay vs Android Auto, what will be the most weighted option you’ll consider? Map support, of course. It’s a must when you are on the road and relying on your infotainment system to guide you to the end of a journey. And many end users agree to the fact that Google Maps is far better than Apple Maps. In this situation, it’s a win for everyone when Apple decided to show Google Maps on your CarPlay home.

Waze on CarPlay

Waze will soon appear on your CarPlay supported infotainment system along with Google Maps. This also a product of Google, but the interface and features are totally different except the basic map features. You may read more on CarPlay Waze support and features, get to know which will suit you better.

How to Get Google Maps / Waze on CarPlay

There are mainly two options you can choose from. The first option update to iOS 12 and it will arrive on the month of September 2018 and will be available for all iOS users without an extra effort. The second option is jailbreaking. As you know, you can escalate privilege to the iOS system by jailbreaking. After jailbreaking, you are free from limitations imposed by Apple.

If you prefer the stock iOS without much trouble, just wait for iOS 12 public release as Apple announced at WWDC18 they will add support to third-party navigation apps including Google Maps and Waze. Update to iOS 12 and enjoy the Google Maps and Waze with CarPlay. 

If you are a tech guy and need CarPlay maps alternative so that you can get Google Maps, Waze or any app on your CarPlay display, you can have it by jailbreaking your iPhone. Jailbreak the device and install NGXPlay or CarBridge. Get to know NGXPlay and CarBridge better so that they will serve you better. Using NGXPlay or CarBridge, access any iPhone app including Google Maps and Waze on your infotainment display. 

CarPlay Maps Alternatives to Use Google Maps

If you are a heavy Google Maps user and can’t wait for the official CarPlay Google Maps update with iOS 12, you still have some options to consider. Well, some are very basic options. But if you need to focus on the road while getting know your route and traffic details, you will definiately appreciate these options. 

1. Phone Holder

Don’t blame me. Many users still use these to get to their destination without a hassle. Apple CarPlay, Android Auto or no infotainment system support at all, this will serve you at hard times. 

2. Head-Up Display (HUD)

Advantages of head-up displays are no additional mounting is needed such as phone holders and easy to focus on the road because you can project the map details directly to your windscreen. There are some HUD systems and HUD apps which require additional equipment to work as expected, but many apps will work fine just with your smartphone.

3. Mirror your Smartphone to the Infotainment System using HDMI to Mini USB Cables

You can mirror your smartphone screen to the infotainment system’s display using HDMI to Mini USB cables. It’s a good way to see map details, but you can’t control the smartphone with this technique because it only mirrors your smartphone’s display to the infotainment system’s display.

Now you have realized, CarPlay Maps does not represent the Apple Maps OR there is no such thing as CarPlay compatible maps. It could be the map you chose. Prepare for the traffic, be there on time. 

CarPlay iOS 13 – All new Features and issues discussed

CarPlay iOS 13

CarPlay iOS 13 has become a controversial topic since CarPlay has received more weightage in iOS 13. By the time I write this article, iOS 14 is just around the corner to be released. and released beta versions convey that iOS 14 CarPlay is also going to be something worth talking about. However, As still the available CarPlay version is iOS13 we thought of discussing on it bit more comprehensively. We have confidently learned that CarPlay iOS13 has come up with a range of exciting changes with a new look and feel, redesigned apps,  enhanced features and functionality.

What is new in CarPlay iOS 13 – iOS 13 CarPlay News

CarPlay iOS13 update effects on dashboard, apps, settings, flexibility, and almost everything in CarPlay. So it seems to be the biggest leap in CarPlay history. Will have a comprehensive look at them.

Well Organized Dashboard

CarPlay dashboard is the very first interface you see when you launch CarPlay. In iOS13 it has  been redesigned for a brand new appearance with an uneven grid template which all the current apps including maps, shortcuts, Siri and Siri-suggested apps get a space directly from the dashboard. As a result you can access all the apps with a single click. It prevents you from jumping among app screens as you did previously. The status bar gathers the most recent apps and it is refreshed automatically. 

Also, Apple has introduced a launcher icon for the status bar replacing the typical home button.

Not only that, with iOS13, you may also access the typical CarPlay home screen or the former grid view of the apps through the dashboard.

In redesign, they have paid attention to provide rounded corners as much as possible to enhance the modern look.

Also, for the first time, they have introduce ‘Album Art’ for the now playing items, so that you can easily change it. 

Updated app cluster with new and revamped apps

When considering CarPlay apps, they have added new apps and have revamped some apps with enhanced features.

Dedicated calendar app 

Apple has added a dedicated calendar app to the app cluster, so that you can add all your appointments details. The app allows you to set the map location, relevant contacts, related to each appointment  and once you are driving , you can get the directions for the event location through Apple Maps with a single tap, and the same way you can call the contacts directly through CarPlay.

Apple Music Redesigned

album art ios 13

Apple has redesign the Music app too, so it’s easier to reach all the playlists and albums favorites and radio stations. Also they have introduced ‘Album Art’ on ‘Now Playing’ items for easy navigation among files.

Apple Maps

In iOS13 Apple has update the look and feel of Apple Maps in a user-friendly manner. It always takes some space from the dashboard appearing all the time showing the route you pass. Moreover, it provides Pop-ups when you’re near your points of interest, so that you can visit those places easily. Also in specific areas, Maps give more details on public places, buildings, shopping complexes, parks, etc. Not only that, but this also provides an interesting function called the “share trip”

Further to that, there is a fantastic update related to maps, with Siri. What’s so important in this is, with this update they have made Siri’s language more natural and smooth.

Eg: “ Turn left in 500 ft” is replaced by Siri for a phrase like “Turn right at the next traffic light” .

Same way Siri’s directions have become smooth on junctions and intersections of the road. 

Messenger App

Apple has updated the appearance of the Messages app too. So that it is easy to go through the messages.

Updated settings 

In iOS13 some functionality and appearance setting updates have introduced in order to give you an optimum experience. 

Light Theme

The default dark mode is updated to be  automatically changed to the light theme when necessary and you also can change the theme by simply clicking on the switch in settings section. That makes you comfortable in day driving as well as night driving. You can try both and find what mode suits you the best.

Do Not Disturb Mode

Also, Once the traffic is high or  when you need to focus on maps, or if the roads are slippery due to weather conditions or else if you need to pay your fullest attention on the road (actually this is the most recommended way) , you are now able to set the “Do Not Disturb” mode. So that, the notifications do not interrupt your driving experience.

Improved Siri 

Siri ‘s screen has been reduced and has embedded  to the main screen. It allows you to get assistance from Siri while putting your eye on maps or using another app.

Still Siri opens when you invoke the “Hey Siri” request. 

In iOS13 Siri suggests some apps to be in the very first dashboard view. 

Screen Independence

With iOS13 you can use the CarPlay display and your iPhone display as two separate entities. So that you can run two different apps on two devices, same time. It enhances user experience as the passengers can handle CarPlay without driver’s involvement.

Enhanced Flexibility

Another killer feature added to iOS13 CarPlay is the screen flexibility. Now the CarPlay is automatically adjusted to the screen size. Moreover iOS 13 can serve different shaped (non- rectangular) screens too.

Also Now the CarPlay can be displayed somewhere else in the car, may be on a second screen , HUD or a dashboard cluster.

Issues in iOS 13 CarPlay

Even though iOS13 CarPlay has come up with a list of new enhancements, on the other hand it has carried some issues too with them. Will discuss the issues and solutions comprehensively in a future article, and for now will list out the issues with simple tricks for solving them.

Installation Issues 

If it stucks once you are installing the beta you can try the following tips

-Try hard resetting the device and install it again

-Revert your device for an old version like iOS12 and retry installing the Beta again. 

Wifi Issues

You may also face connection issues like slow connection, dropped connection etc. For that you can follow some simple steps.

-Restart your Router

-Forget your connection and Reconnect it

 Settings→ WiFi → your connection → Forget this Network→ Type Password → Reconnect

-Reset your Network Settings

Settings → General → Reset → Reset Network Settings → Type Password and Reconnect

Data Issues

-Restart the device and reconnect

-Reset Network settings of your phone

Settings → General → Reset → Reset Network Settings → Type Password and Reconnect

Bluetooth Issues

If you face bluetooth issues, try following.

-Forget and reconnect the device

-Reset your Network settings.

Settings → General → Reset → Reset Network Settings → Type Password and Reconnect

Battery-life Issues

Sometimes you may experience a fast battery drain with iOS13. You can try the following tips for that.

  -You can reduce the brightness with settings→ General→ Accessibility → Display Accommodations→ Auto-Brightness→ off

-Remove unwanted widgets

Phones compatible with iOS13 CarPlay

iOS 13 is compatible with the following Apple smartphone models:

  • iPod touch (7th generation)
  • iPhone SE, iPhone 6s, 6sPlus, iPhone 7 , 7 Plus, iPhone 8, 8 Plus, iPhone X , XR, XS,  XS Max

Considering all the facts, we can recommend you that iOS13 is the best update ever for your CarPlay. 

Apple CarKey 2020: New way to unlock the car

Currently, our mobile phone isn’t simply limited to making calls or sending text messages. Now it’s far more than a wireless something to make calls. The smartphone is now replacing your watch, calendar, TV, notepad, schedule, shopping center, ATM & passbook, music player, health meters and a huge number of different things we use in our daily life. Let’s see what’s this new Apple CarKey App?
apple carkey

Why is Apple CarKey so important for users?

We all know that’s how tragic situations we face when we lose our vehicle keys or forget our keys. Indeed, rather than utilizing your cell phone to call your companion and request the help or bring your keys, imagine a scenario in which you can use your smartphone to unlock your vehicle door, and start your vehicle. Truly! Now you can have your car keys also on your smart device using this Apple CarKey application. 

What is Apple CarKey?

Apple replaces most of our daily needs and items by the iPhone. Now they are going to replace your car keys with their latest versions. CarKey is another new feature you can find in iOS 13.4 beta. This will allow you to open doors, start your vehicle, and control different settings through your iOS devices such as iPhone, tab, Mac, and Apple Watch. 

As indicated by the iOS inside kernel data, clients will have the option to utilize CarKey in NFC-compatible vehicles. If your vehicle is NFC compatible, all you have to do is hold your iOS gadget close to the vehicle to utilize it as the vehicle key.

One of the most fascinating things with CarKey is that you can simply share your key with others through messenger or any. More like a smart house key option. And you can give custom user privileges to them. As an example, you can give permanent user privileges to your wife while you can give temporary user privileges to your daughter or a relative. 

How Apple CarKey use to BMW i8

How to install the CarKey?

The CarKey installation process is done through the apple Wallet application. (It will be important to have the vehicle manufacturer’s app to continue with the process.) Clients should put the iPhone on the NFC reader of his vehicle during the installation procedure. Here, now your keys are accessible with your Wallet app. Also now you can add or use it from your any iOS device easily.

how to install apple carkey

Importance of NFC for a virtual CarKey?

First of all NFC standards for Near Field Communication. It can also be described as a short-range wireless connection among NFC support devices. NFC is another great innovation that makes simple some of our day to day complex works. Such as money transactions, digital contents transactions, and connecting digital devices within a simple touch. 

NFC available cars

Apple CarKey & NFC Supported cars?

BMW is the very first vehicle manufacturer that introduced the NFC functionality into the automobile industry. Currently, there are many car models in the market compatible with NFC functionalities. Also, several vehicle companies promised to mobile companies at the Car Connectivity Consortium that their modern vehicle models will support the NFC facility. So users can use this Apple CarKey or any application NFC needed facility with their cars. BMW, Mercedes-Benz E-Class, Lincoln, Tesla, Audi, Honda, Toyota, Volkswagen, Cadillac, Volvo, and Hyundai are some of the leading car manufacturers that use NFC technology in some of their car models. 

With this application now you can have and your car keys anywhere, anyone you want. There are a lot more things you need to know about the latest iOS versions and applications. Be in touch with us for the latest news about iOS gadgets, updates, and jailbreaks. 

CarPlay iOS 14 Features, Issues & Everything [Revealed]

Carplay iOS 14 featured image

No one can deny that Apple emerges with so novel features each year with their newest arrival of iDevices. This time, it seems that one feature is going to get extra attention from Apple’s; CarPlay iOS 14. 

iOS 14 developer betas was released from July and it is reported that iOS 14 will be released by the end of September 2020. As we heard it, Apple is to carry an array of new features for Apple CarPlay as they did with iOS 13 last year. 

We understand your euphoria. So why to wait, let’s hop into the features. Below are the 8 best CarPlay features that come with iOS14.

List of CarPlay iOS 14 new features

  1. New App Categories focusing on Parking, Charging and Ordering food. 
  2. CarPlay Wallpaper is customizable
  3. Enhanced audio messaging and VoIP apps
  4. Horizontal status bar
  5. Improvements to Siri
  6. Chinese and Japanese keyboard support
  7. Car Key is coming
  8. Improvements in Maps

Let’s have a comprehensive look at the above features. 

  1. New App Categories focusing on Parking, Charging, and Ordering food.

In iOS14, Apple will be allowing third party parking, EV charging stations, and food ordering apps. As a result of some experiments, CarPlay developers are going to introduce a variety of tools in order to use the iPhone in a smarter way in a car. 

  1. CarPlay Wallpapers

With this feature, you can change the wallpaper of the dashboard home screen into colorful themes instead of the static black one we all have experienced. That means you can customize carplay with your favorite colors and themes which will always give you a fresh feeling in your CarPlay experience. Simply, you can set your mood on your car screen or set your car screen to make you feel what you want to feel.

Further digging in this feature reveals that Apple has given a predefined set of wallpapers for iOS 14 Beta which can be changed with the dark/light modes. The most interesting thing is you can use two different wallpapers for your phone and CarPlay. 

For now, users are not allowed to set a preferred wallpaper on their own, but hopefully this feature will be available in the near future. 

  1. Enhanced audio messaging and VoIP apps

In iOS14, Apple has enhanced the audio messaging feature. So now, you can easily create and reply to audio messages with CarPlay.This will definitely be useful to be more expressive when you are sending messages while you are driving. 

Also in the VoIP apps, the previous message threads will be displayed for later reference. 

  1. Horizontal status bar

Normally the status bar of CarPlay is located on the left side of the CarPlay screen and that is suitable very much for the landscape screens. But when it comes to the portrait screens, this status bar takes more room and the space for app view becomes narrower. 

Addressing this problem in iOS 14 update, the status bar has moved to the bottom of the screen with a horizontal view. This creates a better layout allowing more space for the CarPlay app menu in portrait screens. 

  1. Improvements to Siri

As you might have already noticed, Apple manages to update Siri quite often. Likewise this time too, in iOS 14 we can see that Apple has made efforts to bring some new enhancements with it. 

Not only the ability to send audio messages for anyone with the aid of Siri but also you can share ETA s (Estimated Time of Arrival) with others. The super interesting thing is ETA s are kept up to date with your status reducing the waste of time. 

  1. Chinese and Japanese keyboard support

Technically advanced countries whose native language is not English may find difficulties in obtaining the maximum out of CarPlay. And this has also been addressed by iOS 14 CarPlay update. 

Chinese and japanese keyboard support is now allowed for searching in navigation apps. 

  1. Improvements in Maps

There are many advanced improvements in maps, especially the guides for eating, shopping, charging spots and parking. 

Furthermore, congestion zones in major cities like London, will be displayed in order to reduce traffic. 

Moreover it allows sharing ETA and considers every single thing that matters like charging, when calculation ETA. 

  1. Car Key is coming

Even though CarKey is not directly a feature of CarPlay, we can still talk about that here as it has a relationship with CarPlay. To put it simple, it is the technique that you will allow you to unlock your car using your iPhone. This feature will be available for you with iOS 14. 

This works with NFC. All you need to do is to tap your door handle. Read more in Car Key. 

Issues Identified in iOS14 CarPlay 

It is obvious that a beta version can contain some issues. So we noticed some common complaints regarding iOS14 beta1 as well. 

Some have experienced the issue that only one app is displayed on one screen. So that they have to swipe a lot to open apps which they are looking for. 

That was not the end, we also identified that CarPlay fails to launch with iOS14 Beta1 phones sometimes. 

However, these issues will be definitely addressed once they release iOS 14 for the community. 

CarPlay iOS 13 and CarPlay iOS 14

When comparing CarPlay iOS 13 and CarPlay iOS 14, we can find some major features came on both the updates. 

Will brief them for your ease .

iOS 13 CarPlay featuresiOS 14 CarPlay features
– Well organized dashboardUpdated app cluster with calendar, music, maps and messaging apps
– Album art
– Siri Improvements 
– Screen Independence 
– Enhanced flexibility
– Customizable wallpaper
– Updated app cluster with parking , eating and charging apps
– Enhanced voice messaging feature
– Horizontal status bar
– Different language support
– Siri Improvements
– Maps improvements

This shows that Apple developers are concerned about providing a super advanced experience for CarPlay users. They have paid attention in both appearance and functionality. 

In conclusion we can notice that they have worked a lot on enhancing the overall CarPlay experience addressing all the practical issues we face while driving. 

All in all, we have to keep waiting for the iOS 14 grand release to talk more. As CarPlay Hacks, your trustworthy assistant for a better CarPlay experience, we assure that we give continuous updates and hacks for you. 

Wireless CarPlay 2020

“Wireless carplay; the most talked and attempted feature can now be accessed even without a wireless carplay compatible car”

“Did I hear it right?”, This would be what comes to most of the readers at their first glance at the phrase. I say, yes you did hear it right. Due to several compatibility issues with some car inbuilt systems or aftermarket solutions, tech manufacturers have now attempted to find more easy ways to connect to the wireless CarPlay. The latest solution that works well with that is, the wireless CarPlay adaptor/the dongle. 

What’s wrong with the default wireless carplay feature and why adapter?

Before the CarPlay adaptor/dongle came into existence, the car enthusiasts had to face different problems and issues like connectivity and compatibility issues. For instance, although people had a smart and a handy infotainment system built in their cars, they did not support wireless CarPlay. In that case, they had to find aftermarket solutions. But, this was not a wise solution for most of them. Why? It was costly and they still had some problems when trying to connect to wireless CarPlay. 

The reason is that wireless CarPlay feature demands the user to have very specific hardware on their cars.

To put it simple, Wireless CarPlay requires both Bluetooth and in-car Wifi to work properly. But that’s not all. You actually also need to have a dual-band router built-in to your car to allow for CarPlay. This is why most of the aftermarket buyers are still having trouble in connecting or having wireless CarPlay experience. However, thanks to the CarPlay adaptor it is now resolved.

Wireless Carplay Adaptors

For the moment, there are two wireless adaptors/dongles that work fine and proven successful results in our testing. They are CarPlay2Air and Carlinkit. And both wireless dongles help the user to have wireless CarPlay experience without actually connecting the phone through the lightning cable. So all you need to do is, just to connect the dongle to the USB port of the infotainment system and go ahead. Having said that, you would find two different process interfaces as both dongles’ origins are different from one another. Therefore, I think it’s better to talk about both of the wireless CarPlay dongles in separate sections. Let’s take CarPlay2Air first.

1. CarPlay2Air

Carplay2air dongle box- carplayhacks image

CarPlay2Air dongle comes in a quite handy box that doesn’t demand you to put much of an effort to unbox it. All you have to do is to pop the dongle out of the box and plug it into the USB port of your car where you usually plug your iPhone into while keeping your car on start. Then turn on the bluetooth and connect your iPhone to the device. 

How to plug wireless carplay dongle

If it doesn’t show up anything as you plugged in, don’t worry. It might take a few seconds to load. So let it be. Once loaded, you would find some poorly written or displayed instructions on the screen. (Don’t be too concerned about the language it displays, but focus on the functionality)

Wireless CarPlay  display

Now Good to go with the wireless CarPlay experience.

Carplay2Air Compatibility

Below are the CarPlay2Air compatible device models and brands

Acura 2017-2020

Alfa Romeo 2018-2020

Audi 2017-2019

Bentley 2017-2020

Borgward 2017-2019

Buick 2017-2019

Cadillac 2016-2020

Chevrolet 2016-2020

Chrystler 2017-2019

Citroen 2016-2019

Dodge 2017-2019

Ferrari 2016-2020

Ford 2017-2020

Genesis 2017-2020

GMC 2016-2019

Honda 2016-2020 (CR-V, Civic, HR-V, Clarity only)

Honda bikes 2018-2020

Hyundai 2015-2020

Jeep 2017-2020

Kia 2015-2020

Lincoln 2017-2020

Lexus 2019-2020

Mercedes-Benz 2016-2019

Maserati 2017-2020

Mazda 2018-2020

Opel 2016-2019

Peugeot 2017-2019

Porsche 2017-2019

RAM 2018-2019

Renault 2017-2019

Seat 2016-2019

Skoda 2016-2019

Toyota 2016-2020

Vauxhall 2016-2019

Volkswagen 2015-2020

Volvo 2016-2019

Aftermarket Units




CarPlay2Air supports almost all the brands and models that came after 2016. But if anyway your inbuilt infotainment system, car brand or the aftermarket device is not mentioned in the list, you are encouraged to contact the official CarPlay2Air support.

2. Carlinkit

carlinkit image

Likewise Carlinkit does the same function as the CarPlay2Air. Primarily as the name says it, lets your iPhone to get connected wirelessly with your car or your infotainment system. This comes with a type C port at one end while the other comes with the typical USB end that helps you connect it to the USB port of your car which is used to connect your iPhone.

Making this unit’s connectivity works with your infotainment system and your iPhone does not demand a complex process. Simply what you need to do is just plug into the USB system and pair the device with your iPhone. But make sure that there’s no bluetooth connection already paired with your iPhone and Car in order to expect it to be working properly. However, you might find instructions that come with the device which will be useful especially for you to go for the updates.

how to set up carlinkit wireless carplay

Carlinkit Compatibility

The manufacturer of Carlinkit says that the device has support for most of the car brands. However they confirm that Carlinkit has support for Audi/Porsche/Volvo/Volkswagen and Ford SYNC3. 

In conclusion, we can say that Carplay2Air and Carlinkit are too good options to use if your car’s default infotainment system has compatibility issues with wireless CarPlay or if you face issues when you are trying to connect with it. Having said that the online users tend to have shown a greater interest over CarPlay2Air wireless CarPlay dongle.

0,Carlinkit 2.0