Add CarPlay Cast on Apple CarPlay

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Add CarPlay Cast on Apple CarPlay

CarPlay Cast is a popular iOS tweak which is aka CarPlayEnable. CarPlay cast was developed by Ethan Arbuckle and now it is available on GitHub. If you are interested in using any app on Apple CarPlay, CarPlay Cast is for you. Recently it became a popular iOS tweak among car enthusiasts. CarPlay cast is an alternative to the popular tweak, CarBridge.

However, keep in mind that CarPlay cast is designed to work with iOS 14 versions only and is still not available for other iOS versions.

As we all know you cannot run all of your favorite apps on Apple CarPlay because Apple does not allow it. Especially if you cannot play video content on Apple CarPlay. Then here we go with the jailbreak tweaks to provide access to playing videos on Apple CarPlay. CarPlay cast can access the CarPlay UI and then it lets you run unsupported CarPlay apps on your screen. These unsupported apps are included with video streams too.

It does not require you to unlock your iPhone, it works well when your phone is locked too. Let your iPhone sleep and watch your favorite videos on the CarPlay screen.

You can add these apps on your Apple CarPlay screen with CarPlay cast iOS 14.

  • VLC Player
  • Chrome
  • YouTube
  • WhatsApp
  • IP Cam Viewer Pro
  • Zattoo
  • Plex
  • Xbox

DRM Protected applications like Netflix and Hulu will also not be working with CarPlay cast. It has blacklisted these apps just for legal reasons. Also, several iOS system apps are unsupported in the CarPlay cast. Other than that YouTube and VLC Media player apps work normally with iOS 14 CarPlay cast.

How to add any app on Apple CarPlay with CarPlay Cast.

  1. First, you should download CarPlay Cast onto your iPhone.

You can simply download CarPlay cast with the GitHub repo for free. On your iPhone running iOS 14 CarPlay cast will be running seamlessly.

  1. Once you have downloaded CarPlay cast, go to Settings
  2. Then you will see the tweak CarPlay Cast shows up in Settings with the other jailbreak apps.
  3. Click on it
  4. Then select “Add/Remove Apps”
  5. Now you will see the added app in the display.

Best CarPlay cast alternatives.


CarBridge is the best and most convenient alternative for CarPlay cast as it supports up to iOS 16.6. However, CarBridge can only play YouTube on Apple CarPlay and it also not supported to Netflix, HBO, or Hulu.

CarBridge lets you customize your favorite apps like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter etc. Those who are still with iOS 16 are welcome to try CarBridge to add any app on Apple CarPlay.


NGXPlay is also a jailbreak tweak which was also a popular tool among CarPlay lovers. Unlike the CarPlay cast and CarBridge, NGXPlay is a jailbreak tweak which can enable any app as you need. It is also only supports on iOS 14.8.1 and below versions. As it is not getting updates make sure to use it with a lower version running iOS device.

Airaw for CarPlay is another tweak you can use on iOS 14 CarPlay.


CarPlay++ is another popular tweak among car enthusiasts who use jailbroken iOS 13 and iOS 14. CarPlay++ lets you customize your CarPlay screen with many apps and more attractive features.


WheelPal lets you add any app on Apple CarPlay. For those who are interested in using more apps on CarPlay including YouTube and Netflix, WheelPal will be there for you.

To get the most out of the app, you must jailbreak your iPhone. WheelPal will check for the iOS version and device and then will guide you to jailbreak your device.

Step guide for WheelPal App installation.

Hardware solutions to add any app on Apple CarPlay

1.Onince Ai Box wireless CarPlay adapter

Onince Ai Box Wireless Adapter
Onince Ai Box Wireless Adapter

Discover the excellence of wireless CarPlay adapters with Onince, the premier and globally acclaimed brand. Enter the realm of automotive enthusiasts with the Onince wireless adapter. This wireless adapter seamlessly integrates with a multitude of apps, breaking barriers to include CarPlay DRM content like YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, and HBO. Unleash a new era of in-car entertainment with this exceptional adapter. Do not miss out – swiftly enable your cherished apps on your car screen.


- Devices: iOS and Android Phones

- Cars: Models from 2016 to 2022

- Prerequisites: Compatible with models equipped with built-in CarPlay and Android Auto

Key Features:

1. Versatile Platform Support: Enjoy compatibility across multiple platforms.

2. Integrated 5GHz Chip: Experience the power of a 5GHz chip.

3. Convenient USB Connectivity: The adapter is accompanied by a USB cable for seamless connectivity.

4. Streaming Prowess: Watch your favorite video content from streaming giants such as YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, and more.

5. Efficient and Reliable Setup: Quick and dependable installation for immediate use.

6. Automatic Reconnection: Effortlessly reconnect after the initial setup, ensuring a hassle-free experience for subsequent use.

Transform your driving experience with the Onince wireless adapter for advanced technology and unparalleled convenience.

2.Carlinkit wireless CarPlay Ai Box

Carlinkit Ai Box Wireless Android Auto Adapter
Carlinkit Ai Box Wireless Android Auto Adapter

Introducing the Carlinkit Wireless CarPlay adapter, a convenient and innovative solution to add any app on Apple CarPlay. This adapter allows the use of CarPlay without the need for jailbreaking and opens the possibility of streaming Netflix, YouTube, and other video streams directly on Apple CarPlay. As video content gains popularity among car enthusiasts, this adapter has become a popular choice

Key Features:

- Compatible with iPhone 6s to iPhone 15 series.

- Supports iOS 10 to iOS 17.

- Designed for cars equipped with built-in Apple CarPlay.

- Upgrades wired CarPlay to Wireless CarPlay functionality.

- Enables streaming of Netflix, YouTube, and similar other video content.

- Establishes connections through both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Here we got you more about CarPlay cast and its alternatives. Stay tuned for more updates on CarPlay apps and hacks. Not only CarPlay cast, visit carplayhacks to see how to add any app to Apple CarPlay and more jailbreak tweaks, apps, and solutions for CarPlay functions.

Remember, while enjoying your favorite apps on the road, prioritize safety. Your well-being is paramount. Have a secure and pleasant journey further!

FAQs on CarPlay cast

  1. How to add CarPlay cast on Apple CarPlay?

CarPlay Cast (aka CarPlayEnable) is a tweak that allows you to add any app on Apple CarPlay for iOS 14 versions. You can download it from GitHub.

2.  What are the alternatives to CarPlay Cast?

CarBridge, NGXPlay and WheelPal are the alternatives for CarPlay Cast. Also, you could try hardware adapters if you are interested in enjoying non-jailbreak solutions. All these methods let you add any app on Apple CarPlay based on their supported iOS versions.