Is it possible to Install NGXPlay on iOS 11.4?

By radika at 2018-06-14 • 7 collector • 5010 pageviews

My iPhone is running on iOS 11.4 and I need to use Google Maps on my Carplay Supported Car

And I found a solution called as “NGXPlay”. Some sites mention that I need to jailbreak my iPhone to Install NGXPlay and some shows evidences of NGXPlay without jailbreaking the device.

Can I install NGXPlay on iOS 11.4? Any help on this is really appreciated.

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2018-06-14   #1

Hi Radika,

It is not possible to run NGXPlay on iOS 11.4 as Jailbreak is not available for iOS 11.4. You can visit to find more information about NGXPlay and CarBridge(Same as NGXPlay)

2018-06-14   #2

Thank you for the information. 

2018-06-15   #3

You are welcome @dulana

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