How CarPlay Works? Explained Elaboratively

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How CarPlay Works? Explained Elaboratively

Cars have been the closest friend for many of the people for more than a century. It has been with them in all ups and downs for sure. Smiles and tears or hills and valleys. But with the advent of smartphones into their life, the trend seemed in a slightly different shape making cars the second in the priority list. But the smartphone makers like Apple and Android (Google) soon identified what big change that car and smartphone could do if they met together. As a result, they came with CarPlay and Android Auto. Well, then what CarPlay is exactly? How CarPlay works? What benefits does it bring you? These questions will pop up in your mind for sure I know. But don’t worry. The answers are just waiting for your scan below.

CarPlay is the feature introduced by Apple to let iOS users mirror their phones on to the car’s inbuilt infotainment system while Android Auto is the term used by Google for the same feature in their phones. This was first introduced by Apple in 2014 and the feature was available in few car manufacture models. The idea behind this was to enable you to do almost everything you did on the phone right on the in car communication system.

Well, then how does CarPlay work?

How it works, is the most interesting part of the CarPlay concept. It doesn’t ask you to involve in complicated stuff but plugging your iPhone into the dedicated USB slot in the car via lightning cable. Or if the car supports wireless CarPlay via Bluetooth CarPlay just Then, all the rest is ready on the car’s display system. This works fine with the car’s knobs, voice controls and responds at your dictation.

But keep in mind that you need a CarPlay Compatible Car to enjoy Apple CarPlay.

But before you begin anything on CarPlay, make sure your device meets the iDevice compatibility for CarPlay.

Ok. Imagine you have already set up CarPlay in your car.  Please click how to set up CarPlay if you are not sure to make it happen.

How CarPlay apps work

But not all the apps you run on iOS are able to be used on your car system. Apps like Apple maps. Music, podcasts and other main features like calls and messages are originally available there while other CarPlay compatible apps have to be downloaded to your iPhone in order to run it. Apple CarPlay is a product that is intended to minimize driver’s distractions while enjoying his iOS. Therefore it is highly unlikely that fancy games like Angry bird would appear in the CarPlay environment.

How to install any app on CarPlay ?

CarPlay allows only a limited set of apps like phone apps, messaging apps, maps, audiobooks , radios, entertainment etc. But CarPlay does not allow video based apps, games and which grabs the driver's attention. But you can have them on your CarPlay and use them wisely while stuck in traffic or waiting in a car park.

What you simply has to do is installing WheelPal app and follow the instructions. You will be guided with step guides and then you will be able to have any app including YouTube, Netflix, Videos, VLC, KMP etc.

Step guide for WheelPal App installation.

Let Siri take the course

Siri is at your beck and call. All you need to do is just ask Siri. Imagine you wanted to play the favorite song or text to a friend while driving, just ask Siri to do it. She will also read received messages, help you find a destination or even make a call.

CarPlay, From Now to Next

CarPlay for now, takes the reputation for having more than 500 car models being compatible with it. Meantime, we could see that most of the car models have already begun to come up with supported devices. And the aftermarket solutions like Pioneer have stepped into adding that feature in their latest devices.

And we also noticed in iOS 15 release, Apple has been very much into AR(Augmented Reality) and Hologram apps. Perhaps it may be a hint that Apple is to work more on CarPlay with AR integration in the recent years to come. What if an integration could tell you about a special offer available in a particular restaurant or a coffee shop as you are to pass the place. Amazing isn’t it?

Therefore, we can expect that CarPlay will continue to amaze us in future too with more CarPlay features. Stay with carplayhacks for CarPlay hacks, news, Carplay issues and everything.