WheelPal App – Download any app on CarPlay.

“I enjoy listening to my favorite videos YouTube, Netflix, Videos, Facebook videos on my CarPlay while driving. I never eye on visuals on the screen, But I enjoy listening to my favorite contents including songs which I can not find from anywhere except in the above apps. Thanks to WheelPal App" 

Youtube on CarPlay? Do you already enjoy CarPlay and ever thought of having all your desired apps like YouTube, Videos, Netflix, FaceBook on CarPlay? Then this would definitely be happy news for you. 

What is WheelPal App?

WheelPal App is an iOS app that enables any desired app in Apple CarPlay. 

Apple has restricted some visual-based apps to the default setup of CarPlay for some reason. So by default, you are not allowed to enjoy apps like YouTube, FaceBook, Netflix, Videos etc.

Understanding the possibility of using non-default apps, on the other hand understanding the high demand of those apps, we thought of introducing an easy way of getting any desired app on Apple CarPlay. WheelPal app is the outcome of that attempt. Any iOS user can have this app no matter whether your iPhone is a jailbroken one or not. 


To enjoy this facility, you have to jailbreak your iPhone. WheelPal app has provided every single step for your ease to jailbreak your phone. After jailbreaking, or if your phone is already a jailbroken one, then you can enjoy any desired app on your CarPlay. 

How to use the WheelPal app? 

wheelpal screenshot

  1. Once you installed WheelPal App, it asks whether your phone is a jailbroken one or not.
  2. After answering that question, you can access the app list and select whatever the apps you need on your CarPlay.
  3. Based on your answer to the question in step 1, the app redirects you to Jailbreak your phone or to go ahead to install that app for CarPlay.
  4. Same Way You can enjoy all your favorite apps using WheelP


Why does not default CarPlay bring visual-based apps?

It is obvious that we have to pay our 100% focus on the roads while we are on the driving seat. We can’t eye on anything else which distracts us as a driver. Considering these safety matters, the Apple CarPlay developers have not allowed any visual-based app like Youtube, Facebook, Videos, Photos, Netflix, Games, etc on your CarPlay. 

Possibility for using visual-based apps

But there are some situations that you spend minutes in traffic, sometimes you may happen to wait in the car for someone, etc. So in those scenarios, when you are not driving, you can enjoy some visual contents just keeping the car started. Moreover, if you are traveling with others, they can enjoy videos throughout the journey.