How to Install InCar App - Using Carplayhacks App

Step 1 : Install InCar App using the Carplayhacks App. This app contains InCar App and you can download the app directly to your iDevice.

Step 2: Click the allow button of the popup as shown in the image below.

Step3: A notification will be displayed as follows, telling you that the profile is Downloaded. Acknowledge it by closing the notification.

incar ios installation step1 carplayhacks
how to install incar app

Step4: Go to Settings --> General --> Profiles and Device Management.

how to install incar app

Step5: At the top , InCar -iOS app will be displayed under Downloaded Profile heading.  Click on that.  

how to install incar app

Step6: InCar iOS profile will open as follows. Click on "Install" to install it.

how to install incar ios

Step7: Give the correct passcode of your phone.

how to install incar app

Step8: Click on "Install".

how to install incar app

Step9: Click on "Done" to finish the installation.

how to install incar app

Step10: InCar app will be automatically downloaded to your phone. Enjoy it !.

after installing incar app on iPhone