CarPlay VS Android Auto

Anyone who is interested in CarPlay has to face one double binding question. Is it Apple CarPlay that works well or Android Auto? To put it simple, CarPlay VS Android Auto. And you might probably find the answer as your phone maker as you are biased to recommend your phone experience than the unused. 

But which is actually better? 

Apple CarPlay

CarPlay is the system provided by Apple to mirror your iPhone/iPad on to the car’s inbuilt infotainment system. This comes with Apple features such as Messages, Apple Music, Podcasts and Phone. Features are quite similar to the ones you have on your iPhone and allow you use them without your hands’ involvement. You may ask Siri to do call or compose a message and send it to people in your contacts. Apart from them, you can have many supported apps too such as Pandora, Disney Radio, NPR One, WhatsApp etc.

With CarPlay, you can find only Apple maps. In contrast to google maps, Apple claims to have a limited number of locations and map details. It is the same map you have on your iPhone and works at your command. If you want Siri to find any place, what you need to do is just ask Siri.

Apple Car boasts about having more than 400 compatible car models and it is reported that more of the cars in the next year to come will have the built in infotainment systems supported to CarPlay. Eg. Lexus ES, 2019 & Mazda 6. Find compatible cars.

CarPlay can be used either via a lightning cable (USB) or Bluetooth depending on the car model you have. If it supports only via the cable, all you need to do is just plugging the cable into the USB port. If it supports Bluetooth you may simply start by pressing and holding your car’s voice controls. Click to find out how to set up CarPlay. If the car doesn’t support CarPlay, still you have an option. It’s moving for an aftermarket solution. Apple CarPlay is compatible with several aftermarket solutions like Kenwood and Pioneer. Find CarPlay aftermarket solutions.

Android Auto


Android Auto logo

While CarPlay is offered by Apple for iPhone/iPad users, Android Auto is the system that has been offered by Google for Android users. But to run Android auto in your car, you need to make sure that your Android phone is running on 5.0 Lollipop or later. This also displays your Android phone’s interface with the supported features and apps on the infotainment system. Features are quite similar to the features offered by Apple. Knobs, twists or gestures as well as voice commands work right at your command or action.

You will find Google now, the Google Assistant to get the almost anything done for you including finding a location on map, calling someone in the contacts or composing a message and delivering. 

Beyond that, compared to Apple CarPlay, Android Auto supports a great number of apps like Wechat, Kik, LibriVox and OverDrive which cannot be found on CarPlay environment. Unlike Apple CarPlay, Android auto allows you to use third party maps like Waze at your choice.

Android boasts Android Auto’s compatibility over 400 car models and a rising trend could be seen in the phone to car mirroring lovers. Click here to find Android Auto compatible car list.

Android auto has a range of alternatives or aftermarket solutions. Aftermarket solutions include brands like Pioneer, Kenwood, Clarion, JBL, CVTE, Unimax, Sony, Alpine, Panasonic, Macrom etc. And it is reported that more stereo brands are to come in favour of Android Auto which is a good news for Android phone users.


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