AAAD- Android Auto Apps Downloader

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AAAD Android Auto Apps Downloader

Hello car enthusiasts! Have you ever wanted to add your favourite apps on Android Auto? AAAD is here for you! Android Auto Apps Downloader aka AAAD is an app for Android phones that allows you to download popular Android Auto third-party apps.

Unlike the mirroring apps, you don’t need to root your Android! Yes! You heard it right! All you have to do is, just select an app you want to install on your phone, and the download will begin. For those who are not interested in rooting their phones, there you go! It’s simple, easy, and even FREE!!


Android Auto is an easy way of using your mobile on your car screen, but deep inside, Google does not allow you to add any app on Android Auto. It only allows a few apps to be added to the Android Auto. Because video streaming kind of apps can be distracting to the driver.

However, there are some methods available to overcome those restrictions, and AAAD is one of the best ways of it. You can make almost all apps available in the AAAD Android Auto.

Android Auto Apps Downloader (AAAD) is an app that downloads popular third-party apps into Android Auto. After a long time, it was an app that had no root features for Android Auto. Even without developer options, no root features, and no need to connect to a computer it seems like the app that most Android Auto users have been waiting for.

AAAD Features

  • No root access is required

You can easily install the AAAD application ( AAAD pro APK) without rooting your Android phone. But if your Android device is already a rooted one, you have an option too.

  • Easy installation process

AAAD can be installed easily on any Android phone. No need to activate developer settings or no need of a computer. You can download it via AAAD store GitHub.

  • You can get it FREE

AAAD download is free and also offers in-app purchases. The free version allows up to 1 download per 30 days.

  • PRO version is available with more features

With the PRO version of the AAAD ( AAAD apk pro), you can enjoy the full experience. Download as many times as you want.

  • Let you enjoy downloaded Android apps, on your Android Auto

The main goal of the developers is to have all the listed apps in Android Auto

List of Android Auto Apps that you can install with AAAD:

  • CarStream ( AAAD CarStream)
  • Fermata Auto
  • Screen2Auto
  • AA Mirror
  • AA Mirror Plus
  • AAStream
  • Performance monitor
  • AA Passenger
  • Widgets for Android Auto

How to install Android Auto Apps with AAAD

AAAD 1.4 (1.4.4 )is the latest update of AAAD. You can download AAAD apk 2022 (AAstore apk 2022) from GitHub AAAD link we have provided.

  • Download and install the latest version of the AAAD app on your Android phone from the AAstore apk GitHub link below.

Download AAAD apk 1.4 ( AAAD pro apk cracked) from GitHub

  • Launch the AAAD app
  • Select the third-party app you want to install on your Android phone.
  • Confirm the installation
  • Wait for it to complete, and now you are done.
  • Enjoy your apps on Android Auto.

Known issues & Fixes

  • A few brands (Oppo/Realme/OnePlus devices) won’t show apps or “No messages during drive” errors.

Fix Oppo/ Realme/OnePlus AAAD Error

  • Google Pixel will get the “No new messages during drive” error.

Fix Google Pixel AAAD Error

  • Android 7/ Android 8 devices are not compatible. (Testing is in progress to fix this issue). AAAD Android 11/ AAAD Android 12 and above works well without issues.
  • Fermata Auto download shows “App not responding (wait or close)- fermata is heavy to download and GitHub servers are not the easiest with downloads. Keep pressing on “wait”. If it does not respond, select the top menu, select help and contact the developers through the app describing the steps you take to reproduce the issue.
  • A factory reset wipes the app license.

Contact AAAD help for help

  • The developers are not guaranteed that the apps you download will actually be working on Android Auto. With the restrictions that Google added on Android Auto, these installation methods can fail at any time.

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FAQs related to AAAD

01. Can I play YouTube/Netflix on Android Auto with AAAD?

Android Auto does not allow almost all the apps to be downloaded. AAAD cannot directly make these apps available in Android Auto. But mirroring apps like AA Mirror, AA Stream, Screen2Auto can mirror your phone to Android Auto screen to watch YouTube/Netflix on Android Auto. Also, with CarSream and CarTube APK for Android Auto you can watch YouTube on Android Auto.

However, if you are interested on Add any app on Android Auto, you have more options available.

01. WheelPal App

WheelPal app lets you add any app on Android Auto. You can watch YouTube, Netflix and more video streams on your Android Auto using WheelPal app. Not only entertaining apps, but there are also more apps you can add to Android Auto.

02. Wireless Adapters to watch YouTube/Netflix on Android Auto.

Carlinkit, and Onince have wireless adapters to add any app on Android Auto. With these adapters you can stream videos on Android Auto.