How to watch Netflix on Android Auto - No Root Required

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How to watch Netflix on Android Auto - No Root Required

Netflix on Android Auto is a common question among the car enthusiasts and our answer is a definite YES. Well, the article begins from scratch and will take you to a successful result.

We are glad to remind you that not only Netflix, but also you can add any app to Android Auto using our methods.

Before we dive in, please keep in mind that watching videos while you are in your car on the road is not safe. You can enjoy it when you are not driving it.  You must think about your safety first and then the entertainment.

There are two basic ways to watch Netflix on Android Auto.

How to watch Netflix on Android Auto?

Watching Netflix on Android Auto is not as difficult as it seems. We will tell you how. But first, bear in mind that this can only be achieved when your Android device is rooted unless you’re upgrading your hardware.

Rooting is about removing the restrictions imposed by Google on Android/Android Auto.

Let’s see the process of the Root Method.

WheelPal App for Android Auto

This is the best solution for  Netflix on Android Auto. Wheelpal is an Android Auto app designed to connect infotainment systems with phones to allowed by default apps like Netflix. With Wheelpal, drivers can easily and safely access to allow your favourite apps and entertainment features while on the road like you enjoy Spotify.

Step guide for WheelPal App installation.

How to set up your device to add Netflix on Android Auto [Step Guide]

The guide will be presented to you in three main phases to make it more clear to you.

  • First, download the Android Auto app and launch it.
  • Then give permission to everything it asks for.
  • Enable Android Auto notifications.
  • You might find an icon called “about” in the top left corner.
  • Tap on the settings.
  • Scroll down the menu and tap on the “version” repeatedly several times until it brings developer settings to enable.
  • Scroll down the newly appeared menu and check “Unknown Sources.”

For the next step, you have to download some apps/ tools.

Download the latest version of AA Phenotype Patcher APK and Mirror AA available. (Using phone) You can download the AA phenotype APK via WheelPal App.

Download WheelPal App

Now download the next file, Mirror AA Debug File (using a phone).

Mirror AA Debug download via WheelPal App.

Now install both downloaded files.

Launch “AA Mirror” first and follow the below steps

  • Tap “Screen settings”
  • Under “Screen rotation”, select the “Force” option
  • In “Rotation degree” select “90 degrees”
  • Under “Immersive mode”, select “Full immersive”

Launch “AA Phenotype Patcher” and proceed with the below steps

  • Tap the icon at the top right
  • Select “Apps List”;
  • Check “AA Mirror” and go back to the main screen;
  • Tap on “Patch”
  • Grant Root permissions
  • Now is the time to reboot your phone. Tap on Ok to reboot.

Now download the Mirror AA Debug .exe file. Downloadable file is below.

Download Mirror AA Debug .exe file

Once downloaded, unzip the file and copy the file to your Android phone.

Open Root Explorer

  • Go to “Download”
  • Scroll down the list and copy the “frida” file and paste to the system/bin folder
  • Then go to download again copy“mirror.js” file and paste to the system/bin folder
  • Now find the “frida” file you just located,  hold your finger on it and tap the 3-dot icon on the top right.
  • Select “Permissions”
  • Once selected you will find a list.
  • Then, in the “Owner” line select “Read”, “Write” and “Execute”. In “Group” and “Others” check “Read” and “Execute”. Tap Ok.

Open the Tasker app

  • Go to the “Tasks” tab
  • Create a new task by tapping on the “+” icon
  • Type a name for the task. Like “Netflix” or “Watch Netflix” and tick
  • Then you will be directed to a task space. There, tap on the “+” icon which is at the right bottom.
  • Select “Code” in the next appearing list
  • Tap “Run Shell”
  • In the “Command” field type “frida -e -s /system/bin/mirror.js -n”
  • Tick “Use Root”
  • Tap the left arrow key at the top left. Once you do, settings will automatically be saved.
  • Go to the “Profiles” tab and create a new profile. To do that, tap on the “+” button like you did before
  • Type in your preferred name like before. E.g. “Netflix Mirror” and tick
  • Then select “Application”
  • Browse the apps, find and select the Netflix app. Once selected, tap the left arrow at the top to return to the profiles
  • Select the previously created Task. The task will appear as you named it. I.e. Watch Netflix if you save created it as “Watch Netflix” earlier or as Netflix if you chose “Netflix”

Congratulations! Now you are almost done. Now you need to connect your Android Device to the Android auto-supported infotainment system and start “AA Mirror'' and then select “Netflix”, to watch Netflix on Android Auto. Finally, You can enjoy your favorite Netflix in your car.

Note: While you are going through the above process, in case you can see any of following messages, that means you haven’t rooted your phone.

  • Root access for Tasker denied
  • Suitable method not found

You have to Root your device to install the apps mentioned. Therefore, please try rooting your phone.

Android Auto Netflix no root?

If you search for a way to have Android Auto Netflix without root, we can recommend two ways. Those are aftermarket solutions (Hardware Upgrade) or downloading an Android Auto alternative app like InCar App.

Netflix with Hardware Upgrade

Hardware upgrade is ideal for watching Netflix on Android Auto. Not only for Netflix, but you can also enjoy the best Android Auto apps Google restricted like YouTube. We listed the best hardware solutions to watch Netflix here...

1. Onince Ai Box Wireless Carplay Adapter

Onince CarPlay adapter
Onince Wireless CarPlay adapter

Onince is wonderful and most famous brand of wireless adapter.It is set up with 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of ROM to enable lag-free wifi connections. It's a highly reliable and affordable car accessory to connect your Android device with the car infotainment system.. Onince wireless adapter supported with multi-platforms. It's super cool for Car lovers. Also, This handles all the preloaded applications like YouTube, Hulu, Netflix, etc.

Compatible Device: iOS and Android Phones

Compatible Cars: 2016-2022 Cars

Prerequisites: Compatible with models with built-in CarPlay and Android Auto


  • Fast and reliable
  • Support with multi-platforms
  • Built-in 5GHz chip
  • Adapter comes with USB cable
  • Easy connecting with the help of mobile hotspot
  • watch your favorite videos on Netflix, YouTube or other streaming video APPs
  • You can install more favorite APPs , such as Tiktok, Hulu, Spotify, Disney+, Prime video etc to watch on Android Auto.
  • supports to play local video and music from USB disk.
  • Can watch your favorite video streams like YouTube, Netflix, Hulu and etc
  • It is simple to install, and after the initial connection, it will remain connected the next time you start the car.

2. Carlinkit Ai Box Wireless Android Auto Adapter

Carlinkit Ai Box Wireless Android Auto Adapter
Carlinkit Ai Box Wireless Android Auto Adapter

Buy it on Carlinkit Store

This wireless adapter is the latest one released by Carlinkit supported for Android Auto. This is a super cute product and easy to use. The adapter features a USB Type-C connector and comes with a Type-C to Type-B cable that can be used to connect the adapter to the car. This is an ideal product for Built-in video apps such as Netflix. The Compatible devices, cars, and features are mentioned below.

Compatible Devices:

Android 11 /12

Compatible Cars: 2016 and the above cars

(Currently BMW series is not compatible for the time being.)

Prerequisites: Compatible with models with built-in Android Auto


  • Slim Design and easy to use
  • Connectivity Technology- USB, Wifi, Bluetooth, and Support 4G Network
  • Support with video streams like Netflix
  • Automatic Connection and fast performance

3. Carlinkit Ai Box Wireless Android Auto Adapter

Carlinkit wireless CarPlay adapter
Carlinkit wireless CarPlay adapter

Carlinkit’s other latest adapter is this box-type wireless adapter. Most adapters work the same. but there are some differences. This is also easy to use and carry in the car. It has a smooth connection and is easy to connect by USB Cable to your car infotainment system. And as well the adapter will connect to your phone via Bluetooth and wi-fi.

Compatible Devices: Android 5.0 - Android 9.0

Compatible Cars: Audi, Ford, Skoda, Pioneer, Honda, VW, Jeep, Toyota, Peugeot, Volvo, Mazda, Porsche, Benz, Lexus, Buick, Chevrolet

Note: Not compatible with: BMW, Nissan

Prerequisites: Compatible with models with built-in Android Auto


  • This came with Dual Bluetooth
  • Built-in GPS & Beidcu
  • Connectivity technology-WIFI, 4G, Bluetooth
  • Large capacity memory (4GB RAM + 64GB ROM)
  • Support with Video-based apps like Netflix, YouTube

Android Auto Using InCar

InCar App is the second best solution to watch Netflix without root.  You can allow many apps by using the InCar app. Also, this app has almost all the apps needed while driving including YouTube, Netflix, Google Maps, Facebook, etc. The important thing is that the app opens in landscape mode. So easy to use.

For this, you simply have to download InCar from Google Play Store. Read more on how to use InCar App. From this, you can get a deep idea of InCar and its process.

Keep in touch with us to read more on the latest updates on Android Auto. See how to add useful apps like Google Maps on Android Auto blog.  Check out Sensible Android Auto: Xposed, AA Phenotype patcher, and AA AIO tweaks as well! Safe ride!!


Is it possible to watch Netflix on Android Auto?

Yes. You can choose either the root method or no root method to watch Netflix on Android Auto.

Why do I need to root my phone to watch Netflix videos on Android Auto?

As we all know, it is not safe to watch videos while driving. Therefore, Android Auto doesn’t give us a built-in feature to watch videos on it. To watch videos on Android Auto we have to remove those restrictions. Rooting is about removing the restrictions imposed by Google on Android/Android Auto. Therefore, you need to root your device to enable those features. Otherwise, you can try a hardware device.