Siri dictation not working with CarPlay

By sepstein10 at 2019-10-03 • 0 collector • 429 pageviews

Hello. I recently got a 2018 Honda Accord with CarPlay. And it was all working fine for the first week in that I could dictate to Siri to make a call or send a text and Siri would also read all my texts. But then Siri stopped working. I can't use voice commands with it, nor does it read my texts. Siri comes up on the screen, but doesn't hear me or make any sound. The only thing I can point to is that I used the car's dictation feature (via the button on the steering wheel) and it seems like Siri stopped working after that. But, the may just be coincidence. Any suggestions?

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Is it iOS 13.1.2 that you are running on? I've heard that iOS 13.1.2. CarPlay update is having some issues with the carplay dictation via buttons on the wheel.

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