Download and install CarBridge on iOS 17- iOS 16

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CarBridge is the best tweak for enabling any app on Apple CarPlay. You can simply download CarBridge for CarPlay app and enjoy your favorite apps while driving. It supports up to the latest iOS 17 version. Excited?

We offer you the ability to download CarBridge  with the no jailbreak tool WheelPal which enables running any app on CarPlay using the CarBridge ipa and alternatives.

Step guide for WheelPal App installation.

No need to worry, as we’ll be covering all the possible methods including CarBridgeapp alternatives to enable any app on Apple CarPlay with or without jailbreak.

The top CarBridge alternatives,






CarBridge is a jailbreak tweak which enables (almost) any app on CarPlay. CarBridge alternatives such as NGXPlay mirrors apps from the iPhone but it is an app that runs any app on CarPlay directly instead of mirroring.

This is one of the best solutions for this as it allows customization of CarPlay with the support of jailbreak. With the CarBridge for CarPlay app, you can run almost any app on Apple CarPlay including Facebook, Safari, Messenger, Slack, Hangouts, Twitter, etc.

Carbridge With Jailbreak

Carbridge No Jailbreak Method

How to download CarBridge for CarPlay

Download CarBridge CarPlayhacks

‌As it is a jailbreak tweak, you must jailbreak your iPhone before downloading and installing CarBridge.

CarBridge iOS 17 is out now! It is not compatible with CarBridge yet. You need to wait for the Jailbreak tool.

CarBridge Compatibility iOS Versions - iOS 13.0 - iOS 16.6. Hurry up! Get CarBridge iOS 16.

Compatible Devices:

iPhone CarBridge that supports:

iPhone X / iPhone 8 Plus / iPhone 8 / iPhone 7 Plus / iPhone 7 / iPhone 6S Plus / iPhone 6S / iPhone SE


iPad 7th gen. (2019) / iPad 6th gen. (2018) / iPad Pro 12.9” and 10.5” 2nd gen. (2017) / iPad 5th gen (2017) / iPad Pro 12.9” 1st gen / iPad Pro 9.7”

You can jailbreak your iPhone by,

  • Using WheelPal app to find the latest available jailbreak tool for your iPhone
  • Manually finding the jailbreak tools / guides and following them

After your iPhone is successfully jailbroken, you can try one of the below listed methods to download and install CarBridge jailbreak on your iPhone.

  • By donating - If you are interested in getting CarBridge at a few dollars cost, you can simply go with this.
  • With downloading CarBridge.ipa With Packix repo
  • By downloading via Cydia - You can follow the steps below in order to download the  CarBridge via Cydia.

For iOS 17

CarBridge on iOS 17 will be revolutionary that take the iOS 17 CarPlay experience to a whole new level.  iOS 17 is out now. So we believe that iOS 17 update of CarBridge will be released very soon. It’s exciting news for iPhone lovers and CarPlay users too.

Even iOS 16 version supports CarBridge now. Therefore, we have higher expectations that CarBridge install will soon be available for iOS 17 CarPlay too.

WheelPal app is the best alternative to Apple CarPlay and WheelPal app supports all the latest iOS versions with Apple CarPlay.

For iOS 16 - iOS 16.6

Users updated to the latest iOS 16.6 / iOS 16.5 / iOS 16.4.1/ iOS 16.4 / iOS 16.3 / iOS 16.2 / iOS 16.1 / iOS 16 or any minor version of iOS 16 wondering if they can download the CarBridge ipa or install CarBridge via Cydia on their iOS 16 running devices.

CarBridge for iPhone was updated for iOS 16 versions, which means if you already jailbreak your iPhone running iOS 16 - iOS 16.6 using the rootless jailbreak, you can use on your iPhone without any issue.

However, if your sole purpose is to run any app on CarPlay with your iOS 16 - iOS 16.6 running iPhone, you can use an alternative like InCar app or CarBridge without jailbreak solutions.

For iOS 15 / iOS 14 / iOS 13 Versions

If your device is running any of the iOS 15, iOS 14 or iOS 13 versions, you’re in luck as CarBridge supports all these iOS versions. To be exact, CarBridge supports iOS 13 - iOS 15.7.3 versions which means you can download CarBridge ipa or install via Cydia on these devices.

However, as CarBridge does not support DRM contents from apps like Netflix and Hulu, if you’re on a search for that you can check our alternatives section and CarBridge without jailbreak section for more solutions by scrolling down.

How to download via Cydia

As we mentioned above, to start this process and to follow this guide your iPhone should be jailbroken and Cydia should be installed on it.

  1. Open Cydia.
  2. In Cydia install these: Rocketbootstrap, Applist  & Filza
  3. Perferenceloader – is not there to see in Cydia, so you’ll need to navigate in your source tab ex. Big Boss / System PerferenceLoader
  4. Install the leftyfl1p.deb file (You’ll need Filza to install this)
  5. Congratulations ! Now you have installed the leftyfl1p.deb file and are free to use any app on CarPlay.

Common Drawbacks

While CarBridge offers an incredible CarPlay experience, it does have some limitations:

  • DRM Restrictions: CarBridge cannot run certain video streaming apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO, and Hulu due to their DRM restrictions.
  • Unlocking Phone: You may need to adjust your phone settings to prevent the device from locking during your drive.
  • Screen Compatibility: CarBridge performance may vary depending on your CarPlay screen type.

These drawbacks lead some users to search for the best CarBridge alternatives available for the task.

Customize CarPlay

Customize CarPlay is easier than it was with new features which can use with and without jailbreaking your iPhone. If you're wondering how to watch CarPlay by default apps on CarPlay or run any app on CarPlay, you can check the Hacks Finder where you can find solutions for any CarPlay-related customizations.

Best Alternatives

Some CarBridge alternatives offer only some of the features CarBridge offers while the best alternatives offer more than expected to their users.

As we mentioned in this article, WheelPal is the best CarBridge alternative at the moment as it supports the latest iOS 17 versions, offers jailbreak tools and guides to jailbreak your iPhone, and the ability to run any app on CarPlay. For other  alternatives, you have to manually jailbreak your iPhone through a tedious process and find the jailbreak tweak to install it via a third-party jailbreak app library.

NGXPlay and CarPlayEnable are jailbreak-required CarBridge alternatives which can mirror your iPhone to the CarPlay screen and run any app on CarPlay. Therefore, NGXPlay can run DRM content supported apps like Netflix and Hulu, but CarPlayEnable is unable to do the same.

Also, if you’re not interested in jailbreaking your iPhone, you can try the no jailbreak methods to use CarBridge we listed below.


Most people want CarBridge download to watch videos on CarPlay, while some others use it to open their favorite social media or map services on the CarPlay screen.

WheelPal app is the top solution for this, as WheelPal is able to serve not only any app but also the DRM contents such as Netflix, Hulu, HBO, etc on Apple CarPlay which is a feature this app lacks.

Step guide for WheelPal App installation.

For other software solutions like CarBridge, NGXPlay or CarPlayEnable your iPhone should be jailbroken at the time of app installation. But the WheelPal app will guide you through the jailbreak process to enable any app on CarPlay.


NGXPlay can mirror apps and run any app on CarPlay if you have a jailbroken device running iOS 16 or below iOS version.

NGXPlay does not have an issue with DRM protected content delivering video streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO or Hulu. Therefore, unlike the CarBridge app, you can watch any video streaming service on CarPlay.

NGXPlay does not get new updates at the moment and does not support the latest iOS versions which could be a hassle for some CarPlay users.

However, if you’re using an iPhone which supports NGXPlay, it’ll be one of the cheapest solutions to run any app on CarPlay with jailbreak.

Get more information on NGXPlay tweak.


CarPlayEnable (previously known as CarPlay Cast) is a jailbreak tweak which allows running any app on the CarPlay screen for jailbroken iOS 14 devices.

Same as the CarBridge app, this tweak also does not support DRM content streaming services, which can be a drawback for many users who used to watch many video streaming services.

However, if you’re an iOS 14 user, CarPlayEnable could be the best solution for you as it supports running any app on CarPlay (with some exceptions) without an issue and for free.

You can get more information related to this tweak at CarPlayEnable repo.

Check Airaw and CarPlay++ for CarPay for iOS 14 CarPlay customization.

Carbridge for Android

CarBridge is exclusive to iOS. It's important to note that CarBridge is exclusive to iOS devices and is not available for Android. If you're an Android user looking for similar functionality, you'll need to explore other options or apps designed specifically for Android Auto.

CarBridge no Jailbreak Alternatives

As we mentioned, CarBridge is a jailbreak tweak which means it will run no jailbreak. But you can get CarBridge without jailbreak with hardware upgrades which can save you from the jailbreak hassle and enhance your overall CarPlay experience.

Let’s dive in.

1. Onince Ai Box Wireless Carplay Adapter

Onince wireless adapter
Onince wireless Adapter

Onince is the best and most famous brand of wireless adapter. It's a highly reliable and affordable car accessory. Onince wireless adapter supported with multi-platforms. It's super cool for Car lovers. Also, This handles all the preloaded applications like YouTube, Hulu, Netflix on apple carplay without jailbreak etc.

Compatible Device: iOS and Android Phones

Compatible Cars: 2016-2022 Cars

Prerequisites: Compatible with models with built-in CarPlay and Android Auto


  • Easy to set up
  • Support with multi-platforms
  • Built-in 5GHz chip
  • Adapter comes with USB cable
  • Can watch your favorite video streams like YouTube, Netflix, Hulu and etc
  • Fast and reliable
  • It's easy to install, and after connecting for the first time, it will automatically connect the next time.

2. Carlinklit Wireless Carplay Adapter

Carlinkit Wireless Adapter for Apple CarPlay
Carlinkit wireless Adapter

Carlinkit Wireless adapter is an amazing product. It’s very comfortable to carry and use in your car. The adapter features a USB Type-C connector and comes with a Type-C to Type-B cable that can be used to connect the adapter to the car. The important thing is that connectivity is stable. And this is supported with over 800 car models. It's a super advantage for you.

Compatible Devices:

iPhone 15 - iPhone 5

Compatible Cars: 2016-2022 cars(Currently BMW series is not compatible for the time being.)

Prerequisites: Compatible with models with built-in CarPlay and android Auto


  • Support 4G Network
  • It's easy to install, and automatically connects the next time you start the car.
  • Support with video streams like YouTube, and Netflix
  • Seamless automatic connection
  • Easy to use and carry in your car.


01. What is CarBridge?

CarBridge is a jailbreak tweak which enables you to run third party apps on Apple CarPlay. With CarBridge, you can run non default apps on CarPlay such as YouTube, Facebook, Messenger etc. However, CarBridge can’t run apps which deliver DRM contents which means apps like Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Amazon Prime, etc will not work with CarBridge.

02. Is the CarBridge app Free?

No. The CarBridge free download is not available yet and the developer charges a small fee for the app. However, you can consider it money well spent.

03. Can you Install the CarBridge without Jailbreak?

CarBridge is a jailbreak tweak which means you have to jailbreak your device in order to work CarBridge as expected. You can do the jailbreak manually or use a tool like WheelPal app to do the jailbreak part for you.

04. Can you watch Netflix with CarBridge?

CarBridge does not support DRM contents which means it will not support apps like Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Amazon Prime, etc but will work fine with streaming services without DRM contents like YouTube.

05. How to Download CarBridge for Android Auto?

As we have mentioned, CarBridge is a jailbreak tweak. Which means it will run on a jailbroken iPhone. Therefore, the CarBridge Android app or CarBridge APK is not available to download or install. However, if you want to watch videos or run any app on Android Auto, there are still ways to achieve that. For more information, check our Android Auto Hacks page.

06. What is the Best CarBridge Alternative?

WheelPal is considered the best alternative for CarPlay as WheelPal is capable of jailbreaking your device and enabling running any app on CarPlay with the support of CarBridge / NGXPlay. WheelPal app supports the latest iOS 17.0.1 version.

07. Is CarBridge compatible with all car models that support Apple CarPlay?

CarBridge should work with most car models that support Apple CarPlay. However, certain car manufacturers might have specific limitations or restrictions, so it's recommended to check for compatibility with your car model.

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