This is the best place for all the car lovers to get to know everything about CarPlay and Android Auto hacks, tips , news, information, alternative apps and many more. You can find many CarPlay apps for iOS, CarPlay for Android apps, CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility checking apps here, along with blogs and forums for updating you on the latest trends of CarPlay and Android Auto.

When coming into apps we basically offer you three apps.

  1. InCar - Alternative CarPlay for Android and CarPlay Alternative for iOS
  2. CarPlay and Android Auto Compatibility Checker 
  3. WheelPal App - Top Secrets to become a CarPlay Pro / Add all the desired apps to your CarPlay
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1. InCar - Alternative CarPlay for Android and iOS

InCar App is an alternative solution for Apple CarPlay, specially  for those who are willing to have CarPlay , but their cars, phones are not compatible with it. Same way this app is an alternative for Android Auto, for those who prefer CarPlay user interface than Android Auto since the InCar app's interface is identical to CarPlay interface  .
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2. Compatibility Checker for CarPlay and Android Auto

The best and the easiest app which enables you to check whether your car is compatible with CarPlay and Android Auto.Users need to feed the make, model and the year of the car and finally the app will give the results exactly for the given car.

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wheelpal app

3. WheelPal - Top secrets to become a CarPlay PRO

WheelPal app is the best solution for you to become a pro in CarPlay. It provides hacks, tips and solutions regarding all your problems related to CarPlay. Especially the issue of adding non- default apps to Carplay has been addressed in this app and now you can add any desired app to your CarPlay.
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CarPlay Hacks Forums

CarPlay Hacks Forum is the most ideal place for you to put forward all the questions you have related to CarPlay or Android Auto. Moreover you can share your knowledge and experience with others while  getting support to sort out your issues. There are two forums  for CarPlay and Android Auto.
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CarPlay Hacks Blog

Blog covers up almost all the areas related to CarPlay and Android Auto.You can improve your knowledge and easily be updated on latest trends in the world of automobiles and get hacks for better experience with our blog, since our experts update the blog very frequently.
CarPlay Hacks Blog

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