InCar App – CarPlay for Android and iOS

incar app

What is InCar ?

InCar app is an alternative solution  for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. It enables enhanced features for iOS users while enabling CarPlay for Android. This app is a simulation of Apple CarPlay and runs independently on the phone in landscape mode. So, you do not have to worry about connecting it with your car’s infotainment system.

Installation guide for InCar iOS App

This app contains almost all the apps needed while driving including YouTube, Netflix , Google Maps, Facebook, Waze, Podcasts, Music, TuneIn, etc. Since the apps in app menu appear in large app logo icons along with the app name, users can easily click on the desired app icon while driving, and then the relevant app opens in landscape mode.

Why InCar?

Is there something available as CarPlay for Android ? What about CarPlay’s compatibility for all the iOS devices? People are interested in these topics, since no matter the phone model, many people prefer CarPlay. Mostly, the iOS users search for CarPlay alternatives, since all the apps they prefer having on their CarPlay display are not available in Apple CarPlay and most of the cars are not compatible with CarPlay. Also these features are still available for limited countries and regions.

On the other hand When it comes to the Android users, many of them have the compatibility issue with Android Auto, and furthermore many Android lovers prefer CarPlay user interface to Android Auto Interface. If you are one whose car supports neither CarPlay or Android Auto, we know it is obviously a dreadful feeling for you. So InCar comes to you addressing all these issues.

InCar Apps

Basically, InCar has two apps for Android and iOS users.

  1. InCar Android App [ InCar PRO App ]
  2. InCar- iOS App

1.InCar Android App

InCar Android is the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto alternative for Android users. It enables Android users to experience the CarPlay interface with Android icons or iOS icons. Also, this app offers an app customization facility.

How to use the InCar Android App

When you install and open the InCar app, it directly opens the main screen with the default settings. The interface has two parts, the control panel and the app set. InCar provides 15+ apps which are essential while driving including Contacts, Messages, Facebook, YouTube, Google Maps, Messenger, TuneIn and Weather apps. By default, the app will display all the apps with rounded Android icons along with the app name (Android Interface). Users have to swipe the screen to view more best apps.

First of all, you can use the control panel to make changes and customize the app list. It has a UI switch, a Settings button, a time view, and a home button.

incar carplay for android app

InCar App Features

UI switch

Most of the android users like the app icons in iOS. So, InCar developers haven’t forget the iOS icon lovers, since this is one of the best apps among CarPlay apps for Android users . If someone wants to experience the exact CarPlay experience the same as it is, they can simply click on the switch button and change the default icons into square shaped iOS icons. Users can switch between both views anytime according to their preference and this function is only available in InCar – CarPlay for Android.

Home Button

This will act as a home button and will always redirect users to the main page (Home page) of the app.

Settings Button

Even the default app displays all the apps in the app menu, for some users it would be a disturbance. So this customization option provides users the chance to select their desired apps. Once selected, the selected apps will only be displayed for them on the main screen. Same way, users are allowed to change the app list at any time they wish.

InCar PRO App Compatibility

Android SDK version: 17 or above

File size: 5Mb

2. InCar iOS App

Ever thought of having a CarPlay alternative app with all the preferred apps? Now it has become a reality. Although CarPlay is available on the latest iOS releases, many car lovers have become frustrated since the default infotainment systems of their cars are not compatible with CarPlay. Also, the given features of CarPlay are very limited. Only the default apps can be displayed if the phone is not a jailbroken one, and you can not customize the display as you prefer.

Therefore, Keeping all such issues in mind, the CarPlay Hacks developers have developed an app called InCar-iOS.

Installation guide for InCar App

What is the InCar iOS App?

InCar-iOS is an alternative app for Apple CarPlay. It is a simulation of the real CarPlay, which is compatible with all the iDevices. This is an independent app and you can not connect it with your car. The landscape mode of your iDevice acts as the CarPlay display here.

InCar iOS CarPlay alternative app

The main interface has two sections, the control panel and the app list.

The app list section contains a set of buttons of large size which contain logos and names of the apps which are really useful for you when you are driving. Also, you can swipe this section right, in order to view more apps.

You can click on a certain app icon button in order to use it and the app will open in landscape mode which is easy to handle while driving.

InCar-iOS App Menu

InCar app serves you a large variety of apps including Music, Google Maps, Messages, YouTube, Podcasts, Audiobooks, Facebook, WhatsApp, TuneIn, Messenger, Instagram, Videos, WeChat, Waze and more.

Note: You have to install the apps on your phone before you open it via InCar App.

InCar-iOS app compatibility

The app is compatible with all the iDevices (with any iOS version) and runs in landscape mode.

Upcoming Functionality of InCar Apps

Team InCar is researching modifying the sub-apps which are provided through the InCar app. Therefore the app interfaces will be more user friendly in the future. Furthermore, they will add another set of apps to the app list. Moreover, several researches and experiments are going on and more features will be added in no time after revelations of the research. So stay tuned with for the latest updates to have an even better experience.

Finally, if you don’t have an InCar app, Why wait? Stop searching for CarPlay alternatives, by Installing the InCar app you have the real CarPlay experience anywhere, anytime. Also, you can enjoy many Apple CarPlay related apps which are developed by team Carplayhacks using our apps and downloads section in the menu. There you can find the magical app called WheelPal App which enables any app on CarPlay and many more.