CarTube for Android Auto- Watch YouTube on Android Auto No Root

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CarTube- watch youtube on Android Auto with no root

If you want to watch YouTube on Android Auto, CarTube app is here!

Nowadays, most Android users are interested in watching videos while driving a car. It might sound crazy but yes, you can watch YouTube videos while driving your Android Auto car. I must mention there’s a risk of watching YouTube while driving, however for some reason you may still want to try it.

Not only YouTube but there should be an addition that now you can add any app on Android Auto.

Hope that sounds great! Let’s see what we have got today!

What is CarTube APK and why do you need it?

Android Auto CarTube app is an easy-to-use app and provides the best features. Download CarTube is easy, and it does not ask for root access or any other additional functions to access the main options.  Even the app doesn’t require buying a premium subscription ( CarTube Pro). It is also free from errors or bugs. So, why are you waiting? Let’s see what’s more on CarTube on Android Auto!

CarTube APK is an application that is designed especially for Android Auto users. Most Android Auto applications serve as media players for cars but CarTube provides a unique YouTube library that can seamlessly integrate with the existing in-car media player. So, the CarTube Android app has become one of the famous Android Auto apps among car lovers.

As the official YouTube app is absent from Android Auto, this absence can be attributed to the development of the Android Automotive applications to be installed in compatible vehicles.

Since the system only approves the official apps to be downloaded, you have to make sure that you have given permission to the unknown sources to be downloaded. You can simply download the APK from the link provided. However, you must install the AAStore (AAstore CarTube) to download the CarTube APK file.

As the developer croccio says, CarTube is composed of two apps.

  • CarTube: App which allows you to search YouTube and to watch Video
  • CarTube Controller: App that allows you to use/ play/pause/forward/backwards on the bottom bar of Android Auto.

To Install CarTube you need to use CarTube Installer on your computer. (Mac OS, Windows, Linux based.) CarTube installer APK download link is provided below.

Download CarTub Controller APK & CarTube Installer APK from Official Website

Prerequisites to install CarTube:

  • AA Store Should be installed
  • CarTube controller should be installed.
  • CarTube installer should be installed
  • Your Android phone should be Android 8 or above.
  • Should have a car screen with a touch display

CarTube supported Android versions:

  • Android 8. x
  • Android 9
  • Android 10
  • Android 11
  • CarTube Android 12 works with beta versions

CarTube APK Features:

  • The CarTube app download is Available for free
  • No registration needed
  • No need to subscribe for premiums
  • Third-party ads are not permitted
  • Easy to use
  • User-friendly interface
  • No root required
  • Directly accessing the YouTube main platform
  • Works with Google voice assistance

Step guide to Download CarTube Apk

CarTube Android Auto download is free and, to start downloading CarTube apk 2022, click on the button below and let it download.

Download and Install CarTub APK 2022 from GitHub

  1. After the downloading is completed, you will see the downloaded APK file on your browser downloads. (If you cannot see the downloaded apk here, search it in your File Manager. )
  2. Next, make sure that third-party applications are allowed to be installed on your device. You will see a pop-up in your browser.  Follow the steps to enable unknown sources.
  3. Settings > Security > Search “Unknown Sources”. Then make the toggle ‘Enable’.
  4. Go to the downloads in your browser.
  5. Tap on the downloaded CarTube APK file.
  6. Then install it and launch it on your phone.
  7. It will take some time to load the content. Give it some time and then tap on the ‘Open’ button to run it.
  8. Now you are ready to use CarTube.

Enjoy YouTube on your car screen with the CarTube apk.

However, other than CarTube Android Auto APK there are many more methods are available to watch YouTube on Android Auto. Specially, if you have a rooted Android phone, those methods will be helpful for your needs. Let’s see what we have next!

CarTube Alternatives to add any app on Android Auto

If you need more solutions to watch YouTube on Android Auto, as well as add any app on Android Auto, we have got you more solutions for your needs. Here we have a few methods which are alternatives to CarTube.

  1. Screen mirroring / Mirroring apps
  • AA Mirror
  • AA Stream
  • Screen2Auto

2. CarStream- watch YouTube on Android Auto

3. Hardware solutions to add any app on Android Auto

Screen mirroring/ Mirroring apps for Android Auto

Screen mirroring is something more popular among car lovers, as it allows you to use almost all the apps while in your car. AA Mirror, AA Stream and Screen2Auto is these kind of popular mirroring apps among car enthusiasts.

When using a mirroring app, it gives you a chance to use your mobile phone on your Android Auto screen. Therefore, you don’t need to risk yourself using a mobile phone while driving. Just mirror your Android mobile phone screen on your Android Auto, and use it like you always do.

  1. AA Mirror

When it comes to Mirroring on Android Auto, AA Mirror holds the first place among the most famous mirroring apps. When focusing on AA Mirror it should be specially mentioned that AA Mirror needs root access on your device to give the maximum out of it. But you can enjoy screen mirroring with limited functions even without rooting.

2. AA Stream

AA Stream is another famous mirroring app for Android Auto which has the roots of AA Mirror. It also can be used to screen mirroring on Android Auto cars. Like other mirroring apps, AA Stream also requires root access for your Android device.  AA Stream gives you the best mirroring experience while driving your Android Auto car.

3. Screen2Auto

This is the next famous mirroring app for Android Auto.

Screen2Auto is a combination of two famous mirroring apps, Android Auto Mirror and Android Auto Stream. With both streaming and mirroring is the main feature here. Screen2Auto can be downloaded easily and it also requires rooting your Android device.

CarStream- watch YouTube on Android Auto

CarStream is the best and most popular method to watch YouTube on Android Auto. This was previously named as YouTube Auto and you don’t need to root your device to enjoy YouTube on this method.

CarStream Features:

  • Can launch on your vehicle screen.
  • Easily customizable volume
  • Rewind to a specific point
  • Zoom in, Zoom out for different frames
  • Easy access to the account management
  • Search bar available
  • Copy and Paste URL features available
  • User-friendly interface
  • Has to update manually

You can use AAAD CarStream, or  WheelPal app to download the CarStream apk.

Hardware Solutions to add any app on Android Auto

If you are interested in watching YouTube, and Netflix on Android Auto no root, purchasing a hardware adapter is the best solution for you. There are a few adapters available in our store so you can choose the best match.

1.Carlinkit Ai Box Wireless Android Auto Adapter
Carlinkit Ai Box Wireless Android Auto Adapter
Carlinkit Ai Box Wireless Android Auto Adapter

Carlinkit wireless Android Auto adapter is a simple, handy and easy-to-use product which has become popular among car enthusiasts. It can be simply connected with the USB type C connector to your car. If you are eager to watch YouTube, Netflix on Android Auto, this would be the idol product for you.

Compatible Android devices: Android 11, 12

Compatible cars: 2016 and above cars. (BMW series is not supported so far)

Prerequisites: Works with  Built-in Android Auto cars

Features :

  • Smart design
  • Easy connectivity via USB, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and support 4G network
  • Support video streams like Netflix, YouTube, Hulu etc.
  • Connects automatically
2. Onince AiBox wireless Adapter
 Onince AiBox wireless Adapter
Onince AiBox wireless Adapter

This Android Auto Adapter by Onince gives lag free Wi-Fi connection with its 2 GB RAM and 16GB ROM. It seamlessly connects your Android device to your Android Auto. Onince wireless adapter supports multi-platforms and is a very handy and a cool gadget for car lovers. Specially, it can stream apps like YouTube, Netflix, Hulu etc.

Compatible devices: both iOS and Android phones

Compatible cars: 2016-2022 cars

Prerequisites: compatible with models with built-in Android Auto and build-CarPlay


  • Fast responding and lag-free experience
  • Consisted with built-in 5GHz chip
  • Connects easily with mobile hotspot
  • USB cable is provided
  • Supports popular video streams like YouTube, Netflix, Hulu etc

So, now you know all about CarTube and the alternatives. Hope this helps to calm you down with your thirst for watching YouTube on Android Auto. Hope you found the best methods for your needs. Keep in touch with us for more updates on Android Auto apps and hacks. Until we meet again, safe ride!!

FAQs for CarTube on Android Auto

Is CarTube Android Auto app safe to download?

Yes, it is safe. But you have to do it at your own risk. Because most of the APKs have pros and cons too.

Is CarTube Android Auto app no root?

Yes, you don’t need to root your device to download CarTube apk.

Do I need to pay for CarTube Pro APK (CarTube Pro APK cracked)?

No, the app will never ask you to buy premium subscriptions. You can download CarTube APK directly onto your device and enjoy YouTube on Android Auto.

How to watch YouTube on Android Auto with no root?

CarTube, and CarStream are different apps that let you watch YouTube on Android Auto with no root. Also, you can try wireless Android Auto adapters to watch YouTube on Android Auto.

Other than that WheelPal app is the best method to add any app on Android Auto.