Mazda CX 9 CarPlay

 “Mazda CX 9 CarPlay: Mazda adds CarPlay and Android Auto to the latest 2019-Mazda-CX-9”

Mazda CX 9 CarPlay: Mazda CX 9 is the first Mazda SUV to come up with CarPlay and Android Auto in United States. The feature can be enjoyed with blue-tooth connect as well as with the lightning cable method via dedicated USB port.

This Mazda CX 9 comes with a turbocharged engine with an elegant body appearance standing at $33,280. To highlight, the model further includes more space with enhanced safety features. Mazda CX 9 will be available in the market in four trims; Sport, Touring, Grand Touring, and Signature. But Apple CarPlay and Android Auto support could only be found in all trims except on Sport due to perhaps the reason being Mazda thinks that it would involve higher risks.

Mazda CX 9 CarPlay features

Mazda CX 9 CarPlay enables you mirror your iPhone onto the infotainment system of your SUV. With CarPlay and Android Auto feature, you can use almost all the iOS features such as calls, messaging, podcasts, Waze and other CarPlay maps.

Mazda CX 9 Infotainment System

Mazda CX 9 CarPlay

Mazda CX 9 Touring, Grand Touring and Signature come with 8.0 inch display while Sport comes with 7.0. The infotainment system can be controlled via car controls and touchable screen as well as with dictation.

Note: System doesn’t support USB 3.0 devices

Mazda CarPlay in Future

It is expected that Mazda will come up with Apple CarPlay supported in built infotainment system in future. latest car model before Mazda CX 9, 2018 to come into the market was CarPlay upgraded Mazda 6 2018. And Mazda also announced with its release, that they would enable its existing users to even go for a system update through a partnership starting from September. But Mazda has not said a word about Sport models coming with CarPlay infotainment upgrade. No one knows what will be their next move in that perspective. But, we could hope that Mazda would perhaps bring a customized solution for Sport.

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