Is Apple CarPlay Compatible with iPad?

Is CarPlay available for iPad ? To be frank, Apple has not made this available for iPad yet. But don’t worry, there are hacks you can download to enjoy CarPlay features on your iPad.

There is a range of tablet versions in iDevices such as iPad mini,  iPad, iPad Air, and iPad Pro. And, as CarPlay is one of the most favorite features among iDevice users, iPad users also make searches continuously to check its compatibility. But still,(by Jan 2021), this feature has not been enabled for default iPads. Let’s see how we can experience CarPlay on iPad with some hacks and tricks.

How to download CarPlay for iPad?

1. Jailbreak iPad

If your iPad is jailbroken , then CarPlay is just a few fingertips away for you. This is served via an app called Ignition.(This app was referred to as CarPlay Activator previously and rebranded as Ignition). You can install this easily with Cydia. What you have to do is simply search ‘Ignition’ in Cydia and install it to your iPad.

Once installed, you can click on the Ignition logo (blue and white color), and then, it will open CarPlay on your iPad screen. You can enjoy Siri, Music, Maps, and other apps easily while driving. Once you want to switch with your iPad menu, you just have to click on the Ignition icon and that is it.

With this method, Apple CarPlay can be served to all the iPad users including iPad mini/Air and iPad Pro. But by the time this article is being written, no stable jailbreak is found for iOS 14 (iOS 14 beta versions are only released by now). But some Checkrain developers say that they can jailbreak iOS 14 beta using Checkrain.

2. InCar iOS – Apple CarPlay Alternative

If your iPad is not jailbroken, you have to wait for a  stable jailbreak to enjoy Apple CarPlay. Having said that you will also find alternatives as well.

One such CarPlay alternative app is InCar and you can use it on iPad. In this app, it simulates Apple CarPlay UI on the landscape mode of your iPad. So that the menu displays on its screen with larger icons. And you can open up those apps as you wish. Another important thing about InCar iOS app is, it serves you high demanded non-default CarPlay apps like Youtube, FaceBook etc .

We expect a stable jailbreak for iOS 14 very soon. Until then enjoy CarPlay on your iPad with InCar App.

How to get any desired app on CarPlay

After. having Apple CarPlay , you can add any of your desired apps to your CarPlay. This is made a reality with a magical app called WheelPal. You can download and install this app and try getting Youtube, Facebook , Netflix and many visual based apps for enhanced entertainment in car.