Download best CarPlay Apps 2022 | Tip to install any app!

Download best CarPlay Apps 2022 | Tip to install any app!

CarPlay Apps

Apple CarPlay apps  are the apps installed on iPhone, which work with Apple CarPlay once your phone is connected to the infotainment system  of your car.

As the apps appear in large size on your CarPlay screen and you can use these apps with voice commands or using less number of screen touches, it makes you away from using phone while driving.

Let me help you to download the best CarPlay apps with 100% working methods to get any CarPlay app.

Download 20 Best Apple CarPlay apps in 2022

Some CarPlay apps are trending in 2022 among CarPlay lovers. The full list of CarPlay compatible apps are given below for your reference. Here are the 20 best CarPlay apps among them.

  1. Phone
  2. Messages
  3. Music
  4. Podcasts
  5. Youtube Music
  6. Amazon Music
  7. Whatsapp
  8. Zoom
  9. Google Maps
  10. Waze
  11. Tom Tom Go Navigation
  12. iHeartRadio
  13. Spotify
  14. TuneIn
  15. OverCast
  16. Pandora
  17. Audible
  18. NPR One
  19. BBC Sounds
  20. MLB

Let's discuss more on the best CarPlay Apps in 2022.

Apple Apps for CarPlay (Default apps on your phone)


Phone app helps users to send and receive calls without touching the phone while driving. You can get the assistance of Siri in order to make calls for relevant contacts. You do not have to bother about looking at your contact list or dial screen as Siri will assist you here. Just say “Call <Contact Name>”, and everything will be handled by Siri on behalf of you.


Same way as making phone calls, you can send text messages to relevant contacts with the aid of Siri. What you just have to do is ask Siri to find the contact and then read the message. Then that voice message will be converted to text and sent to the relevant person. Moreover you can get the assistance of Siri to read received messages if needed.


Apple music app is another commonly used app for entertainment and it supports Album Art from iOS 13 update. Also in iOS 14 update and iOS 15 update, the whole CarPlay screen is divided into parts and one part shows you the “Now Playing” item. So that you can easily navigate among the playlists from the dashboard. This will play songs on Your iTunes and it plays your playlists too.<.p>


You may listen to thousands of podcasts through podcasts app. With Podcasts you may subscribe for different categories such as health, education, kids and family, comedy, news and politics, sports and recreation, music etc and enjoy as long as the journey takes you on the road.

Music Apps

YouTube Music

YouTube Music is Google's official music app. It replaced Google Play Music app and now serves millions of music contents. It has a free version and a premium version and in the context of CaPlay, the premium version is the most suitable one as it supports background playback and downloading options.

Amazon Music

amazone music

This is also a famous music app among CarPlay lovers. It provides Prime Stations too. Also it contains inbuilt voice commands so that you can simply use the app without involvement of your hands. Download Amazon Music App .

Communication Apps


whatsapp logo

WhatsApp also has enabled voice commands for texting, the facility of reading the chat history has been omitted from the app when it comes as a CarPlay App. Download WhatsApp .


In 2020, Zoom app has become a high demanding app because of the covid 19 pandemic, most of the office work is shifted to homes. Many courses, live programs and meetings are held via zoom app. Since it has become available as a CarPlay app, it has given the opportunity to many people to get connected with others even while traveling. Download Zoom .

CarPlay Navigation Apps/ Maps Apps

Google Maps

Google Maps App logo

After enabling Google Maps as a CarPlay App, some people have shifted with Google Maps as their navigation partner. Download Google Maps .


Waze App logo

Waze is also a widely used CarPlay app in 2022. The sensitive features like real time information about traffic congestion, EATs, accident alerts etc has affected making this app so popular among drivers as it supports to reduce traffic times. Also the Waze CarPlay app enables more features to its users like an option to share drive with others, listening to podcasts within the app ,etc. Download Waze .

TomTom GO Navigation

As a weekly updating navigation app which is customizable, TomTom GO Navigation too has become one of the best CarPlay apps. Though it comes as a free app,  it asks for a subscription of $1.99/month or $12.99/year for the service of updating the app weekly. Download TomTom Go Navigation .

CarPlay Podcasts Apps


iHeart Radio App logo

iHeart Radio app allows you to listen to hundreds of radio stations across the country. The app also lets you create your own personalized stations. You may listen to the most favorite stations quickly by saving prior to starting your journey. Download iHeart Radio .


Spotify App logo

Spotify is a freemium music, podcast and video app which offers unlimited number of music downloads and streaming services to its users. Free version of this app contains advertisements and limited features. On the other hand the paid versions are free of apps and include more advanced features such as improved quality of streaming. CarPlay has included this Spotify so that you can entertain songs, podcasts and streaming while you are on the road. Download Spotify .


TuneIn App logo

TuneIn Radio brings you more than 100,000 FM/AM radio stations to your iDevice. You may listen to songs, favorite programmes and live games including all latest NFL, NBA, NHL & NCAA games. TuneIn is also equipped with podcasts, news and other sports. This is a free app and now supports more than 50 car models including Tesla model S. Download TuneIn .


Overcast App logo

Overcast is another popular podcast app in 2022. Smart speed is one of the reasons for its popularity. Also it offers world-class privacy. You can create custom playlists with this so that you can play them according to your driving mood. Download Overcast .


If all the rest of the music apps such as Spotify and Apple music still keep you hungry of music, Pandora Music is something that you need to try.  Pandora gives you a new personalized music experience allowing you to create stations as they fit into your moods or occasions. This app comes with a free 30 day trial period and comes at a monthly subscription fee thereafter. Download Pandora .

CarPlay Audiobook Apps


Audible App logo

Most of the people are accustomed to reading a book or an article while on the bus, train or on any kind of public transportation. But, if you are driving a car, you don’t have a choice. Browsing through the pages while driving will show you a definite way to end up in prison. Audible app on the other hand drives all these worries of car drivers. The app allows you to stay focused on the roads while listening to books or periodicals read by professionals. The app contains a huge variety of books and comes at a free trial for 30 days. Monthly subscriptions apply afterwards. Download Audible .

This is another app which can be identified as one of the best CarPlay apps. You can browse thousands of best audiobooks and download them for listening while driving. Download App .

CarPlay News Apps


NPR App logo

National Public Radio brings the latest news within the US and around the globe. This contains a huge range of topics such as politics, global issues, business etc. This also enables users to have news customized to their interests so that you can always get in touch with the latest news that covers your interested area. Download NPR One .

BBC Sounds

BBC Sounds allows you to listen to all BBC Radio stations. Also you can download preferred shows. Also you can set it to auto play multiple episodes of program series. Download BBC Sounds .

CarPlay Sports Apps


MLB App logo

If you're a baseball fan, the MLB app is the app which brings you live updates of leagues.  With the MLB CarPlay app, you can listen to game audio while driving. With the free version of the app, users can get some details about the games. But you have to subscribe to listen to the game Audio. Download MLB .

How to download CarPlay Apps?

Well, you don't actually have to bother about adding apps to CarPlay. What you have to do is just to get your desired apps to your iPhone from Apple’s App Store. Once you connect your Phone with CarPlay, those apps will appear on CarPlay.

But the apps you download should be Apple CarPlay Compatible. Otherwise you have to go with some hacks like WheelPal app, in order to get any desired app on CarPlay.

You can use this to install CarPlay games. But I strongly recommend you to have audio games, as the video games will definitely  distract you and it will be a safety threat for you.

Apps not available for CarPlay by default

Apple has become very selective when approving the CarPlay compatibility in apps. They have thoroughly paid their concern on safety. It is obvious that drivers have to keep their full focus on roads. So they cannot keep their eye and concentration on something else like videos, photos etc. Also drivers have to pay their full attention to driving. So some entertainment apps have become omitted by Apple from the Apple CarPlay App list.

Apps which are not available for CarPlay :

  1. YouTube
  2. Netflix
  3. Videos
  4. Video Players
  5. FaceBook
  6. Games
  7. Viber
  8. Skype
  9. Photo Viewers
  10. Web browsers
  11. Twitter
  12. Mail
  13. Hangouts
  14. Messenger
  15. Hulu
  16. WeChat
  17. Clubhouse
  18. Slack

But still, there are some situations like when the drivers have to stay on parkings, and when the drivers stop the car as they feel drowsy, etc. In these situations it's better to have some visual based apps. Also most of the drivers know their responsibility and they can manage listening to sounds without focusing on videos, so that the other passengers can enjoy visuals. If someone is confident enough of that, there are methods as follows to get any desired app which is not available by default on CarPlay.

Also some of the apps like FaceTime are working with Apple CarPlay with limited functionality.

How to get any desired app on CarPlay

If you want to add any desired app on CarPlay, there are some hacks to fulfill that need. Still, to enable this facility, we have to escalate some limitations and restrictions declared by Apple. This process is called Jailbreaking and you need to jailbreak your phone for enjoying this feature.

If your phone is already a jailbroken one you can add apps to CarPlay by Downloading NGXPlay or CarBridge. Also you can go for a full solution like WheelPal app. This app guides you with all the steps to follow , no matter if your phone is already a jailbroken one or not.

What are the best third party CarPlay apps?

Apple has now allowed third party apps on Apple CarPlay. These are some of the best third party CarPlay Apps.

YouTube Music


Google Maps





How to add apps to CarPlay ?

If a CarPlay Compatible app is not displayed on your CarPlay display, you can simply add them with the following steps.

  1. Open Settings in your iDevice
  2. Select General
  3. Find CarPlay
  4. Select your vehicle listed there
  5. Then you will see the CarPlay Menu and with the + button you can select the apps you want to add to CarPlay.

How to get CarPlay YouTube ? / How to get CarPlay Netflix ?/ How to add CarPlay FaceBook ?

Video streaming apps are not working with Apple CarPlay as we previously explained due to safety reasons. Still if you want to have YouTube, you have to jailbreak your iPhone and then you have to download NGXPlay. Then you can add any app including YouTube/Netflix/Facebook apps to CarPlay. This process has been simplified with the WheelPal app.

What are the iOS 15 CarPlay apps?

Apple came up with new apps on it's previous iOS updates like iOS 13 and iOS 14. But in iOS 15 update, Apple has not bring any new apps.

Instead of bringing new apps, Apple has introduce some feature enhancements in the existing apps like 3d Maps option, Message announcing option etc.

Read all the CarPlay features introduced by iOS 15 update.

What are the iOS 16 CarPlay Apps ?

Apple has come up with some driver functionality based apps in iOS 16. Also they have added fuel station apps for making the driving stress free. The existing apps have become modified and updated. Read on iOS 16 CarPlay apps and the new functionalities comprehensively.

CarPlay App list for 2022

Apple Apps



Apple Maps




Calendar (added with iOS 13 update)

Communication Apps


Telegram Messenger

Zoom (new)

Cisco Webex Meetings


Navigation Apps

Google Maps ( iOS 13)

Waze (iOS 13)

TomTom GO Navigation(New)


Roads by Porsche


Sygic GPS Navigation and Maps

Entertainment Apps

Music Apps

Amazon Music

Google Play Music

YouTube Music

Digital Concert Hall

Deezer music



Spotify Stations



Radio Apps


SiriusXM Radio



CBS Radio

BBC Sounds

Clammr Radio

Dash Radio

Orange Radio

Radio Deejay

Radio Disney

Slacker Radio





Free Audiobooks

Google Play Books

Kobo  books



Walmart Ebooks












Castro Podcast Player

Pocket Casts


NPR one


CBS Radio News



Audm - NewYorker, Atlantic



NBC Sport Scores




CarPlay compatible apps are automatically added to Apple CarPlay if they are installed on your iPhone. If not you have to add them manually with CarPlay settings.

Best CarPlay apps can be downloaded easily via Apple App Store and in this article we have provided you the 20 best CarPlay apps according to carplayhacks's own criteria like the importance, usability, purpose and features, ability to handle with audio commands etc.

Video streaming apps like Youtube, Netflix are restricted on CarPlay due to safety reasons. But still you can get them with the WheelPal app.

So hope you will fill up your CarPlay menu with the best CarPlay apps.