How to add Spotify to Android Auto

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How to add Spotify on Android Auto

Spotify is a famous app among music lovers who are dying for music out of nowhere. Spotify on Android Auto is a combination of a music lover and a car enthusiast. From the morning to midnight, Spotify is the best app for anyone who loves to listen to the music. Even if you want to listen to any genres Spotify is there for you to supply what you need within seconds.

Then, how about listening to music on Spotify while driving?

Of course! Yes! Android Auto has become an almost essential item for our cars recently. Since version 10 of Android people used to deal with it as a system application of their operating systems. Let's see what we have on Spotify here!

Spotify on Android Auto

Diving in, let me guess you know how to use Spotify for Android Auto! If not, I would recommend you to join the premium circle to listen to an ad-free experience and more user-friendly services while driving your car! Spotify gives you access to international music, songs, playlists, podcasts and top picks that match your mood! Driving your car, what do you need more than good music?

If this sounds good, stay with us to know how to add Spotify in Android Auto.

First thing first, let’s see the most fabulous features you get with Spotify.

Spotify features on Android Auto:

  1. Listen to music and podcasts on the car infotainment system
  2. Supports Google Assistant
  3. To play Spotify by linking your accounts on Google and saying “Hey Google, Play Spotify”
  4. Syncs with other apps (maps etc.)
  5. Able to listen to Spotify while using Google Maps
  6. Offline listening available

Step guide to add Spotify on Android Auto

Step 01: Download Android Auto

First, you should have downloaded Android Auto (If you haven’t downloaded it yet)

Download Android Auto from Play Store

Step 02: Download Spotify

Then download Spotify and make sure both apps are up to date to function better.

Search Spotify on the Play Store. Install the application. If you have any updates available, make sure you have updated the app.

Download Spotify from PlayStore

Now you have completed the installation of Android Auto and Spotify apps. After downloading Spotify and Android Auto you should activate Google voice control.

Step 03: Activate Google Voice control

Next, you can configure Google Assistant

  • Open Settings on your Android phone
  • In the search bar type “Voice Match”
  • Click on the “Voice Match” Menu that appears below
  • In older Android versions Voice Match can be accessible as follows.

Settings> Languages and entries > Google voice typing

  • Activate the command “Hey Google” or “Ok Google” (Changes depending on the Android version)
  • Now you are ready to control your smartphone with your voice. So that Spotify will be accessible by speaking.

Step 04: Set up Spotify with Android Auto App Launcher

Make sure that Spotify is directly available on the Android Auto application launcher.

Before using Spotify on Android Auto, you have to make sure that you can simply launch Spotify from Android Auto.

  • Open Settings
  • Type “Android Auto” in the search bar
  • Open Android Auto
  • Open the “Customize the app launcher” tab
  • Choose the applications quickly accessible from Android Auto
  • Check Spotify, so you can easily be accessible with it.

Step 05: Setting up voice commands

Voice commands are the easiest way for you to manage Spotify on Android Auto. let’s get to know about the common voice commands you can use on Spotify on Android Auto.

  • To play new music:

Say ‘Hey Google’ or ‘Okay Google’

Then “Launches Baby by Justine Bieber on Spotify”

  • To skip to the next music (While Spotify is already open):

“OK Google, next music”

  • Take a break :

“OK Google, Pause the music”

  • Volume up/ down:

“OK Google, turn up the volume”/ “Decrease the volume”

  • To search for a specific album:

“OK Google, search <album name>”

Now you know how to add Spotify to Android Auto. Next, you will see the fixes for Android Auto Spotify not working issues.

Spotify Not working on Android Auto- Known fixes

Like most other apps, Spotify also has known errors while playing on Android Auto. When you realize that your Android Auto Spotify is not showing or working you can follow a few common fixes for these issues. As we have grabbed a full list of fixes for you, make sure to try them out to enjoy uninterrupted music while riding.

  1. Restart your Android device
  2. Try parking your car and restart by turning the ignition off and on. Or restart the infotainment system by pressing its power button.
  3. Open Android Auto from your car
  4. If your downloaded Spotify Android Auto is not showing, check whether your other Android Auto apps (Google Maps etc) work in your car. If the other apps don’t work, check your car’s Android Auto compatibility.
  5. Is Spotify not showing on Android Auto? Try adding Spotify to Android Auto if it’s not showing up as an option in your car.  (Check whether Spotify is hidden from the Android Auto apps menu).
  6. Disable battery optimization to fix buffering issues and unloading screens. This can fix Spotify not showing in Android Auto issue.  Stop restricting Spotify’s battery usage (Google Pixel) Settings> Apps > Spotify > App battery usage. Tap on Optimized. If this does not help, return to the final screen and select Unrestricted instead. Disable deep sleep for Spotify on Samsung phones. Adjust this setting each time to conserve power.
  7. Check your mobile phone’s internet connection. Your phone should have a solid internet connection to avoid streaming. (If issues continue try turning on and off Airplane mode for a few seconds.) If the Spotify drop keeps happening during the drive for a certain time, (along a repeated route) it might be a signal issue in the area that you can’t control.
  8. Sometimes, an update of your Android operating system will fix the bugs from preventing working Spotify
  9. Clearing the app cache can fix the Spotify not working Android Auto issue.
  10. Try deleting Spotify and reinstalling it from the Google Play Store.
  11. Try turning on developer mode to fix the Spotify Android Auto not working issue. Launch the Android Auto App. Tap on the hamburger menu icon in the top left corner. Select the About option. Tap repeatedly on About for a few times until the pop-up shows ‘Developer Settings Enabled’. Then from the three-dot menu, tap Developer settings > Unknown sources. Completely close down Android Auto and Spotify before using it again.
  12. Download your favourite music albums before your ride. So, while you are travelling, no matter how the signal connections are. Your music will play uninterruptedly. You don’t need to worry about the areas without mobile data connections. Make sure you have a Spotify premium connection and download your favourite music before the travel to enjoy it while driving.
  13. Turning on AutoStart for Spotify will allow the app to start back up again in the background. Here is how to do that.
  • Xiaomi-Security> Manage apps > Permissions > AutoStart > Spotify
  • Huawei-Settings> Apps> Settings icon > App auto-launch
  • Realme-Settings> App Management> App list > Spotify > Auto Startup

Tips for a joyful ride with Spotify on Android Auto

  1. Switch to a Premium account to enjoy more features other than a free Spotify
  2. Use voice control other than the touch screen. It is safer, easier and the best method to access with the Spotify playlists. You can also try Spotify’s built-in voice control by tapping the microphone icon and saying “Hey Spotify” with your favourite music.
  3. Check on Android updates, and Spotify app updates before your ride. Make sure you are free while driving other than focusing on app updates.
  4. Create your travel music album before your journey
  5. Download playlists, so you don’t need to worry about the low-signal areas
  6. Listen to podcasts- Spotify has a wide variety of podcasts. Try them out.

That’s how you add Spotify on Android Auto, and that’s not the only entertainment app you can add to Android Auto, other than that you can add any app on Android Auto.

Alternatives to add entertainment apps to Android Auto

WheelPal app

Do you want to know how to watch your favourite video streams like YouTube and Netflix on Android Auto? Yes, you heard it right. With WheelPal Android app, now You can add any app to Android Auto.

WheelPal Android App lets you add any app on Android Auto. With the available methods on the WheelPal app, you can securely explore and enjoy your favourite streams, communication apps and any other third-party app too.

Download WheelPal

Hardware solutions

1. Carlinkit wireless CarPlay AI Box

Carlinkit wireless CarPlay AI Box

This is the latest box-type adapter powered by Carlinkit. It is a handy, and easy-to-use device.  Carlinkit Ai Box wireless Adapter can connect your phone over Bluetooth or wifi. It comes with a USB cable and is easy to connect to the car infotainment system by the cable.

Compatibility: Android 5.0 or above devices

Compatible cars: Audi, Ford, Skoda, Pioneer, Honda, VW, Jeep, Toyota, Peugeot, Volvo, Mazda, Porsche, Benz, Lexus, Buick, Chevrolet

Not compatible with BMW and Nissan


  • Only supports built-in Android Auto cars
  • Supports YouTube, Netflix video streams
  • Easy installation, stable and reliable
  • Contains 4GB RAM + 64 GB ROM
  • Dual Bluetooth

2.  Onince Ai Box Wireless Adapter

Onince Ai Box Wireless Adapter

Onince is the best and most famous brand of wireless adapters. It's a highly reliable and affordable, handy and advanced car accessory. Onince wireless adapter supported with multi-platforms. Its design and features are best for car lovers. Also, this handles all the preloaded applications like YouTube and Netflix streams.

Compatible devices: iOS and Android phones

Compatible cars: 2016-2022 cars


  • Easy connectivity and fast response
  • Multi-platform support
  • Built-in 5GHz chip
  • Can stream YouTube, Netflix, Hulu etc
  • USB cable available

Finally, kindly remember to keep in touch with us for more news and updates on Android Auto.  Explore more on our site and until we meet again have a safe ride!!

FAQs of Spotify on Android Auto

Android Auto keeps disconnecting. What can I do?

  • Check for a strong network connection
  • Check for the Android Auto compatibility of the vehicle
  • Reboot your phone
  • Check for any system updates and make sure they are up to date
  • Try a wired connection if possible

2.  Spotify is not showing on Android Auto. How to fix it?

  • Check for the Android Auto compatibility of the car
  • Restart the infotainment system with the restart button
  • Check whether Spotify is hidden from the Android Auto apps menu

3.  Spotify is not working on Android Auto. How to fix it?

  • Check your mobile phone’s internet connection.
  • Check for the Android Auto compatibility of the car
  • Restart the infotainment system with the restart button
  • Clear app cache
  • Uninstall and reinstall the Spotify app