How to Download and Install CarBridge?

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How to Download and Install CarBridge?

Enabling video-based content on Apple CarPlay sounds joyous but it sounds risky for many drivers. However, with this amazing tweak, CarBridge you can enable watching YouTube & Netflix on Apple CarPlay.

Our recommended alternative to CarBridge is WheelPal. Enjoy any app on Apple CarPlay with WheelPal and keep in touch till the end to read more!

What is CarBridge?

Download CarBridge

CarBridge is an iOS tweak that supports up to iOS 16.7.6. With the help of the Car Bridge app, you can watch DRM content on Apple CarPlay, including YouTube! Many car enthusiasts around the world are obsessed with CarBridge as it provides many features for watching videos on CarPlay.

Please note that we are not promoting watching videos on CarPlay and keep respecting your safety while driving!

CarBridge Features

  • Supports apps that are not available in Apple CarPlay
  • Let you play YouTube videos on Apple CarPlay
  • CarBridge allows you to run certain apps in full-screen mode. (Including YouTube)
  • Supports touchscreen control.
  • You can customize the appearance of supporting apps.
  • Supports multi-tasking, which allows users to seamlessly switch between navigation, music, messaging and other applications while driving.
  • CarBridge regularly updates its services and ensures that it works with the latest technology. As well as the developer addresses the issues and bugs reported by the users.

Compatible iOS devices and versions

Your iOS device should be jailbreakable.

  • iPhone 6 to iPhone X series is more eligible for jailbreaking.

iPhone X / iPhone 8 Plus / iPhone 8 / iPhone 7 Plus / iPhone 7 / iPhone 6S Plus / iPhone 6S / iPhone SE

  • iPads that support jailbreaking and runs CarBridge.

iPad 7th gen. (2019) / iPad 6th gen. (2018) / iPad Pro 12.9” and 10.5” 2nd gen. (2017) / iPad 5th gen (2017) / iPad Pro 12.9” 1st gen / iPad Pro 9.7”.

  • CarBridge app supports from iOS 13 up to iOS 16.7.6.

CarBridge app Version

CarBridge recently updated to CarBridge version 2.0.13 in March 2024  and it fixed the app crashes when switching bridged apps in and out on iOS 16.

CarBridge for iOS 17?

You cannot currently use CarBridge on iOS 17 as iOS 17 is not available for jailbreak yet. Whenever we get a jailbreak tool for iOS 17, we are sure to get an update from CarBridge!

For more official and latest news, visit Carbridge Install Website.

To get CarBridge IPA on your iPhone,

  • First of all, you need to download the WheelPal app to jailbreak your device.
  • Or you can manually find the best jailbreak tool for your iPhone or iOS version.

Step by Step Guide to Install CarBridge

Remember to jailbreak your device before CarBridge download!

To start downloading CarBridge, and to install CarBridge on your iPhone, you should have a jailbroken iPhone and Cydia installed on it.

  1. Open Cydia
  2. In Cydia you have to install these: Rocketbootstrap, Applist & Filza
  3. Preference loader- is not there to see in Cydia. You will need to navigate in your source tab. Ex Big Boss/ System PreferenceLoader
  4. Next install the leftyfl1p.deb file (You’ll need Filza to install this)
  5. Now you have successfully installed the leftyfl1p.deb file and are free to use any app on Apple CarPlay.

Note: CarBridge is not a free app. You must pay the developer to buy it.

Pros and Cons of CarBridge

Let's take a moment to compare the pros and cons of using CarBridge.

Pros Cons
Supports many apps that are not allowed by CarPlay Requires jailbreaking your iPhone
Supports video streams including YouTube on CarPlay Does not support every video-based content. (Ex: Hulu)
Let you use apps in full screen including YouTube for the best performance You have to keep your phone unlocked while using CarBridge
Supports both iPhones and iPads CarBridge performance could vary according to your CarPlay screen type
Updates regularly, and fixes bugs Cannot use with the latest iPhones as they are not supporting jailbreaking

CarBridge Alternatives

Here we have other common alternatives for CarBridge to get any app on Apple CarPlay.


WheelPal is the most recommended CarBridge alternative from You can add any app on Apple CarPlay with WheelPal iOS app.

  • WheelPal app lets you play any video-based app including YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, TikTok etc.
  • Other than that, you can use many common apps that you can not usually use with Apple CarPlay. (Safari, WhatsApp, Facebook, Gmail etc)

Step guide for WheelPal App installation.

Let’s take a moment to compare WheelPal app with CarBridge.

WheelPal Vs CarBridge

WheelPal CarBridge
Supports streaming Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, etc., on CarPlay. Requires jailbreaking your iPhone, which may void the warranty.
Add any app to Apple CarPlay for a more customized experience. Not all apps are supported for playing video-based content like Netflix, Hulu, HBO, etc.
No need to buy additional hardware to watch videos on CarPlay, as many apps are supported. Watching certain content like Netflix on CarPlay might require an adapter despite the availability of some apps.
WheelPal Android version is available for those needing it on Android Auto (requires rooting). No versions available for Android, limiting the usage to iOS users with CarPlay.

Refer WheelPal Installation Guide below to install WheelPal iOS app.

How to download WheelPal App for iOS

Download the Carplayhacks App

Before download WheelPal app, you must install CarPlayhacks app.

Click on the button below to download and Install Carplayhacks app.

  1. PC users can download the app by scanning the QR code.
  2. iPhone/ iPad users, please use Safari Browser to download the Carplayhacks iOS app to your iPhone/ iPad by Tapping “Download Carplayhacks App” button

Follow the instructions provided to download and install WheelPal app. Click on the button below to read the step guide to install the WheelPal app.

Step guide for WheelPal App installation.

Add any app to Apple CarPlay with WheelPal

  • Launch the WheelPal app.
  • Then you will be asked to select your device model. Please select the correct device model from the list. Tap on Next.
  • From the apps given, select the app (YouTube, Netflix etc.) to add to CarPlay.
  • From the given solution choose your preferred solution.

Follow the guidelines and steps given further to enjoy your favourite apps on CarPlay.


  • CarPlayEnable is another alternative to CarBridge.
  • It supports apps that do not work in Apple carplay by default.
  • But it only supports iOS 14 versions and requires jailbreaking.
  • Following are some of the apps that you can use on CarPlay with CarPlayEnable.
  • Chrome
  • VLC
  • WhatsApp
  • IP Cam Viewer Pro
  • Zattoo
  • YouTube
  • Disney+
  • Plex
  • Xbox


  • NGXPlay is a popular jailbreak tweak for iOS 14 versions.
  • It supports for the jailbroken iPhones with iOS 14- iOS 14.8.1
  • To add any app on Apple CarPlay NGXPlay was once a popular jailbreak tweak.
  • You can get NGXPlay with Cydia.

Visit NGXPlay Official Website for more information.

CarBridge No jailbreak alternatives?

If you came here to get CarBridge without jailbreak, here you got the only solution for that.

These adapters from genuine companies will make your CarPlay journey an unforgettable one.

01. Carlinkit AI Box + Wireless Carplay Adapter

Carlinkit wireless CarPlay adapter for Netflix and Youtube video streaming
Carlinkit Wireless Carplay AI Box

To watch your favorite Netflix, YouTube shows on CarPlay without jailbreak, here you go with the best product from carlinkit. This amazing device can play videos on Apple CarPlay seamlessly!


  • Supports iPhone models from iPhone 6 series to iPhone 15 series
  • Compatible with iOS 10- iOS 17 and all of the subversions
  • Must have built-in CarPlay
  • Recommended for 2017-2023 vehicles with OEM wired CarPlay & a touch screen (Not recommended for non-touchscreen cars)
  • Converts your wired CarPlay to a built-in wireless CarPlay.
  • Supports USB connectivity
  • Supports video streaming on CarPlay Netflix, YouTube, TikTok etc.
  • It is a fast, and reliable device
  • Can connect with CarPlay using Wi-fi and Bluetooth

02. Onince wireless CarPlay Adapter

Onince Wireless CarPlay Adapter for Netflix and Youtube video streaming
Onince wireless CarPlay Adapter

This wireless Adapter from Onince also can play videos on Apple carplay without needing the jailbreaking. This product also supports multiple video streaming platforms like YouTube, Netflix, Hulu etc.


  • Supports on built-in CarPlay.
  • Plays YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, TikTok, Disney+ etc.
  • Supports both wired and wireless connection.
  • It comes with USB cables to connect with Apple CarPlay
  • WiFi and Bluetooth connections are also available.
  • After the initial pairing the device will connects automatically.
  • Supports iOS versions from iOS 10- iOS 17.
  • iPhones from iOS 6 series to iPhone 15 series are supported with it.

CarBridge for Android?

Many users are curious about getting CarBridge on Android. But the Carbridge app for Android Auto has not yet released. You can only use the CarBridge app with Apple CarPlay.

However, You can try WheelPal Android app as an Alternative to add any app on your Android Auto.

It’s the end of all related to CarBridge. Keep in touch with CarPlayhacks for the latest updates on Apple CarPlay and Android Auto!


How does CarBridge app work?
CarBridge can open any app virtually on iPhone and play it with your vehicle’s CarPlay supported head unit. It supports up to iOS 16.6, and you need to jailbreak your iPhone to run it. Unlike other apps, CarBridge works with YouTube on CarPlay. However, CarBridge does not support Netflix, HBO, Disney+ apps yet.
How do I mirror my iPhone to CarPlay?
You can use a mirroring app for iOS such as APowerMirror or a non-jailbreak method like a wireless CarPlay adapter to mirror your iPhone screen into CarPlay. You can use any app on your iPhone with the WheelPal app now. Try WheelPal app from Carplayhacks and enjoy your favorite video streams including CarPlay YouTube and Netflix.
How can I display my phone screen in my car?
You can display your phone screen using a mirroring app on your iPhone. Other than mirroring apps, you can use the WheelPal app to add any app into your CarPlay.
Can I watch movies on CarPlay?
Yes, you can watch movies on Apple CarPlay. However, you will need to either jailbreak your device or buy a wireless adapter to do that. Now you can get the WheelPal app from Carplayhacks to watch your favorite YouTube and Netflix movies.
How to get CarBridge app on Android
You cannot get CarBridge on Android or use CarBridge on Android Auto. CarBridge is an iOS tweak and only works with iPhones. Also, to make CarBridge work, you must jailbreak your iPhone.
Can you get CarBridge without jailbreak?
No, you can’t. CarBridge is an iOS tweak, and it allows playing video streams on Apple CarPlay. We know Apple CarPlay restricts playing videos, so we must break the limits with CarBridge. That’s why jailbreaking your iPhone is mandatory. However, the latest iPhones are not eligible for jailbreaking. Therefore, you can use your old iPhone to download and install the CarBridge app.
Can I get CarBridge iOS 17?
CarBridge currently supports up to iOS 16.6. There’s no update yet on iOS 17 CarBridge.
Can I use CarPlayEnable instead of CarBridge?
You can use CarPlayEnable as an alternative to CarBridge. However, both tweaks have different features. We recommend using WheelPal instead of both tweaks, as WheelPal supports many apps.