Third Party Navigation in CarPlay

By madus at 2018-06-19 • 1 collector • 4543 pageviews

With iOS 12, Apple decided to support third party navigation. Will all the navigation apps be available or some major apps like Google Maps and Waze be available?

Any ideas CarPlay Peeps? 

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2018-06-19   #1

They will add support for Google Maps and Waze for sure. Don't know about other maps. 

2018-06-19   #2

Thanks @hiroshan for the prompt response.

But what will happen to the Navigon users who brought $49.99 subscriptions. Navogon is very famous  As I remember Google Maps and Waze was there in the iOS 12 demo. And hope Apple will consider these before releasing iOS 12.

2018-06-19   #3

Reply to #2 @madus :

I don't know pal, whether Apple will support any navigation app as we wish. One solution is NGXPlay if you badly need Navigon.

2018-06-19   #4

This is absolutely huge. A game changer. Android auto will probably become completely obsolete ;)

2018-06-19   #5

Reply to #4 @dulana :

I do not think so. Google Assistant is much more advanced than Siri at the moment. So the power of Assistant will bring more to Android Auto

2018-06-19   #6

I think that Apple could not afford to see that Android Auto outruns Apple CarPlay ;)

 Anyway, it's a good move.  I assume that there would be only the major maps available for CarPlay as allowing all the maps would keep Apple Maps seem less important. 

2018-06-20   #7

Reply to #6 @sashk :

It's a good move indeed. Hope they will add support to more third-party apps, not only the navigation apps

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