CarPlay Netflix : Watch Movies, TV Series and Drama in car

CarPlay Netflix : Watch Movies, TV Series and Drama in car

Can Apple CarPlay play Netflix videos ? This is one of the most common topics among CarPlay enthusiasts and what if I answer “YES” ? You may not agree with me if you already know that CarPlay Netflix is not something available for CarPlay by default.
Well, we are going to provide you some safe and 100% working CarPlay Netflix hacks.

Download CarPlay Netflix

There are some safe situations where you can enjoy Netflix on CarPlay . If you are stuck in heavy traffic or maybe while parking outside a shopping mall you can enjoy a film using CarPlay Netflix . So there are some hacks you can Play Netflix on CarPlay, but you need to fulfill the followings.

Requirements you need to download Netflix for CarPlay

If you are an Apple CarPlay user, you can install CarPlay Netflix on your iPhone and what you need is only an internet connection.

How to download CarPlay Netflix

You can Install Netflix on CarPlay by simply downloading an iOS app called WheelPal.

This app provides solutions for any iOS version. You can simply follow the following steps.

Step 1 : Download WheelPal App

Download the WheelPal app using the following link.

Step 2 : Make WheelPal developer a trusted one

After installing the app, you need to make the developer a trusted one. For that, you need to go to Settings → General → Profiles & Device Management on the phone. Then select the developer listed under Enterprise App and click on it. Then Make it a trusted one.

If you need comprehensive instructions on WheelPal installation please find WheelPal Installation Guide.

Step 3 : Click on 'Add to CarPlay' button along with Netflix icon.

Now the WheelPal app will be automatically downloaded on your iPhone. Open the app and select the Netflix app with the given list and click on the “Add to CarPlay” button.

Step 4 : Give jailbreak status of the iPhone

Then the app will ask you whether your phone is a jailbroken one. Sometimes the app will detect whether your phone is already a jailbroken one. Answer correctly by selecting Yes or No.

Why Jailbreak ?

Jailbreak is the process of overcoming some restrictions imposed by Apple for Apple CarPlay. You are getting several functionalities for your phone which are not available by default.

If you have a jailbroken iPhone, you will be redirected to the process of installing Netflix for CarPlay. App provides a user guide with the screenshots, so that you can easily follow the given steps.

If your Phone is not a jailbroken one, then the app checks for jailbreaking possibilities for your phone. If there are compatible jailbreak tools for your phone model and the iOS version, then you will be guided to jailbreak your phone with a preferred tool.  The app provides well explained guides with the steps needed to jailbreak your iPhone. And after the jailbreaking process you will be automatically redirected to the process of installing Netflix on CarPlay.

On the other hand, if your phone is not compatible with any jailbreak tool, you can simply use Netflix on a CarPlay alternative app like InCar App.

Download InCar App.

Step 5: Follow the given step guide to install Netflix on CarPlay.

After installing the CarPlay Netflix app successfully , you can test it with your car’s CarPlay screen.

Same way you can install any other streaming apps like YouTube, Hulu, Videos, VLC media player, KM Player and you can install any communication app like Facebook, Messenger, Slack which you want on CarPlay.

Note : The most Interesting fact is now you can add any desired app to your CarPlay with the above method.

CarPlay Netflix on iOS 9 - iOS 15

If both the iPhone model and the iOS version is compatible with a jailbreak tool, then CarPlay Netflix can be enjoyed with that device successfully.

CarPlay Netflix iOS 15

iOS 15 developer beta 1 was released recently and iOS 15 will be available for us by August 2021. So, you will not be able to use Netflix on your real CarPlay for the moment as there is no any jailbreak tool available for iOS 15. Yet you can just use InCar app - the CarPlay alternative to enjoy Netflix while you are on car.

CarPlay Netflix iOS 14 - iOS 14.x

If your phone is running on iOS 14 - iOS 14.7 and if your iPhone is below than iPhone 11, then you can jailbreak it using Checkra1n Jailbreak tool. It provides you a PC method for this. If you are using the WheelPal app ,  you don’t have to worry about how to jailbreak your iPhone, as all the instructions are provided for you.

On the other hand if you are going to download NGXPlay manually and add Netflix, then you have to get your device jailbroken before that.

Note: The Checkra1n Jailbreak PC method is only available for the devices below iPhone 11, and currently there is no jailbreak available for iOS 14 for the devices higher than iPhone X . In short if your iOS version is iOS 14, you can enjoy CarPlay Netflix if it is only below iPhone 11.

CarPlay Netflix iOS 13 and below

For iOS 9 - iOS 13.7 there are so many jailbreak tools like Checkra1n, Unc0ver, Odyssey. If you are using the WheelPal app, it provides you with all the jailbreak tools compatible with your iOS version and the iDevice.

In addition you can get it with NGXPlay after jailbreaking your device with a compatible jailbreak tool.

How to watch Netflix on CarPlay

watch carplay netflix - carplayhacks

After downloading NGXPlay, you can add Netflix to your CarPlay menu. You can click on the Netflix Logo on the CarPlay Menu and then the Netflix App is opening in your Car Screen.

Now you are free to play Netflix on CarPlay and the following tips will help you for a safe drive.

Before getting into your car, you better set up your Netflix account and stay logged in as it is difficult for you to do them while driving.

Better to select what you're gonna watch there by just opening them so that they are added to the ‘continue watching’ row. Then you can watch them with a single click.

But you should keep in your mind that safety is the most important thing. So never try to watch the things if you are the driver.

Can I install CarPlay Netflix without jailbreak ?

No, Actually jailbreak is a must to have Netflix on CarPlay. Because adding video streaming apps on CarPlay is an enhanced feature for CarPlay and you need to make your phone ready to perform enhanced features. So that you have to jailbreak it first and then add Netflix.

CarBridge Netflix not working ?

CarBridge is another famous app which can be used to add apps to CarPlay. But not like NGXPlay, it runs apps directly on the CarPlay screen. Netflix app has a special DRM protection and CarBridge developers have not become able to bypass this protection yet. So that you can not add Netflix to CarPlay using CarBridge. In NGXPlay, it just mirrors the phone apps into the car screen. So that Netflix protection does not affect its functionality.

Why can't I add Netflix on CarPlay using CarBridge?

CarBridge actually runs phone apps actually on CarPlay. And some apps like Netflix, Hulu has in app restrictions for this. So the best available way to watch Netflix on CarPlay is using WheelPal app.

Why Netflix is not available on CarPlay?

Netflix contains visual based contents and this can distract the drivers by getting their attention. So these type of video content providing apps are not available on CarPlay for safety reasons.

Yet if you want to use Netflix on CarPlay for entertaining your passengers or to get entertained only with the audio content, you can have it by using a third party app like WheelPal.

Can I add Netflix on CarPlay for free?

In order to add Netflix on CarPlay, you need to change some default settings on your iPhone. For most of the time this is not available for free for public. Yet all the step guides and necessary resources are available on WheelPal app.

carplay netflix hack by carplayhacks

CarPlay Netflix Hack?

Hack for having Netflix is simple and easy.

  1. Install WheelPal App
  2. Click Add to CarPlay button along with Netflix icon in main menu
  3. Follow the step-guide and add CarPlay on Netflix

How to download CarPlay Netflix tweak?

There is no any CarPlay specific tweak of Netflix. The only thing we can do is change the default iPhone settings in order to make the phone compatible with CarPlay Netflix. This can be easily done with third party apps like WheelPal.


To sum up, Netflix is not allowed in CarPlay due to safety reasons as it is a video streaming app which can distract the driver. But there are some hacks to have Netflix on CarPlay. In order to enjoy Netflix CarPlay app, you need a jailbreakable iPhone. The WheelPal app is the safest and the easiest way to use Netflix on CarPlay.

In addition if you are using Android Auto, you can have Netflix with Android Auto Netflix hack which you will find on our blog.

However, concentrate on roads and pay your fullest attention to the roads if you are the driver and do not let Netflix distract you on the roads. Keep it in mind, safety and concentration on roads should be your first concern.

Safe driving !!!