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All the Apps

Apple Carplay and Android Auto supports only limited numer of Apps including Calls, Messages, Maps, Music and Podcasts. But there are more apps you love to keep there in your car. And CarPlay Hacks is here to bring you any third part app you need including Google Maps, Waze, Youtube, Amazon Music...

Customize CarPlay

Changing the default functionalities of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto never been this easy. Need to change the font sizes? or the colors? Or even add multiple extra apps in a single row. This is achieved through some simple modifications to the CarPlay. Interested? Get out App.

Feel the CarPlay

When you get right combination of Apps in Carplay, you will feel the value of CarPlay and Adroid Auto. Once you get the apps you need using CarPlay Hacks app and you will feel the freedom of the car. But it is strongly recommended to follow safety instructions while using CarPlay / Android Auto.

CarPlay / Android Auto Apps

We understand your interest. That’s why we brought you an app to get all CarPlay and Android Auto relate problems solved.

Compatibility Checker for Android Auto enables you quickly find whether your car supports Android Auto or Apple CarPlay. It further gives weather condition based on your location and tips for a safe drive according to the condition. So that you are well informed before start your journey.


InCar App is designed to make your connection with car much more closer and stronger. You can get Android Auto and Apple CarPlay experience in a few taps on the App and enjoy while driving. No doubt. Your in-car experience will be more enjoyable than ever before. Download now to FEEL the DIFFERENCE

Apple CarPlay


CarPlay VS Android Auto

Carplay or Android Auto? Choice is yours. Make it wisely. Both get plus points and minus

CarPlay allows iPhone users have their phone interface on the car built in infotainment system while Android Auto does all the android users experience the same. CarPlay is a product of Apple and that supports apple maps, calls, podcasts, whatsapp, Siri, musics via itunes etc. But just like Apple has imposed some restrictions to the iOS, Carplay claim to have the same restrictions and limitations. For instance, limited apps availability due to app store confined apps and lack of locations and accuracy related issues on Apple maps. Android Auto on the other hand is equipped with more apps than Apple as Android has not limited its users to a particular platform. And it could also be noticed that google maps have more locations than Apple maps. Having said that, however Apple has taken the upper hand in terms of convenience of using CarPlay as it has now enabled user to connect it to the infotainment system via bluetooth without demanding the customer to be stuck into tethering method. All in all CarPLay and Android have their own pluses and minuses. Therefore what will suit you best, seems to be only a matter of your choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some commonly asked questions about CarPlay and Android Auto. If you got more questions, come and discuss at Carplay Forum or Android Auto Forum.

Is it possible to install Google Maps on Carplay?
Yes, It is possible to enable Google Maps on Carplay using Carbridge / NGXPlay. But before that you need to perform an operation called jailbreak. Read How to Get Google Maps on Carplay for further details.
How to enable any app on Carplay?
To enable any app, which is installed on your iPhone you have to use a special app called CarBridge. Carbridge is a jailbreak application and you can find the way of installing Carbridge here in How to enable Waze on Carplay.
Does My iPad supports Carplay?
No, Apple only enabled Carplay support on iPhones as Siri is mandatory for CarPlay to work and Siri needs active Internet connection.
How to get Carplay to my old car?
Don’t worry there are many ways to Rome. So you can try some aftermarket solutions like Pioneer, Sony, Alpine or Kenwood Infotainment System. Or else some carplay alternatives.
How to check the Carplay compatibility?
It is easy to check the compatibility of any car using “Carplay Compatibility Checker”. Download and Install carplay hacks app on your iPhone / Android Device.

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