How to get Waze on Carplay

UPDATE on September 26,2018 :
CarPlay Waze is Available.!!! Waze for Apple CarPlay was officially allowed by Apple with the iOS 12 update. No more hacks needed to do the trick. CarPlay users were excited to hear the announcement at WWDC18, when Apple first revealed that they will add third-party navigation app support for iOS 12. Waze and Google Maps on CarPlay is one of the major requirement for users since CarPlay initial release. If you still can’t find the Waze on your CarPlay menu, update to the latest version of Waze as CarPlay support was added to the Waze since 4.43.4 version update. However, if you still need to work with any app on your CarPlay screen, this guide will help you achieve it without an issue.

Before discussing about Carplay Waze or  the way of getting Waze on Apple Carplay, let’s talk about following questions that you all have in your mind.

  1. Can I use Waze on Apple Carplay?
  2. Which Apps can be used in Apple Carplay?
  3. How do I add apps to Apple Carplay?

These are very common issues to the carplay users and I am here to answer all these questions. Let’s discuss one by one.

Can I use Waze on Apple Carplay?

The answer is simply ‘Yes’. There are a few ways to get Waze on Carplay. The first method is wait till iOS 12 release in next September. Or else you can jailbreak your device to get any app on Apple Carplay using CarBridge or NGXPlay. Let’s discuss a bit more about these two methods.

Get Waze on CarPlay with iOS 12

iOS 12 seems to be the biggest update for Apple Carplay which enables third party navigation including Google Maps and Waze. This is very important update as most of the people still searching for a way to get Waze and Google Maps on Carplay. If you update to the official version of iOS 12 you will get all these cool new features without any trouble.

But iOS 12 is not available at this moment. So let’s see what we can do with existing iOS 11. If you are running on iOS 11.4 or iOS 11.4.1, this story is not going to entertain you. But if you are running on iOS 11.3.1 or lower this is the way that things work.

Get Waze on Carplay by Jailbreaking

When it comes to jailbreak, you can use any app on CarPlay using either CarBridge or NGXPlay. By default Carplay supports only a set of apps and we have discussed more about Carplay Apps in this article. But using following two apps, it is possible to get all your desired apps on Carplay. This is actually a Waze hack for Carplay. Let’s discuss about the two apps, which helps to this Waze hack.


NGXPlay is an app which enables any app on apple carplay.


Carbridge is an app which customizes carplay experience. It can be used to add desires apps to carplay. To Mirror iphone display to carplay and to even change the number of apps in row in Apple Carplay

But before installing Carbridge or NGXPlay, you have to jailbreak your iPhone. Let’s see how to jailbreak your device. Here is the step by step guide for installing carbridge on your Device.

Step by Step Guide for Installing Carbridge

Please note that you do not need a computer for this process, but you need to do this using Safari Browser of your iPhone.

1 : Visit from your iPhone. *** Make sure that you use safari browser

2 : Click on Get Taigone. It will show you a popup, just click allow.

Allow Installing Taigone

3 : It will ask you for the passcode, type your passcode and hit install.

4 : Once you got Taigone installed in your home screen, Launch Taigone. You will see the tools to jailbreak your iPhone.

*** Please note that Taigone is not a free service but it will cost you a small fee to get all of the tools that you want. We used this service and you can use some alternative services to get the jailbreaking app to your device.

So the step 5 will be only possible after upgrading the Taigone App / After getting the Jailbreak App.

5 : Install Jailbreak App to your device. If you use Taigone, this is one tap install and will last lifetime. If you use cydia impactor using PC it will expire after 7 days.

6 : Turn ‘Find My iPhone’, ‘Siri’ and put your device to airplane mode.

7 : Perform Jailbreak using the installed jailbreak App(Electra, Yalu etc)

8 : Once the jailbreaking process is completed, you will find Cydia in your homescreen.

Taigone, Cydia and Waze on Homescreen

9 : Open Cydia and go to the search tab. Search for ‘Carbridge’ / ‘NGXPlay’.

Search for Carbridge on Cydia

***I am continuing with carbridge as it gives you more features.

10 : Install Carbridge. In the following screenshot it says ‘Modify’ its because i have already installed the app. But you will see Install in the top right corner as you are going to go this for the first time.

Install Carbridge

You are in the final stages now. What do you want to do now is activate carbridge. For that you will cost $4.99. If you use NGXPlay it will be 100% free with some cydia repositories.

11 : This is the last step of this process and what you need to do is go to settings and find Carbridge there. Then tap bridged application and find Waze from the list

Car Bridge Installed on iOS 11.3.1 .    Bridged Apps for Carplay         Add waze to Carplay

That’s all. Enjoy Waze / Google Maps or any other app on Carplay.

With the above guide I addressed ‘How to add any app on Carplay’ as well. Hope everyone enjoyed the article. Do not forget to share with your friends and in your networks.