CarStream- Watch YouTube on Android Auto

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YouTube on Android Auto is something more popular among car enthusiasts.

Android Auto allows many entertainment features like YouTube Music, Spotify, Podcasts and more audio features. But something we need to remember is Google has not introduced video streaming features on Android Auto. That is because video streaming can distract the driver. But still, there are possibilities of listening to videos and passengers can enjoy the ride.

Because of these, people have searched for YouTube on Android Auto. Not only YouTube, there are more solutions available on add any app to Android Auto, but here we have grabbed how to watch YouTube on Android Auto with the most popular apk, CarStream.

Let’s see how to watch YouTube on Android Auto using CarStream

What is CarStream

CarStream is the best and most popular method to watch YouTube on Android Auto. CarStream is developed by the developer, Kiran Kumar, and this was previously named YouTube Auto. You don’t need to root your device to enjoy YouTube on this method.

If you are frequently driving into places and want to watch YouTube while driving, CarStream 2022 is the best solution for you. With the easy to use interface, anyone can access it easily. Now you can listen to songs for hours, without your mobile devices.

CarStream Features

  • You can launch it on your vehicle screen.
  • Easily customizable volume
  • Rewind to a specific point
  • Zoom in, Zoom out for different frames
  • Easy access to the account management
  • Search bar available
  • Copy and Paste URL features available
  • User-friendly interface
  • Must update manually

You can use AAAD CarStream, or the WheelPal app to download the CarStream apk.

Get CarStream now from the CarStream site.

Here we are guiding you on How to install Carstream Android Auto 2022 with the WheelPal app.

Download CarStream with WheelPal app- Step guide

WheelPal App

WheelPal app is the best app to add any app on Android Auto. Not only YouTube, but you can also watch your favourite video streaming and add more apps to your Android Auto with the WheelPal app. WheelPal app is compatible with all Android versions. It can let you add any app on Android Auto.

Step guide for WheelPal App installation.

Installation Guide

Step 1:

Download and install the Wheelpal app for Android. The official wheelPal app can be downloaded via the link above. For this installation and setup process, you must also utilize the Chrome browser.

Step 2:

An add to home button will appear in a pop-up window.

Step 3:

You need to click that button and wait while the installation is completed.

Step 4:

Once the installation has been completed, the app will appear on the home screen.

Download WheelPal Android-01

Activation Guide:

Step 1:

Click the Activate Button and Add your email to the app activated.

Step 2:

After Activating the software, you can choose your needed apk. (CarStream 2.0 6 apk download)

  • Select CarStream 2.0 6 apk and click there.
Select CarStream on WheelPal

Step 3:

  • Tap on the “Get” button.
  • Now you can see the popup and you will be prompted to "GET A LICENCE NOW". when you attempt to launch it.
  • Purchase the WheelPal Android app by clicking.
Purchase Carstream

CarStream Setup- Guide to apk installation

Setup CarStream for Android 8 and above

  1. Install the Carstream apk following the above guides.
  2. Install the Android Auto app if you have not yet installed it.
  3. Launch the installed Android Auto app on your Android home screen
  4. Click on the hamburger menu at the top left corner
  5. Click on the “Settings”.
  6. Scroll down to the section “About” and tap on “Version” so that the version information will appear.
  7. Tap several times on the version information so that a pop-up will appear asking whether to enable developer mode. Click OK and enable it. This is necessary for CarStream to work.
  8. Click on the menu in the top right corner and tap “Developer Settings.”
  9. Tick on the “Unknown resources” checkbox.
  10. Click on the “Video Resolution” option on the same view. (Developer settings)
  11. Then select an option as you prefer.
  12. Now launch the CarStream App
  13. There you go! Now you can enjoy Android Auto YouTube.

Setup CarStream for Android 7 and lower

  1. Launch the installed Android Auto app on your Android home screen
  2. Click on the menu at the top left corner
  3. Tap on “About Android Auto”
  4. Tap again on the “About Android Auto” multiple times on the opened window to enable the developer mode.
  5. Click on the menu located in the top right corner and tap on “Developer Settings.”
  6. Check the “Unknown Resources” box, Video 720p and 1080p.
  7. Now launch the CarStream App
  8. There you go! Enjoy YouTube on Android Auto.

Known Errors and fixes

  • If you cannot load CarStream Android Auto with the latest Android Versions, please reinstall your app and try again. If the issue remains, try doing it with lower versions.
  • If the app crashes while loading, try again with mobile data other than Wi-fi.
  • CarStream will have issues with Pixel 6 and Pixel Pro 7 models. No fixes found so far.

CarStream Alternatives

  • AA Mirror
  • AA Stream
  • Screen2Auto
  • Hardware to watch YouTube on AA
  1. AA Mirror

Android Auto Mirror is the most famous mirroring app for Android Auto. It can mirror your phone screen to a larger screen on the Android Auto on your car. However,AA Mirror needs root access on your device to give the maximum out of it. But you can enjoy screen mirroring with limited functions even without rooting

2. AA Stream

AA Stream is inspired by AA Mirror. Like other mirroring apps, AA Stream also requires root access for your Android device.

3. Screen2Auto

Screen2Auto is a combination of two famous mirroring apps, Android Auto Mirror and Android Auto Stream. It can enhance your Android Auto experience by streaming and mirroring. Screen2Auto is a free app to download and requires root access.

4. CarTube APK

CarTube APK is an application that is designed especially for Android Auto users. Most Android Auto applications serve as media players for cars but CarTube provides a unique YouTube library that can seamlessly integrate with the existing in-car media player. So, the CarTube Android app has become one of the famous Android Auto apps among car lovers.

5. Hardware Solutions

If you are interested in watching YouTube, and Netflix on Android Auto no root, purchasing a hardware adapter is the best solution for you. There are a few adapters available in our store so you can choose the best match.

So, here we grabbed all the related things about CarStream, and stay tuned for more updates. Don't forget to checkout AA Phenotype Patcher, AA AIO tweaks too. Have a safe ride!

FAQs related to the CarStream.

  1. Is CarStream no root?

Yes. You don’t need to root your device.

2. Is CarStream free?

Yes. CarStream is free. But if you download it via the WheelPal app you have to pay a one-time charge for the WheelPal app.

3. How to watch YouTube on Android Auto without rooting?

CarStream is a no-root method to watch YouTube on Android Auto. You can purchase a wireless adapter to watch YouTube on Android Auto. Visit our store for more.

4. The CarStream app crashes. What can I do?

Try reinstalling your app. If the issue continues, try it with a lower Android version device.

5. What are the CarStream supported Android versions?

Carestream works up to Android 13+ devices