Issues in CarPlay | Updated with iOS 16

Issues in CarPlay | Updated with iOS 16

CarPlay issues are something that definitely worth your attention before you get into your CarPlay car and start a long drive. We are completely relying on our smartphone to connect with the world and in our car, it’s the infotainment system. With that much of a dependence, we need it to be a reliable and a trustworthy solution.

You may use CarPlay maps or any CarPlay compatible app. with your iPhone and supported head unit. But, imagine you lose your CarPlay support in the middle of nowhere in the long drive on the highway and miss your exit, because your map is not responsive?

There are many such common CarPlay issues. For instance CarPlay navigation issues, CarPlay music issues and CarPlay phone issues could be stated. We are going to address some of the DIY tips and tricks for CarPlay issues which will help you on the way.

Here are some of the issues users faced with the latest iOS versions.

iOS 16 CarPlay Issues

iOS 16 was released to the public very recently. Even though there was not enough time to experience iOS 16 , with the experience of developer beta versions, many car lovers complain that the black screen problem, connectivity drops, app limitation issues are still there with the new update as well.

So we can advice that the restarts, reconnecting the phone, checking the cable or replacing the data cable as the common fixes for them. We can talk more elaboratively on this after some time since the developers, engineers and the car lovers need a considerable time to identify CarPlay iOS 16 issues and to work on finding fixes for those issues.

iOS 15 CarPlay Issues

In iOS 15, the CarPlay app limitation for streaming apps is remaining the same and apart from that, some has experienced some connection issues with the phone which they could overcome after a restart.
However we heard that Odyssey has invented a jailbreak for iOS 15 and with that release, hopefully the iOS 15 users will be able to

iOS 14 CarPlay Issues

In iOS 14 CarPlay , the users have faced the following issues:

  • CarPlay fails to launch
  • Only one app is displayed in one screen of the app menu, so that users have to swipe through screens to find the app they are searching for.

iOS 14 was released on 16th September 2020 and it seems these issues are now fixed with the public release.

iOS 13 CarPlay Issues

iPhone users using iO13 -13.5 also have noticed some issues like

Installation issues

Wifi issues

Battery life issues .

You can have a comprehensive idea on iOS 13 CarPlay issues and solutions for them.

iOS 12 CarPlay Issues

Many iOS 12 users report that they are having CarPlay auto disconnect issues when using the reverse / backup camera. This issue is already reported to Apple, so that we hope that it’ll be fixed on iOS 12. iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 6 & iPhone SE users confirmed this iOS 12 CarPlay issue so far.

iOS 11 CarPlay Issues

  • CarPlay Issues of iOS 11.4

Some of the iOS 11.4 users report that they faced issues such as skipping songs and random disconnections. These issues were presented in iOS 11.3 update too and were fixed in iOS 11.4.1 update.

  • iOS 11.3 CarPlay Issues

Skipping songs and random disconnections occurred after the iOS 11.3 update. But the most annoying issue was, the blurred or distorted voice experienced while using the CarPlay phone for a call. You may hear the voice of the other party perfectly but your voice will be distorted. This issue was not fixed even in iOS 11.3.1 However was fixed with iOS 11.4 update.

iPhone X, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6, iPhone SE, iPhone 5S users confirmed the issue on Apple community.

Connectivity Issues

Have you ever faced the scenario “CarPlay supported, but not working”? It could be due to the connectivity issues on CarPlay. I suggest you take a look at How to Set up CarPlay article and continue your reading here as I will guide you through some CarPlay issue fixing tips and tricks.

Siri Issues

CarPlay helps drivers to keep eyes on the road, hands on the wheel while being connected and informed of everything. To make that a reality, it integrates one of the smartest Artificial Intelligence based personal assistants, Siri. To work as expected, Siri needs a stable internet connection. Otherwise, functions of Siri will be limited and some features may not work at all.

Therefore, if you feel like Siri is struggling or not working as expected, take a minute and check if your mobile data connection is fast enough for Siri to work. This could happen in long drives as mobile signals may vary from time to time according to the location.

Wireless CarPlay Issues

Does your car support wireless CarPlay? Lucky for you, you don’t have to bring your lightning cable everywhere. However, in most cases, wired CarPlay solutions will work better than wireless CarPlay. The reason is, wired CarPlay connection has a better data transfer speed than the wireless CarPlay. Also, wireless CarPlay could expose some interferences unlike with the cable solution. Therefore, if you ever feel slow response or latency in updates (such as map updates), switch to lightning cable and feel the difference.

Limited number of apps

CarPlay allows a limited number apps and it does not allows visual based and streaming apps on CarPlay by default. But if you are confident about using apps like YouTube, Netflix, Videos, Facebook, Games, Viber etc, you can simply make them available using WheelPal app.  

Not available for iPad?

Apple CarPlay is compatible only with the iPhone and it it not compatible with iPad or other devices. But many users query whether there is a way to get CarPlay for iPad. And we have some solutions for you in our blog.

Considering all these issues, many people ask whether CarPlay is worth having. And we would like to ask you to try the following fixes and decide it yourself if you too had the same question.

Fixes for CarPlay Issues

If you have already faced an issue with your infotainment system or CarPlay, this section is where you look  at the first sight or search for . But, I suggest you take a quick read on this article from the beginning, as some iOS version related CarPlay issues have to be fixed by Apple with an update and we can’t do anything about it other than waiting for the official update with the fix.

However, for many CarPlay related common issues and questions, these tips will work like a charm. These tips are not in a sequential order. Yet you can use as you wish.

And also it is worth to learn how CarPlay Works and this will help you to get rid of most of the common issues.

Tips to solve CarPlay Issues

  • Tip 1 : Restart your iPhone and the car. If this is your first time with CarPlay, make sure that your car or aftermarket infotainment system supports CarPlay.
  • Tip 2 : Use Apple certified lightning cable. Some cheaper lightning cables do not support higher data transfer speeds.
  • Tip 3 : Check if your infotainment system has a dedicated USB port for CarPlay support. CarPlay will not work with other USB ports if the manufacturer assigned a dedicated port. If no dedicated USB port is available, try using a different USB port.
  • Tip 4 : Check if Siri is functioning.
  • Tip 5 : Check your Restrictions. Go to Settings → General → Restrictions and check if there’s any restrictions enabled for the CarPlay. Disable Restrictions if needed.
  • Tip 6 : If you face issues with Wireless CarPlay, try with wired CarPlay and see if the issue is fixed.
  • Tip 7 : Make sure that  your infotainment system and iPhone run on the latest firmware version. Update to the latest version if available.
  • Tip 8 : Forget the car on Settings and try connecting again. Go to Settings → General → CarPlay and tap the car name under My Cars and tap Forget This Car
  • Tip 9 : Reset your iPhone. This could lead to data loss. Therefore, take a backup of your data and please find a proper guide before proceeding.

We will be bringing you more hacks to overcome your CarPlay related issues, so stay tuned with carplayhacks , your guide for a next level in-car life !!!