Get Uber Driver on Apple CarPlay

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Uber Driver on CarPlay

For Uber drivers, it’s a must to check for their rides while on the road. However, Apple CarPlay gave Uber Drivers a simple solution to ride without keeping an eye on the phone while driving.

Now Apple iPhone-using Uber drivers around the world can use Apple CarPlay to run the Uber Driver app directly from the car dashboard. As we know how risky to use your phone while riding, this would be a helpful feature for most Uber driver Apple CarPlay users.

As CarPlay became popular among car enthusiasts around the world, many apps became available on Apple CarPlay. When it comes to the best CarPlay apps, popular music apps like Spotify on CarPlay, YouTube Music, navigation apps like Apple Maps, Google Maps, Waze and radio apps becameecame popular among daily drivers. Other than that, Uber on CarPlay is for those who need to access their phones while driving on the road.

Apple CarPlay Uber Driver app lets you use the app on a larger screen. All you have to do is just keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel and you will get the easy directions by voice commands with Uber on Apple CarPlay.

Uber Driver on Apple CarPlay
Uber Driver on Apple CarPlay

How to connect Uber Driver app with CarPlay

If you use Apple CarPlay Uber app all you have to do as follows. These are quick steps to add Uber Driver to Apple CarPlay.

  1. Connect your iPhone to your CarPlay-supported car with a cable, or wirelessly.
  2. You will see CarPlay launching automatically when you start the car. If not, make sure to choose Uber Driver CarPlay from the main menu on your iPhone after connecting.
  3. Open Uber Driver app on your iPhone or on your CarPlay screen and tap on ‘Go’
  4. Now you can start earning with ease on Uber CarPlay app.

Uber Driver on Apple CarPlay features

  • View Uber rides on the CarPlay screen
  • Accept trips on Uber driver app on Apple CarPlay
  • Get turn-by-turn directions
  • Navigate the Uber app on CarPlay while riding
  • Add rides to the queued trips on Uber app on Apple CarPlay
  • Larger screen, easy focusing and navigating while riding
  • Real-time traffic updates

As it’s introducing new features, CarPlay Uber driver updated its apps to allow their users to track their Uber rides on iPhone lock screen. Also, with the Uber app Dynamic Island can be used for this too. It shows a progress bar which shows the estimated time to arrive at the destination by tracking the rides on Dynamic Island.

Also, Uber Eats orders can be tracked from the iPhone lock screen step wisely.

Back to the Apple CarPlay Uber app. Back in 2020 when Uber and Apple CarPlay were two features, many Uber drivers has reported a few syncing errors in their stereo system while connect Uber to Apple CarPlay. However, now Uber Driver on CarPlay is here and everything is here for you on CarPlay Uber Driver.

CarPlay Uber app known issues and fixes

  1. For some regions CarPlay Uber Driver is not yet supported.
  2. If you cannot see Uber Driver launching on your CarPlay right after your iPhone is connected to your car, you will have to launch it on the main menu.
  3. Sometimes, broken or unsupported cables may give errors. If you are not sure about that, try to connect your iPhone wirelessly to the CarPlay.
  4. So far, it’s not displaying the total miles of the trip on CarPlay Uber Driver app.
  5. It’s better to keep your phone’s Uber Driver app near the CarPlay Uber app Screen while riding.
  6. Turn off your navigation prompts on app settings if you experience music turns off with the navigation commands.
  7. Make sure your device and Car is compatible for Uber CarPlay Update.
  8. Uber app Apple CarPlay not yet working? Attach your iPad on your car’s head unit and use Uber iPad app. Experience a larger screen for your ride!

WheelPal app

Now you can add any app on Apple CarPlay with WheelPal app. WheelPal supports up to iPhone 6s to iPhone 15 series. Now for the iPhones from iOS 10 to iOS 17 you can download and install WheelPal app.

See more about WheelPal app to add any app on CarPlay. Download WheelPal and enjoy your favorite apps on CarPlay.

Step guide for WheelPal App installation.

How to add any app to Apple CarPlay

Now you can experience no jailbreaking with the improved technology of the CarPlay Wireless Adapters. To enjoy your favorite apps while driving take a look at these amazing adapters and the rest are in our CarPlay hacks store.

  1. Carlinkit Ai box wireless Adapter
 Carlinkit wireless CarPlay AI box

Enjoy your rides with your favorite music and shows on YouTube, Netflix and TikTok etc. Carlinkit wireless CarPlay AI box wireless adapter helps you to add any app on Apple CarPlay. See the features and decide what do you want with this handy and smart gadget.

  • Easy connectivity with Bluetooth or USB cable
  • Fast and reliable
  • Easy to use, handy and smart gadget
  • Available for streaming YouTube, Netflix, TikTok, Hulu on Apple CarPlay

2. Onince wireless CarPlay adapter

Onince wireless CarPlay adapter

Onince wireless CarPlay adapter is another smart gadget that supports video streaming on Apple CarPlay. You will be given the USB cables with the adapter, and you can easily connect it to the CarPlay wired or wireless.


  • Available for iPhones from 6s up to iPhone 15 series
  • Compatible for iOS 10- iOS 17
  • Supports only for built-in CarPlay
  • Easy reconnection after the initial connection
  • Can use as Wired or wireless

Now you can enjoy the convenience of using any app on Apple CarPlay with these methods. Keep in touch with us for more updates. Hey Starbucks lovers! Now you can place your favorite Starbucks order while driving. Until we meet again drive safe!

FAQs on Uber Driver on CarPlay

  1. Can I use Uber Driver Apple car play?

Yes, Uber Driver / Uber eats CarPlay is now officially available. However, you should live in a compatible region to use CarPlay Uber Driver.

2. Uber Driver on CarPlay not working?

It may be because you are currently living in a region where the feature is not yet eligible. However, you will get it soon. Otherwise, make sure your apps are up to date, cables are smoothly fitted, or your iPhone is connected wirelessly to CarPlay.

3.  Uber driver CarPlay available regions

For most of the CarPlay-supported regions, Uber Driver for CarPlay was supported by the end of 2023. However, if you can’t still use it on CarPlay, check when it will be available after connecting your Uber Driver app to CarPlay.