Android Auto Phenotype Patcher

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Android Auto Phenotype Patcher

When it comes to Automobile technology, it is common for most drivers seek seamless integration between their Android devices with their vehicles. But unfortunately, some features are banned default in Android Auto by Google. However, recently developers have found methods to overcome these limitations in order to add any app to Android Auto. Here comes the AA Phenotype Patcher to the list.

AA Phenotype Patcher is an Android Application that provides Android Auto users the ability to access all the blocked apps. It aims to modify or enhance the phenotype of Android Auto. This aims at personalizing experiences within the Android Auto interface.

With AA Phenotype Patcher you can run 3rd party apps like CarStream or AA Mirror. Which means almost any app can run with it. You already know that mirroring your Android phone to Android Auto is something you can do easily to run any app on Android Auto. And also, with CarStream, watching YouTube is no longer a dream.

AA Phenotype Patcher Features

  • Easy and free download
  • Free to use
  • Ability to access all the apps on Android Auto
  • No need to root your device
  • Safe and secure to use
  • User-friendly interface
AA Phenotype Patcher Logo

Compatibility: AA Phenotype Patcher supports Android 5.0 and above.

You can download AA Phenotype Patcher from GitHub to use on your Android device.

Your phone should have given permission for the unknown sources to install the apk. Otherwise, you will see errors in the installation process.

Follow the app guidelines for a better experience.

AA Phenotype Patcher alternatives

If you want to try any other alternatives to Android Auto Phenotype Patcher here we got you more solutions for that.

Now you can add any app to Android Auto with or without rooting your Android device. Keep in mind that these apps can add any app to Android auto in various ways. However almost all the methods will require root access. Check out the wireless Android Auto adapters in our store if you are not interested in rooting.

  1. WheelPal App

WheelPal app is an Android app and it can install almost any app on Android Auto infotainment system. If you are interested in getting more apps to your Android Auto, we suggest WheelPal is the best app for your requirements.

WheelPal app can assist you with YouTube and Netflix-like video streams in Android Auto. Have you ever wanted to watch your favourite shows in your car? The wait is over!! Grab your app now and experience YouTube and Netflix on Android Auto.

Step guide for WheelPal App installation.

2. Mirroring Apps

Screen Mirroring is common among Android Auto users. These mirroring apps are the famous apps and will let you mirror your Android phone to your Android Auto.

AA Mirror is the most famous Mirroring app among car enthusiasts around the world. It lets you mirror your Android device to your Android Auto display. Next, AA Stream is the second most popular app which was made following the AA Mirror app. Both are mirroring apps, but have a little difference and advanced features. Screen2Auto is another solution to screen mirroring as it is based on both screening and mirroring.

All of these mirroring apps are compatible with the Android Auto systems, and works with almost same but kind of different and unique features in each. Try these and experience the mirroring compatibility of your Android Auto.

3. Android Auto Apps Downloader- AAAD

AAAD is another tweak that will allow you to download plenty of third-party apps. Experience  CarStream, AA Mirror, AA Mirror Plus, AA Stream, Screen2Auto, Fermata Auto and widgets for Android Auto on AAAD and feel the convenience of using your favorite apps on Android Auto.

Hardware solutions to add any app on Android Auto

Want to try your favourite apps on Android Auto but No Root? We got you! Watching video streams on Android Auto is no longer a hard work. Its quick and easy with Android Auto wireless adapters. Enjoy using any app on Android Auto with these powerful adapters.

1.Carlinkit Ai Box wireless Android Auto adapter

Carlinkit Ai Box wireless Android Auto adapter
Carlinkit Ai Box wireless Android Auto adapter

Experience the world of Android Auto with this new adapter from Carlinkit. This easy-to-use device will let you watch your favorite YouTube and Netflix videos on Android auto. Supports with all the built-in Android Auto cars. It performs faster and you can experience the most from this adapter.


  • Easy to use/ carry in your car
  • Connection made easy with USB, Wi Fi, Bluetooth, and support $G network
  • Video streams like YouTube and Netflix are available to watch in the Android Auto system
  • Automatically connects ones you connect it with your car infotainment system.
  • Fast performance capability
  • Available for a large range of car models (Except BMW)

2. Onince AI Box wireless Adapter

Onince AI Box wireless Adapter
Onince AI Box wireless Adapter

This smart adapter from Onince will let you use your favorite apps on Android Auto including video streams. Powerful adapter with 2GB RAM can stands with your needs on Android Auto. Watching YouTube and Netflix videos would be easy with the adapter. Explore more features with your built-in Android Auto car after 2016.


  • Compatible with both iOS and Android phones
  • Fast and reliable
  • Consisted with 5GHz chip
  • Easy to connect with mobile hotspot
  • USB cables are provided
  • Can watch YouTube, And Netflix videos

That’s all for now, and you got to know about Android Auto Phenotype Patcher and its uses. We got lot more details about other Android Auto tweaks too. Warmly welcome to the Carplayhacks to see more and upgrade your in-car experience. Don’t forget to see how to watch YouTube on Android Auto with CarTube. Keep in touch with us as we are updating you frequently with more info about Android Auto and CarPlay . Until we are back with more updates have a safe ride!!

FAQs on AA Phenotype Patcher

  1. How to get any app on Android Auto?

If you willing to get any app on Android Auto, Android Auto Phenotype patcher will help you to do that. Other than that, WheelPal app can add any app on Android Auto.

2.  Can I download Android Auto Phenotype Patcher from the Play Store?

No. AA Phenotype Patcher is not available in the Google Play Store. You have to download the Apk file and install it.

3.  Cannot install APK. What can I do?

Check whether you have given permission to install apps from unknown sources. If you have not given permissions, your device will block installing apks from unknown sources.