BBC iPlayer Radio-CarPlay App

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BBC iPlayer Radio-CarPlay App

When considering the best CarPlay Music Apps, we basically find entertainment, communication and navigation apps. CarPlay BBC iPlayer app is an entertainment app compatible with CarPlay which offers online streaming facilities by BBC.

BBC iPlayer app covers BBC podcasts, music, news updates, radio, catch up and many more listening categories. The app is compatible with most of the devices including iPhone, iPad and computers and tablets.

CarPlay App BBC iPlayer Radio

  • Price: FREE
  • Download Source: App Store & Play Store
  • CarPlay/Android Auto support: Yes

Millions around the world use this app now. Being such a powerful communication channel, BBC decided to come up with a support for CarPlay and Android Auto. CarPlay app BBC iPlayer Radio, the CarPlay support,  comprises four main sections.

CarPlay app BBC iPlayer Radio Sections:

  • Following – You can easily navigate through the app and add programs in the mobile app. So that they will appear in the car’s infotainment system
  • Playback – You can listen to the episodes again and again by adding to the “Listen Later”
  • Downloads – Offline playback of programs that you have downloaded
  • Stations – You can listen to all national and local stations in the UK

Many people love to listen to BBC radio while driving. It has become rather easy now as it is an Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatible app.

In order to experience this app in your car, there are some requirements you have to fulfill . If you are an Android mobile phone user, first you have to make sure that your phone is running on Android 5.0 or above. Then you will need to connect your phone to an Android Auto compatible car or download and run the Android Auto app. If you are an iPhone/iPad user, you will have to download the version 2.15.0 or above of the iPlayer Radio app. And make sure that the car you are going to use is an Apple CarPlay compatible car.

Note: On the other hand Operating mobile phones or being distracted by the infotainment system may lead you to accidents. Therefore focus on the road while driving.

In order to enjoy BBC iPlayer on CarPlay, you need to install it on your phone first. Ans in the CarPlay Settings, there is an option with a + mark, to add apps to CarPlay. But in most of the latest devices, all the CarPlay compatible apps on phone are automatically added to CarPlay.

Other than iPlayer app, you can enjoy CarPlay apps like YouTube Music for in car entertainment. Moreover you can try CarPlay maps apps like Apple Maps, Google Maps, Waze etc. Also there are communication apps like phone, WhatsApp. And some of the apps like CarPlay FaceTime are working with limited functionality.

But some apps are not available for Apple CarPlay as Apple has restricted them. So you can not enjoy streaming apps like YouTube, Netflix on CarPlay. But if you feel you want them on your CarPlay, you can download them with the WheelPal app. WheelPal app is the only app which allows you to install any app on Apple CarPlay. You can find it only from our site and please visit the Apps and download section for that. With that you can download any app like BBC iPlayer app.