Android Auto Netflix 2022 [Watch Netflix on car screen]

Android Auto Netflix 2022 [Watch Netflix on car screen]

Android Auto Netflix; or the possibility of watching Netflix on your car’s infotainment system is much talked on the internet, often questioned and answered in different ways. But have you however been able to achieve it by now? Well, the article begins from the scratch and will take you to a successful result. We will talk about everything. Stay tuned.

It is undeniable that Netflix has become by far the best movie streaming service that brings a theatre experience to your Android phone, iOS, TV or PC. Therefore, it’s not wrong to say those movie lovers, especially Netflix subscribers can hardly imagine a day without Netflix. Importantly there must have also been times you had missed Netflix when you were traveling long hours in your car especially if you have kids. Because Netflix is restricted on your Android Auto mode.

Android has imposed these restrictions for a reason. They fear that the driver gets distracted by watching films on the car screen. Hence, the blame cannot rest on the shoulders of Android. It’s for the safety of all.

How to watch Netflix on Android Auto?

Getting your Android Auto setup to watch Netflix may seem a little complex process for you if you are not much into tech things. However watching Netflix on Android is not as difficult as it seems. We will tell you how.

Before we begin to go to the step guide, we have one more thing to draw your attention to. Please bear in mind that this can only be achieved when your Android device is rooted.

Rooting is about removing the restrictions imposed by Google on Android/Android Auto. Since this method is not approved by Google, you cannot find rooting tools/apps in Google’s official sites or Play Store. But in the unofficial resources.

Ok. now your phone is ready to start the process

How to set up Android Auto Netflix [Step Guide]

The guide will be presented to you in three main phases to make it more clear to you.

The First Phase of the Netflix set up process

  • First, download the Android Auto app and launch
  • Then give permissions to everything it asks for
  • Enable Android Auto notifications
  • You might find an icon called “about” on the top left corner.
  • Tap on the settings
  • Scroll down the menu and tap on the “version” repeated several times until it brings developer settings to enable
  • Scroll down the newly appeared menu and check “Unknown Sources”

Ok. now you have to have some apps/tools downloaded. Below are they

Download the latest version AA Phenotype Patcher APK available. (using phone)

Download AA Phenotype Patcher

Now download the next file, Mirror AA Debug File (using phone)

Download Mirror AA Debug File

The second phase of the Netflix set up process

Now install both downloaded files

Launch “AA Mirror” first and follow the below steps

  • Tap “Screen settings”
  • Under “Screen rotation”, select the “Force” option
  • In “Rotation degree” select “90 degrees”
  • Under “Immersive mode”, select “Full immersive”

Launch “AA Phenotype Patcher” and proceed with the below steps

  • Tap the icon at the top right
  • Select “Apps List”;
  • Check “AA Mirror” and go back to the main screen;
  • Tap on “Patch”
  • Grant Root permissions
  • Now is the time to reboot your phone. Tap on Ok to reboot.

The third phase of the Netflix set up process

Now download the Mirror AA Debug file on your PC. Downloadable file is below.

Download Mirror AA Debug File (PC)

Once downloaded, unzip the file and copy the file to your Android phone.

Open Root Explorer

  • Go to “Download”
  • Scroll down the list and copy the “frida” file and paste to the system/bin folder
  • Then go to download again copy“mirror.js” file and paste to the system/bin folder
  • Now find the “frida” file you just located,  hold your finger on it and tap the 3-dot icon on the top right.
  • Select “Permissions”
  • Once selected you will find a list.
  • Then, in the “Owner” line select “Read”, “Write” and “Execute”. In “Group” and “Others” check “Read” and “Execute”. Tap Ok.

Open the Tasker app

  • Go to the “Tasks” tab
  • Create a new task by tapping on the “+” icon
  • Type a name for the task. Like “Netflix” or “Watch Netflix” and tick
  • Then you will be directed to a task space. There, tap on the “+” icon which is at the right bottom.
  • Select “Code” in the next appearing list
  • Tap “Run Shell”
  • In the “Command” field type “frida -e -s /system/bin/mirror.js -n”
  • Tick “Use Root”
  • Tap the left arrow key at the top left. Once you do, settings will automatically be saved.
  • Go to the “Profiles” tab and create a new profile. To do that, tap on the “+” button like you did before
  • Type in your preferred name like before. E.g. “Netflix Mirror” and tick
  • Then select “Application”
  • Browse the apps, find and select the Netflix app. Once selected, tap the left arrow at the top to return to profiles
  • Select the previously created Task. The task will appear as you named it. I.e. Watch Netflix if you save created it as “Watch Netflix” earlier or as Netflix if you chose “Netflix”

Congratulations ! Now you are almost there

All you need to do now is to connect your Android Device to the Android auto supported infotainment system and start “AA Mirror and then select “Netflix”, to watch Netflix on Android Auto

Android Auto Netflix no root?

Even though we identify Netflix as on of the best Android Auto apps, unfortunately, there’s no way to have Android Auto Netflix without root yet as Google has already restricted it. However, if you really want to know a way to get Netflix on Android Auto, the answer is going for aftermarket solutions or downloading a CarPlay/Android Auto alternative app like InCar App .

Also if you have Apple CarPlay too, you can now install Netflix , YouTube Music or any other app on CarPlay with WheelPal app.