Download & Install NGXPlay

Download & Install NGXPlay

If you have NGXPlay installed on your device, you can enjoy any app on Apple CarPlay including third-party apps like YouTube, Netflix, Videos, and Facebook, NGXPlay is the best solution up to iOS 14, But there are some other alternatives like Carbridge for the latest iOS versions and Devices. Let’s have a look at all the steps to enable any app using NGXPlay.

What is NGXPlay?

NGXPlay is a tweak for Apple CarPlay to mirror any Apple app or a third-party app running on iPhone into the CarPlay screen. So that drivers can just control the phone and take quick actions by simply paying attention on the wide CarPlay screen without looking at the phone.

How to Download NGX Play?

Downloading tweaks like NGX Play is not as simple as downloading an app from the Appstore as they are not available for direct downloads. But you can simply download them via Cydia or Sileo if your phone is Jailbroken.

So let's see what are the safest and the easiest ways to download NGXPlay with and without jailbreak.  

  1. NGXPlay download with WheelPal (works with any iOS version)

Many car users face issues in jailbreaking the phone and downloading the NGXPlay app, and I suggest the WheelPal app as the most convenient and the safest method for them to download NGXPlay.

Certainly, the most interesting thing is you do not need an already jailbroken iPhone to download WheelPal App.

But you need to jailbreak your phone to enjoy NGXPlay. So that WheelPal provides you the instructions, step-by-step guides, jailbreak tools, NGXPlay.ipa, necessary repos, and all the resources you need to jailbreak your device and to download NGXPlay.

After that, the app guides you to add any app on CarPlay.

WheelPal is now compatible with iOS 9 to iOS 14.8.1. Only jailbreakable devices can get the maximum out of it.

Downloading NGXPlay for iOS 16 - iOS 15 - Try Blizzard Jailbreak / Palera1n jailbreak tool. Palera1n is the latest jailbreak tool. With that, you can enjoy CarBridge/NGXPlay and customize the CarPlay app menu as you wish.

If you want to know more details and a jailbreak guide, check the Palera1n tool page and Blizzard Tool page.

2. Cydia for Downloading NGXPlay  

This method also requires jailbreak and All you need to do is jailbreak your iPhone with a compatible jailbreak tool and download Cydia app.

Then add sources (Repo – BigBoss) through the Cydia app you have on your Home Screen.

BigBoss URL –

3. Download NGXPlay without Jailbreak

'How to download NGXPlay without jailbreak?’  has become a very common question among CarPlay lovers due to the lack of tech knowledge or the difficulty of finding compatible jailbreak tools.

To be frank, the jailbreak is a must for NGXPlay. But, there is a way to download NGXPlay without jailbreak. It’s via the app called “InCar”. This is actually a CarPlay simulator on a phone.

This app is available for both Android and iOS users. So you can try InCar App as a simulation of NGXPlay.

Installation guide for InCar App

Visit the apps section on our site to read more and download InCar App.

Step Guide for downloading NGXPlay (any iOS version)

  1. Check the device compatibility for installing NGXPlay using WheelPal app. (It will give you the compatible jailbreak tools for your iPhone with your current iOS version)
  2. Then follow the steps given by the app to jailbreak your device and install NGXPlay.
  3. If you want to install it manually, you can jailbreak your phone and install Cydia App.
  4. Then in Cydia app, Go to Sources>tap edit> add> insert URL (BigBoss URL –
  5. Now go on a search and search for NGXPlay.
  6. Then select and install NGXPlay.
  7. Congratulations. Now you are free to launch and enjoy NGXPlay by enabling your favorite best CarPlay apps on the application.

How to use NGXPlay?

After installing NGXPlay, you can go to the Settings and customize NGXPlay app's settings. There you can do the followings.

  • Enable or Disable NGXPlay tweak
  • Set Frames per second
  • Select applications for Apple CarPlay.

So you can simply add any desired app on CarPlay with the + button.

NGXPlay Alternatives Hardware Solutions

As you know, NGXPlay is a tweak to your iPhone and needs to be jailbroken before use. However, there are some alternatives you can use to achieve the same as NGXPlay by upgrading your hardware.

1. Onince Ai Box Wireless Carplay Adapter

Onince wireless Adapter

Onince is the best and most famous brand of wireless adapter. It's a highly reliable and affordable car accessory. Onince wireless adapter supported with multi-platforms. It's super cool for Car lovers. Also, This handles all the preloaded applications like YouTube, Hulu, Netflix, etc.

Compatible Device: iOS and Android Phones

Compatible Cars: 2016-2022 Cars

Prerequisites: Compatible with models with built-in CarPlay and Android Auto


  • Easy to set up
  • Support with multi-platforms
  • Built-in 5GHz chip
  • Adapter comes with USB cable
  • Can watch your favorite video streams like YouTube, Netflix, Hulu and etc
  • Fast and reliable
  • It's easy to install, and after connecting for the first time, it will automatically connect the next time.

2. Carlinklit Wireless Carplay Adapter

Carlinkit Wireless Adapter for Apple CarPlay

Carlinkit Wireless adapter is an amazing product. It’s very comfortable to carry and use in your car. The adapter features a USB Type-C connector and comes with a Type-C to Type-B cable that can be used to connect the adapter to the car. The important thing is that connectivity is stable. And this is supported with over 800 car models. It's a super advantage for you.

Compatible Devices:

iOS 10 and above

Compatible Cars: 2016-2022 cars(Currently BMW series is not compatible for the time being.)

Prerequisites: Compatible with models with built-in CarPlay and android Auto


  • Support 4G Network
  • It's easy to install, and automatically connects the next time you start the car.
  • Support with video streams like YouTube, and Netflix
  • Seamless automatic connection
  • Easy to use and carry in your car.

For more information and to find easily the best solutions, We are developed, the "Hacks Finder". You can customize yourself with or without jailbreak CarPlay solutions in one platform.

FAQ and answers related to NGXPlay

What is NGXPlay?

NGXPlay is a tweak which enables third-party apps which are not available on Apple CarPlay by default. You can enjoy any app on CarPlay including Netflix, YouTube, Facebook, Skype, Messenger, Hangouts, Mail, FaceTime etc.

What is WheelPal?

WheelPal is an iOS app by to install any app on Apple CarPlay. It works with all jailbreakable iOS versions and devices.

What are the apps I can add to CarPlay using WheelPal?

You can simply add any app and check whether to add these apps to Apple CarPlay. YouTube, Netflix, Facebook, Messenger, Hangouts, Skype, Viber, Twitter, and Slack.

How to install NGXPlay on iOS 14?

  • Install the WheelPal app with the given steps above
  • Jailbreak your device with the provided compatible jailbreak tools by following the step guide. (Instructions will be mailed to you)
  • Install NGXPlay by following the given steps.
  • Enjoy NGXPlay functionality on your iPhone.

Can I use NGXPlay for my iPhone 11 PRO running iOS 14?

Jailbreak is a must for installing the NGXPlay app, and as iOS 11 PRO does not have a compatible jailbreak for iOS 14, you cannot enjoy it now. Therefore, you have to wait until a stable jailbreak is released for your device and iOS version.

Can I enjoy NGXPlay iOS 15 / iOS 16?

Yes, you can enjoy NGXPlay on iOS 15 / iOS 16 with the WheelPal app, but you must have a jailbroken device for that. If not you need to jailbreak your device with a compatible jailbreak tool.


In conclusion NGXPlay is the best tweak for CarPlay, which allows you to add non default apps to Apple CarPlay. Both of them need jailbreak.

Otherwise, Hardware solution is the best and easiest way to enable non default apps.

In short, you can download NGXPlay with the WheelPal app for iOS 13, iOS 14, iOS 15 and any iOS version.

After successfully installing these apps, you can enjoy YouTube, Netflix, Videos, Games, Facebook and other non-default apps on Apple CarPlay. But use these apps wisely when you are driving as these apps are restricted by Apple due to safety reasons.These all things can get via hardware soultions. visit our CarPlay Store.

Hope you enjoyed the article, stay with carplay hacks for more safe and working hacks related to Apple CarPlay.

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