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No matter whether you already have CarPlay and Android Auto or you do not have them. Even though you are not sure about that, Everyone has solutions, guidance, and assistance here for an enhanced driving experience.

Apple CarPlay

In order to enjoy Apple CarPlay you need to fulfill the following criteria:

  1. You should have a CarPlay compatible iPhone
  2. An Apple CarPlay compatible Car
  3. Belong to a CarPlay supporting country/area

Do you have all the criteria fulfilled?

Yes, I have CarPlay 😊

Ever thought of a way to have your favorite apps including Youtube, Facebook, Netflix etc on CarPlay? If so we have a magical hack with an app called ‘WheelPal’ which can add any app to Apple CarPlay.

Please use Safari Browser for installing WheelPal

wheelpal qr code with analitics

Scan the QR code from your iDevice to get WheelPal App

More on WheelPal / Installation guide

No, I do not have CarPlay 😥

If you don’t have CarPlay you can go for an after market solution like Pioneer, Kenwood. Also you can experience CarPlay with the CarPlay alternative -  InCar iOS app. Read more on InCar iOS app.

Please use Safari Browser for installing InCar.

incar qr code

Scan the QR code from your iDevice to download InCar iOS App

However if you are interested in CarPlay related stuff, CarPlay Hacks Blog is the best place for you to get updated on everything related to CarPlay.

Android Auto

Same as CarPlay, you need to fulfill the following criteria, in order to enjoy Android Auto:

  1. You should have an Android Auto compatible Android Phone
  2. An Android Auto compatible Car
  3. Belong to an Android Auto supporting country/area

Yes, I have Android Auto 😊

Do you enjoy Android Auto? Ever thought of customizing it with extraordinary features?

If so, Android Auto Blog is the best place for you to get updates, news, hacks, and everything.

Also there are some nice hacks for getting non default apps like YouTube, Netflix and Facebook etc on your Android Auto.

No I don’t have Android Auto 😥

There is nothing to worry! We can provide you the Android Auto experience on your mobile phone via an  android app called InCar.

But you can not link this app with the car’s infotainment system as it runs independently on the phone.

Read More on InCar App

I am not Sure 🙄

Don’t worry!, there is a super easy method to check if your car is an Android Auto compatible car. What you simply have to do is feeding your car’s make, model and the manufacture year to the CarPlay and Android Auto Compatibility Checker app.

The app tells you whether you can enjoy Android Auto.

Read More on Compatibility Checker App

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