iOS and Android Apps

InCar App- CarPlay for Android

InCar app is an alternative solution for Apple CarPlay and for Andrdoid Auto. This is the best solution for the users who search  CarPlay for Android. Users can experience CarPlay with Android icons same as the iOS icons according to their preference. Moreover there is  an advanced version of the InCar app called InCar-PRO , and it enables app customization in the main display. You can download it easily form Google Play Store.

WheelPal - Top secrets to become a CarPlay PRO

WheelPal is an app which contains hacks and tips which you can simply use for making your CarPlay an extraordinary one. Using this app, you will be able to add all your desired apps to your CarPlay and enjoy them while driving.

Carplay / Android Auto Compatibility Checker

Compatibility Checker for Android Auto enables you quickly find whether your car supports Android Auto or Apple CarPlay. It further gives weather condition based on your location and tips for a safe drive according to the condition. So that you are well informed before start your journey.

InCar- iOS APP

This is an alternative for Apple CarPlay. Users who have iPhones, and if their car's infotainment system is not compatible with Apple CarPlay, can easily use this CarPlay simulation on their iPhones.  Same way this app contains a lot of apps which are useful while driving, including Google Maps, Waze, weather etc. Install iOS app and enjoy CarPlay experience.

Carplay Hacks Community

Apple Carplay Forum

CarPlay lets your car’s inbuilt display do most of the stuffs that your iPhone does.

Also It responds to your voice command, twists or touch making your driving even more convenient and enjoyable. Not only does it make you feel relaxed in the car, but it also helps you stay focused on the roads and be entertained. CarPlay primarily supports iPhone’s messages, calls, maps, Siri, Whatsapp Spotify and podcasts etc. But this is not the only apps that could be accessed. Apps outside the iOS environment could also be enjoyed in many ways. Join CarPlay forum or visit our blog to find how to do it.

Android Auto Forum

Android Auto brings your Android phone on to the in built display of your car.

Does Android auto give you all what you want? What are other ways that bring more beneficial apps ? What if my car’s inbuilt device doesn’t support Android Auto?, Perhaps you may have some other questions that have fallen far from most frequently asked questions. Find, discuss yours and get answers with the Android Auto Forum. May be the solution is on there just waiting for your query. Join Android Auto forum to get all your problems sorted.