Privacy Policy

What personal data do we collect from you and why do we do it?

We use your information to make the a better place for you and for everyone. 


Purchase/Service Subscription

If you purchase anything or subscribe for any service on the CarPlay Hacks site, we will ask for your email address and your name for the sole purpose of being allowed to email or notify you of our services, promotions, customer rewards and benefits. However, your email addresses and names will not be shared to any third party under any circumstance as we strictly believe privacy must be respected and maintained. And we will not have a choice there.



We collect your email and the name when you are commenting on the posts or on any page on the CarPlay Hacks site in order to avoid spams being placed on the site that particularly disturbs/misleads both the service provider and you, the service receiver.



Our purpose of using cookies is to deliver a better experience. That also includes following

  • To give a better and a more enhanced experience
  • To analyse how you use
  • To enable you to have a faster service
  • To personalize the content of the site in order to match your interests


Cookies and Advertising

Our advertising partners use cookies and similar technologies so as to deliver you personalized advertising that might be of your interest.



Your anonymous data may be used to monitor the performance of the site. This also helps us to monitor online user behavior and analyse the customer interests in order to be able to provide you a better on site experience.