Top 5 Music Apps to use in Apple CarPlay

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Top 5 Music Apps to use in Apple CarPlay

Entertainment apps are one of the most seeking app categories among Apple CarPlay apps. Listening to your favorite songs one after another while taking a long ride is one of the most expected things of any music app user who uses Apple CarPlay.

As time passes, the simple music streaming apps become more advanced with great features, cool suggestion algorithms, number of collections and together with many more add-ons. With these new features and variety of music libraries makes a huge competition in the app market as well.

Soo different apple CarPlay users may have different music app choices. Here you have the best Apple CarPlay support music apps collection. Check whether your favorite app is here or not? If not, don't worry, we have alternative solutions for you as well.

YouTube Music App

YouTube music is also no different to YouTube itself. YouTube Music has thousands of music libraries, music playlists, artists-based music collections, covers, live performances and many more music libraries. Wonder how to enjoy YouTube music on your Apple Car Play. Click here to access a complete YouTube Music Apple CarPlay installation guide.

BBC iPlayer Radio

BBC iPlayer Radio is a music streaming service offered by BBC. The BBC iPlayer app is a bit different from other apps, you have not just music streaming but also you can enjoy podcasts, news streaming, and live news updates. This app will identify your streaming habits, times and suggest you the ideal suggestions that match your preferences. Most importantly BBC iPlayer Radio is a free platform where you can enjoy all these features. Now you can download BBC iPlayer Radio on your CarPlay via WheelPal apps as well.

Apple Music

As we all know, Apple Music is Apple’s very own music streaming app. Apple Music gives you options such as love / dislike to mark your selections. Your feedback is a great way to filter your choices and suggestions in future based on your music preferences. Apple music app is supported for the Apple CarPlay, and comes with a subscription. If you aren't comfortable with subscriptions, you can jailbreak your iPhone and use Apple Music CarPlay free.


Spotify is one of the largest and most popular music streaming apps among all iOS and android users. Spotify also comes with a subscription option and a free version as well. And also Spotify is up to it’s standards with a large number of music libraries collections, count of artists and many more. You can search and find most of your loved music, artists on Spotify within a few seconds. Now you can enjoy your favorite music with Spotify Music on CarPlay.

Amazon Music by Amazon Prime

If you're already an Amazon prime user, now you can enjoy Amazon music on Apple CarPlay. Amazon prime is also full of different types of music genres for you to select from. Nearly ten million or more different music to select. If you are already an Amazon prime subscriber, Amazon music will surely be a free added advantage for your Apple CarPlay.

How to install Music Apps on Apple CarPlay

As we all know Apple CarPlay is concerned more about the drivers and passengers safety other than its apps and the other features. So Apple limited most of the app categories from installing on CarPlay. Such as Netflix, YouTube and streaming apps. But now you don't have to worry about these limitations anymore. Now you can jailbreak your iPhone and install all your loved apps on Apple CarPlay with the help of WheelPal apps store.

All you have to do is follow a few simple steps to jailbreak iOS and install WheelPal app on your iPhone device. Click here to visit our WheelPal Installation guide to find how to install WheelPal on CarPlay.

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Now Apple CarPlay users can install Apple Music, YouTube Music, BBC iPlayer Radio, Spotify, Amazon Music by Amazon Prime or any of your favorite apps on Apple CarPlay including podcasts, navigation apps, entertainment apps,best CarPlay apps with the help of WheelPal app.