YouTube Music on Android Auto 2023

YouTube Music on Android Auto 2023

It is a common thing that music is a must for many drivers specially during a long drive. YouTube Music is Google's official music app and it is one of the best Android Auto apps which enables users to enjoy their favorite music.

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In this article, we will be discussing about the YouTube Music app comprehensively related to Android Auto environment.

Android Auto YouTube Music App

After replacing Google Play Music app as the official music app of Google YouTube Music 2020 has received more weightage in the context of Android Auto too. Even the Android Auto alternatives like InCar App which offered the GPM as the official music app now allows you to transfer to YTM.

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Anyhow YTM has given more functions available in the free version now such as casting uploaded music and downloading playlists. This app offers only the audio contents and If you are willing to have a video streaming app like YouTube on your Android Auto you have to go ahead with hacks like Android Auto YouTube Hack. But when it comes to YouTube Music you can just download and enjoy it without further steps.

Download YouTube Music App for Android Auto

YouTube Music Android Auto app is offered by Google LLC and you can simply download it to your Android.

Download YouTube Music Android Auto App

How to add YouTube Music to Android Auto

Normally, all the Android Auto apps installed on your phone are displayed in the Android Auto App menu. But if you cannot see YT Music app on your Android Auto app menu you have to add them manually. Just go to the main menu of Android Auto app, and select Settings → Customize Launcher at General → select apps needed.

YouTube Music Android Auto Update Account

You can update your account to a premium one so that you can enjoy enhanced features as follows. It costs just 9.99 USD/month.

  • Listen music without becoming interrupted with advertisements
  • Provides audio playback with other apps like Maps
  • Can access downloads so that you won’t miss them even if you do not have internet access
  • Song lyrics

Youtube Music Android Auto Features and Functionality

Playing YouTube Music on Android Auto
  • Compatible with Google Assistant -  So that you can browse without hands
  • Serves 70 million plus official songs , live performances, covers, remixes etc.
  • Offers personalized playlists and Mixes specialized  for you based on favorites
  • Users can upload music
  • Opportunity for creating playlists
  • Customizable Library of favorite songs, playlists, artists, and albums
  • Discover new music based on genres, mood, time of the drive
  • Served only the audio contents
  • Can playback with Google Maps, Waze, Google Assistant,etc.

FAQ/ Common Questions/ Issues of YouTube Music Android Auto app and Fixes for them.

YouTube Music android auto not working /YouTube Music not showing in android auto

This can be solved by a few steps. Go to the YTM app on your android phone. Force stop the app and click on ‘clear data’. Then restart the phone and connect again. This has worked for many users.

What are the alternatives for Android Auto YouTube Music app?

There are a list of Android Auto Apps in music category like Amazon music, iHeart Radio etc. Also you can have visual based apps like Netflix on Android Auto now.


Anyone can use Android Auto YouTube Music by installing it from the Google Play Store. For most of the devices, Android Auto Music app comes as the default app for Music. So you can simply enjoy it after connecting your Android phone with the infotainment system of the car.