CarPlay Supported devices

By madus at 2018-08-02 • 4 collector • 3221 pageviews

As most of the people confused about the carplay compatibility of iPod and iPad, I listed the supported devices below 

  • iPhone X

  • iPhone 8,
    iPhone 8 Plus

  • iPhone 7,
    iPhone 7 Plus

    iPhone 6s,
    iPhone 6s Plus

    iPhone 6,
    iPhone 6 Plus

    iPhone SE, iPhone 5s,
    iPhone 5c, iPhone 5

As per my opinion there is no point if giving support to iPods, when you travel you will not get internet connectivity hence no use of Siri. Without Siri, Carply is nothing :)
Any different ideas or views?

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2018-08-06   #1

Agree with you. Apple Siri or Google Assistant, no matter what they are capable of, without a proper internet connection they are good for nothing in most cases.

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