Airaw for Apple CarPlay

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Airaw for Apple CarPlay

CarPlay, Apple’s solution for the in-car infotainment system is something cool and safe for drivers, as it provides plenty of services and entertainment features to use the iPhone while driving with the assistance of the infotainment system. However, most car enthusiasts are looking for more features to be added to the Apple CarPlay as they think that they need to improve the infotainment features. That’s how Airaw on CarPlay came to the field as a CarPlay tweak. Airaw is one of the tweaks that can be used to customize Apple CarPlay.

What is Airaw

Airaw on CarPlay, a groundbreaking jailbreaking tweak which was developed by iOS enthusiast Dcsyhi, was made to take CarPlay to new heights by offering a range of customization options. Airaw for CarPlay is an extension of the earlier released CarPlay++ tweak by the same developer. This is also not the first tweak which can add any app to Apple CarPlay, and there are popular CarPlay tweaks available named CarBridge, NGXPlay, CarPlayEnable etc.

Airaw Apple CarPlay is available to purchase (Airaw for CarPlay) at $2.99 from the Chariz repository, making it an affordable choice for enthusiasts who are looking for an enhanced CarPlay.


  • CarPlay-compatible vehicles with jailbroken iOS 13 and iOS 14.5 devices are required for Airaw for optimal functionality.
  • Supports iPhone, iPad, iPod touch running iOS 13- iOS 14.5

Tested devices & Tweaks:

  • iPhone 7 iOS 14.2 (Taurine)
  • iPhone Xs Max iOS 14.4 (unc0ver)
  • iPhone 6s iOS 14.4.1 (checkra1n)
  • CarBridge
Airaw on Apple CarPlay
Airaw on Apple CarPlay

Airaw Features

  1. Dashboard Layout Customization
  • Toggle Airaw on or off at your convenience.
  • Choose the number of dashboard app rows (2, 3, or 4) and columns (4, 5, or 6).
  • Adjust the size of app icons on the dashboard using a convenient slider.

2. Visual Customization

  • Tweak wallpaper settings for a more personalized look.
  • Hide app icon labels and backgrounds from the dashboard.
  • Choose custom app icon label colors via a color picker.

3. Background options

  • Choose static wallpaper or create a dynamic wallpaper slideshow.
  • Select images from your Camera Roll for a custom background.
  • Enable or disable the use of Now Playing album artwork as the dashboard background.

4. Status Bar Customization

  • Let users enable or disable Status Bar customization.
  • Configure a preferred Status Bar date and time format.

5. Widgets

  • Add widgets
  • Resize widgets
  • Change widgets options

User-friendly configuration

After installing Airaw, users can unlock an expansive preference panel in the Settings app. This user-friendly interface empowers individuals to precisely customize their CarPlay experience, making it align seamlessly with their unique preferences.

Best Airaw alternatives.

There are a few alternatives available for Airaw on Apple CarPlay. Here we grabbed them for you.


CarBridge stands out as one of the best alternatives for Airaw, with the compatibility including iOS version 16.6. However, it's important to note that while CarBridge supports playing YouTube on Apple CarPlay, and however it lacks support for streaming services like Netflix, HBO, or Hulu.

This tweak provides users with the ability to customize their favorite apps, such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and more. For those still operating on iOS 16, CarBridge offers the opportunity to integrate any desired app seamlessly into the Apple CarPlay experience.


NGXPlay, was a widely jailbreak tweak among CarPlay enthusiasts. Unlike other tweaks NGXPlay serves as a versatile jailbreak tweak, allowing users to enable any app according to their preferences. Please make sure that NGXPlay is compatible only with iOS 14.8.1 and earlier versions.


CarTube is a popular jailbreak tool for watching YouTube on Apple CarPlay.

Any device running one of the following iOS versions can run CarTube and watch YouTube on the CarPlay screen.

  • iOS 15 - iOS 15.4.1
  • iOS 14 - iOS 14.8.1

If the iOS version of your device is supported, you can continue with the step guide below to install CarTube.


To add any app on Apple CarPlay CarPlayEnable aka CarPay Cast was once a popular tweak among car enthusiasts.

It’s compatible with jailbroken iOS devices running on iOS 14. CarPlayEnable GitHub repo provides all the details of the steps for downloading CarPlayEnable.


CarPlay++ is another popular tweak among car enthusiasts who use iOS 13 and iOS 14. It has more customizing features to enhance your Apple CarPlay Screen.


For a customized CarPlay, CarPlay Hacks proudly presents WheelPal app. WheelPal helps you to find the best method for you to customize your CarPlay screen according to your iOS version and your device model.

WheelPal let's you add any app on Apple CarPlay. For those who are interested in using more apps on CarPlay including YouTube and Netflix, WheelPal will be there for you. WheelPal also requires jailbreaking for optimum usage. Therefore, it works best for jailbreak-supported iOS versions.

WheelPal will check for the iOS version and device and then will guide you to jailbreak your device.

Step guide for WheelPal App installation.

Hardware solutions to add any app on Apple CarPlay

If you are not interested in jailbreaking, or your devices are not supported for the jailbreaking, what suits you best is Apple CarPlay wireless adapters. These wireless adapters are unique and support a wide range of built-in CarPlay cars. Therefore, it will be a better choice for you to use on your car. Visit our store to see more options for your CarPlay and Android Auto  car customizations.

  1. Onince Ai Box wireless CarPlay adapter
Onince Ai Box wireless CarPlay adapter
Onince Ai Box wireless CarPlay adapter

Experience the greatness of wireless CarPlay adapters with Onince, a leading and globally recognized brand. Get yourself the world's best experience on CarPlay. This adapter allows the use of CarPlay without the need for jailbreaking and opens up the possibility of streaming Netflix,  YouTube and other video streams directly on Apple CarPlay. As video content gains popularity among car enthusiasts, this adapter has become a popular choice


- Devices: iOS and Android Phones

- Cars: Models from 2016 to 2022

- Prerequisites: Compatible with built-in CarPlay and Android Auto

Key Features:

  • Compatibility across multiple platforms.
  • Integrated 5GHz Chip
  • USB cable for seamless connectivity.
  • Watch your favorite video content from YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, and more.
  • Easy set-up
  • Automatic Reconnection

Transform your driving experience with the Onince wireless adapter for advanced technology.

2.  Carlinkit wireless CarPlay Ai Box

Carlinkit wireless CarPlay Ai Box
Carlinkit wireless CarPlay Ai Box

Introducing the Carlinkit Wireless CarPlay adapter, a convenient and innovative solution to add any app on Apple CarPlay. This adapter allows the use of CarPlay without the need for jailbreaking and opens up the possibility of streaming Netflix,  YouTube and other video streams directly on Apple CarPlay. As video content gains popularity among car enthusiasts, this adapter has become a popular choice. Find the best features to be matched with your needs

Key Features:

  • Compatible with iPhone 6s to iPhone 15 series.
  • Supports  with iOS 10 to iOS 17.
  • Designed for cars equipped with built-in Apple CarPlay.
  • Upgrades wired CarPlay to Wireless CarPlay functionality.
  • Enables streaming of Netflix, YouTube, and similar other video content.
  • Establishes connections through both WiFi and Bluetooth.

FAQs on Airaw on Apple CarPlay

  1. What are the Airaw-compatible versions?
  • Airaw for CarPlay is compatible with iOS 13- iOS 14.2 versions

2.  What are the CarPlay tweaks that can be used to customize CarPlay?

  • Airaw
  • CarBridge
  • NGXPlay
  • CarPlayEnable (CarPlay Cast)