Download and Install Sygic on CarPlay

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Sygic app on Apple CarPlay

Navigation while driving is the most important thing ever for a driver. Also, when it’s Sygic, you know it’s what you want and what gives you the best. Sygic is the best navigation app with the advanced GPS. Sygic is a well-established player in the navigation app market.

Apple CarPlay, the safest driving experience with the advanced technology now seamlessly integrates its technology with Sygic. Let’s see what brings CarPlay integrated with Sygic.

Sygic CarPlay features

In the free version and the premium version of Sygic, you will get different features. However, the following are the popular and common features you will experience in Sygic on CarPlay.

  • Offline Maps-

Sygic on CarPlay provides you with offline maps which can navigate without a continuous data connection. While travelling through a poor network, this will help you navigate seamlessly.

  •  Real-time Traffic Updates-

Accurate and up-to-date traffic updates are essential while riding. This is a life-saving feature for most of the users and it saves time and money!

  • Voice Assistance-

Voice-guided navigation is essential to enjoy a safe ride. Sygic car play includes voice guidance and Lane assistance. This is a helpful feature when you are travelling through complex intersections or highway interchanges

  • Points of Interest (POI) and Parking Assistance-

Sygic truck Apple CarPlay help users find interesting points like nearby restaurants, gas stations, photography locations etc. Parking Assistance guides drivers to available parking spaces to make the users feel easy while travelling in urban regions.

  • Customizable interfaces-

Sygic Apple CarPlay allows user-friendly interfaces. Users can choose map views, adjust settings and more customizable features.

Sygic CarPlay

How to connect Sygic Car Play

1.     Connect your iPhone with your Car infotainment system using the USB cable, or connect it wirelessly.

2.  Then you will see the GPS Navigation icon on the screen

3.     To start your route, tap on the Sygic icon

4.     Use your car’s touchscreen, knobs, dials, or buttons to control the navigation of the Sygic app.

Apple CarPlay Sygic: Known Errors and Fixes

01.  Connection Issues:

While travelling Sygic CarPlay may fail to connect to your car’s infotainment system. To fix this make sure your phone is properly connected to the cable or connections. Restart your iPhone and car infotainment system if the issue keeps going.

02.  GPS signal error:

Sometimes Sygic displays a message indicating no GPS signal. Make sure that your iPhone’s location settings are turned on

03.  Map updating error:

Sometimes the map is not updating with the real-time data. Ensure that your app is up to date. If the Sygic truck carplay app keeps the issue, consider reinstalling the app on your iPhone.

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FAQs on Sygic Apple CarPlay.

01.  What is Sygic

Sygic is a navigation app that you can use in Apple CarPlay.Experience the convenience of advance technology of CarPlay Sygic hack.

02.  How to connect CarPlay with Sygic

·       Connect your iPhone with your Car infotainment system using the USB cable, or connect it wirelessly.

·       Then you will see the GPS Navigation icon on the screen

·       To start your route, tap on the Sygic icon

·       Use your car’s touchscreen, knobs, dials, or buttons to control the navigation of the Sygic app.

03.  Does Sygic truck navigation Apple CarPlay same as Google maps

Yes. Most of the navigation apps has the same features of Google Maps. But in Sygic it has a free and paid premium versions. They included different features. However free Sygic version is also consisted with a range of features like 2D offline maps, lifetime free map updates and routing. Other than that premium Sygic app contains 3D offline maps, speed limits, voice navigation, speed limits and many more features that are not mentioned in the free version.