Apple CarPlay FaceTime : Issues, Fixes and everything discussed

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Apple CarPlay FaceTime : Issues, Fixes and everything discussed

FaceTime is Apple's platform for audio and video calls which is used by many Apple CarPlay users for calls and conferencing while driving. CarPlay FaceTime has become a famous query among iPhone users as many of them have faced issues while making FaceTime calls via CarPlay.

So I thought of discussing a bit about CarPlay FaceTime along with some hacks and fixes for CarPlay FaceTime issues.


Why CarPlay FaceTime

Using FaceTime on Apple CarPlay

CarPlay FaceTime Issues

Fixes and Hacks for CarPlay FaceTime issues

CarPlay Facetime Alternatives


Why CarPlay FaceTime

  • CarPlay FaceTime is a better way to make FaceTime calls once you are driving, as you do not have to touch and operate your phone. Using mobile phones while driving is identified as a breaking of driver distracting law.
  • Audio and video calls are made easy with FaceTime, but when you are driving it is recommended to use AUDIO ONLY as video content can distract you while driving.  But we can enable video apps via the WheelPal app. The wheelPal app is the best solution for enabling videos. If you want to watch video apps like YouTube NGXPlay and CarBridge also the alternatives to WheelPal.
  • As FaceTime is an Apple’s feature, we can expect it to be the best compatible app for iPhone as well as the CarPlay and many users say that FaceTime audio experience is high quality.
why carplay facetime

Using FaceTime on Apple CarPlay

As FaceTime is a default feature of Apple CarPlay you do not need app installation and setting changes for using it on CarPlay. But you need to fulfill some requirements as follows:

Requirements to use CarPlay FaceTime

For using CarPlay FaceTime, you need the basic requirements as Apple CarPlay Compatibility on your iPhone and Car. Also you need FaceTime Feature on your iPhone. Other than that, your location is also important as FaceTime features are restricted in some countries and regions.

Countries where FaceTime is not available

FaceTime is not available for the following countries and regions :

  • United Arab Emirates
  • Pakistan (for devices less than iOS 12.4)
  • Saudi Arabia (for devices less than iOS 11.3)
  • China

How to use CarPlay FaceTime

FaceTime is activated automatically on your iPhone with the phone number and in order to use FaceTime with your email id, you need to set it up on your iPhone. And if you are using FaceTime on your iPhone, you can simply use it on your CarPlay too.

But the basic difference is you can use FaceTime for both audio and video based calls when you are using it on an iPhone. When it comes to CarPlay FaceTime, You can use it for Audio calls only. You can use the touch screen or voice control to answer or end FaceTime calls. Also,you can use Siri to make calls with CarPlay FaceTime app.

So using CarPlay FaceTime is  easy, what you have to do is connect your iPhone with the CarPlay Unit. Then you can use FaceTime with the car's Wifi. But just after connecting the iPhone to your car, it locks FaceTime for video content, and you cannot send or receive video contents with CarPlay.

CarPlay FaceTime Issues

The most common issue with CarPlay FaceTime is the limitation of Video controls. Many have experienced that the FaceTime video is blocked when the iPhone is connected to CarPlay.

The reason for this video content restriction is the concern of driver distraction. Normally Apple restricts the video content-based apps on Apple CarPlay. Because this breaks the driver distraction law. So, you won’t be able to receive video contents on CarPlay.

On the other hand, the CarPlay concept was introduced to avoid using Phone while driving. So, they assume that you are not touching your phone while driving and because of that, you do not have a way to send your video to others.

The SharePlay feature is also not compatible when it comes to Apple CarPlay and many drivers complain that they are getting a black screen while using CarPlay FaceTime.

carplay facetime issues

Fixes and Hacks for CarPlay FaceTime issues

Loose connection

Before you start a call make sure that your iPhone is perfectly connected with the cable. Do not use loose or damaged cable, as you will not be able to use the CarPlay features perfectly. Or you will disconnect while you are on FaceTime calls.

Poor Audio

When your iPhone is connected to your car infotainment system, you should check the volume and equalizer settings. If it’s poorly set, it will cause distorted sounds.

You can try to restart your iPhone or restart your car stereo system to solve the problem.

FaceTime doesn’t work when locked

FaceTime usually causes issues when your iPhone is locked. First, you should check the Do not Disturb settings on your iPhone and turn it off.

Also you should make sure that CarPlay is granted permission when the device is locked.

Settings> General> CarPlay

Find the option and toggle it on.

As FaceTime is an Apple’s app, it is not something practicable to change the settings of that app. Instead of that, you can go for third party video conferencing CarPlay Apps as follows:

FaceTime Alternatives for CarPlay

  • Messenger
  • Hangouts
  • Skype
  • Viber
  • Line

As FaceTime also demands Wi-Fi for its functionality, there is no convincing impact of going for an alternative.

Also, if you're wondering how to enable video streaming on CarPlay, we are introduced our Hacks Finder Platform. You can customize vary from software solutions to hardware upgrades.

How to install FaceTime Alternatives on CarPlay ?


Understanding the possibility of using video-based communication, we have developed an awesome hack called WheelPal app. With the WheelPal app you can enjoy any of the video-based chat apps installed on your iPhone including Viber, WhatsApp, Skype, Hangouts, Line, Facebook Messenger etc.

Step guide for WheelPal App installation.

WheelPal app mirrors your phone’s display on CarPlay display and in order to send video content to a receiving party you can simply mount the iPhone in a safe place which can capture your video and you can talk via CarPlay.

But as Carplayhacks team, we strongly advise you to limit going for video communication unless it is really demanding as it may lead to safety threats.


CarPlay FaceTime is the best free way to make calls while driving. But CarPlay FaceTime does not allow video contents to be shared, due to driver distraction reasons. If you still need to share video you can go for alternative video communication apps simply using the WheelPal app.