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Best Android Auto Apps 2024

Android Auto Apps or the Android Auto Compatible apps refers to the apps which can be used through your car’s infotainment system, when your phone is connected with it. So, you do not need to touch your phone to use these apps while you are driving. These apps are handled basically through voice commands and a smaller number of touches to the Android Auto screen.

If your car is compatible with Android Auto, and if you are in an Android Auto compatible region, you can enjoy these apps. If not, you can go for an aftermarket solution like Kenwood, Sony, Alpine, Pioneer. Or else you can use an Android Auto Alternative like InCar App.


What are android Auto Apps - Introduction

Download Best Android Auto Apps 2023

How to add apps to Android Auto

List of apps which are not available for Android Auto

         Software Solutions

        Hardware Solutions

How to enjoy apps which are not available for Android Auto

FAQ/ Issues related to Android Auto Apps


Download Best Android Auto Apps 2023

There is an array of Android Auto apps in all communication, entertainment and navigation categories. Full list of Android Auto Apps.

Let's talk bit more about the best Android Auto Apps.

Google Maps

Google maps can be used in 220 countries and territories. Also, you can search for millions of places near you like parks, shops, fuel stations etc. Maps give you the best path for your destination. You can make requests via voice commands and Maps also gives you voice commands navigating you to the requested destination. Get Google Maps.


Waze app calculates the best path for your destination and reroutes it whenever possible considering the factors like traffic, accidents etc which are going to delay your drive. This is the reason for Waze to be a famous app among Android Auto Users.

Download Waze.


Currently, WhatsApp is widely used for handling businesses. As it is an Android Auto App, you will not miss your important business calls when you are driving. WhatsApp is also used for personal communication and your loving ones can easily reach you even if you are driving.

Install WhatsApp.


Google hangouts also can be used for personal and business communication. Install Hangouts App.


Messenger is another communication app which connects people all over the world. You can enjoy Messenger with Android Auto now. Get Messenger App.


Skype is also a widely used communication app which is used for business handling and personal communication. Install Skype.


Audible is a world-famous audiobook app which allows you to listen to your favorite books while driving. You can choose among millions of books written on several areas.

Install Audible.

Google Play Books

If you are a person who purchases audiobooks from Google Play, this app is for you. You can listen to those books while driving with Google Play Books App . Get Google Play Books.

YouTube Music

youtube music logo

YouTube Music has now become Google's official Music app as it replaces Google play Music app. With YouTube Music Android Auto app you can choose songs among millions of Songs, Albums and Artists. It allows you to listen to playback music , upload download options of your favorites. Get YouTube Music App .


iHeart is another popular android Auto app for Radio Stations, Music, Podcasts and Playlists. This app provides this facility for free. Download iHeartRadio.


MLB is popular among baseball lovers. It provides live matches , scores and all other details on matches broadcasted . Get MLB.


One of the best Android Auto Radio Apps for news and entertainment. Install NPR One.


With Pandora, you can create personalized channels for music and listen to them based on your mood. Download Pandora App.


Spotify is also a free app for music. You can select music over millions of choices. Download Spotify App.


TuneIn is also identified as one of the best radios among Android Auto users. You can browse radio stations, music and podcasts with TuneIn for free. Install TuneIn.

How to add apps to Android Auto

Adding Apps to Android Auto is not difficult. Just follow the steps:

  1. Install the relevant app to your Android Phone
  2. Open Android Auto App
  3. Go to the main menu
  4. Select ‘Apps for Android Auto’
  5. Then the app list will be displayed for you and you can simply select your preferred apps.

Note: The app you are trying to add should be an Android Auto Compatible App.

List of apps which are not available for Android Auto

For security purposes developers have restricted some apps for Android Auto. Basically the streaming apps, Games, Video Players are not allowed on Auto Play. Here are few apps which are highly demanded, but not allowed apps.

  • YouTube
  • Netflix
  • Games
  • FaceBook
  • Browsers

The reason for not allowing these apps may be the safety concerns. As driver’s main focus should stay on the roads, the visual based apps may have become restricted.

Software Solutions for Android Auto

You can enable all apps via the WheelPal app. WheelPal app is the best solution for Android Auto Car lovers. You can enjoy your favorite apps from easy steps. Try out the WheelPal app and level up your Android Auto experience while driving.

Step guide for WheelPal App installation.

Installation Guide

Step 1:

Download and install the Wheelpal app for Android. The official wheelPal app can be downloaded via the link above. For this installation and setup process, you must also utilize the Chrome browser.

Step 2:

An add to home button will appear in a pop-up window.

Step 3:

You need to click that button and wait while the installation is completed.

Step 4:

Once the installation has been completed, the app will appear on the home screen.

wheelpal ss 1

Activation Guide

Step 1:

Click Activate Button and Add your email to the app activated.

Step 2:

After Activating the software, You can choose your needed apk.

  • Select your apk and click there.
wheelpal ss 2

Step 3:

  • Tap on “Get” button.
  • Now you can see  pop up and  you will be prompted to "GET A LICENCE NOW". when you attempt to launch it.
  • Purchase the WheelPal Android app by clicking.
wheelpal ss 3

APKs Installation Guide

  1. Android Auto Mirror

This is the most famous Mirroring App for Android Auto. As I mentioned already, this app needs root access on your device to give the maximum out of it. Yet, you can enjoy mirroring functionality with limited functions without root access. It can mirror your phone screen on a large sized Android Auto screen on your car.

AA Mirror features - No Root Access Needed

  • Full screen mirror
  • Brightness Control
  • Orientation Control for Portrait to Landscape
  • Sliding Left to Right - drawer bar for back, menu and favorites will open
  • Sliding Right to Left - launcher drawer will open to launch application

AA Mirror features  - Require Root Access

  • Multi Touch
  • Hardware key support
  • Phone screen resize to for Android Auto Screen of your car

Requirements to install AA Mirror

  • Screen Capture permission
  • Write System Settings
  • Draw over other apps
  • Root Access (for particular functionality)
  • Whitelist app in Power Manager
  • Whitelist app in Auto-start Manager

Steps to mirror an app from phone to Android Auto

  1. First get the Root Access to your Android Device. (Several apps are available to get it done and this is not mandatory as you can use AA Mirror with limited functions in a no-root phone).
  2. Install Android Auto on your Android device if you haven’t already downloaded it.
  3. Open Android Auto
  4. Select About from Menu
  5. Go to ‘About Android Auto’ and tap on the header a few times till the developer mode is turned on.
  6. Click on the 3 dots icon to open the menu and open “Developer Settings.”
  7. Set Application Mode to Developer.
  8. Scroll down and enable “Unknown Sources”.
  9. Then you need to download two APK files via the WheelPal App.
    AA Phenotype Patcher and AA Mirror
  10. Change the Screen Settings of AA Mirror. For that Open AA Mirror → Settings → Screen Settings. If you are expecting to watch movies and other media, better to set the Screen Settings as follows:
    Overwrite screen brightness – On
    Screen brightness value – 255
    Screen rotation – Force
    Rotation degree – 90 degrees
    Immersive mode – Full immersive
  11. Open AA Phenotype Patcher. Tap the three dots in the top right corner.
  12. Click on “App Lists” and check “AA Mirror”.
  13. Go back, and tap “Patch.” When complete, exit the app.
  14. Then connect your Android Auto. Tap the icon in the bottom right corner.
  15. Among the applications that appear, AA Mirror should be available. By tapping it, you can access all Android apps on your device, including YouTube, Netflix, VLC to watch videos.

2. Android Auto Stream

Android Auto Stream or AA Stream is also a mirroring app which can be used to mirror your Android phone screen on the car’s screen. This app also requires root access for it’s functionality.

Also the developers of AA Stream suggest you to ulcer versions of Android Auto if you are planning to mirror your phone with non default Android Auto  apps running on screen.

Steps to install AA Stream

First get the Root Access to your Android Device. (Several apps are available to get it done and this is not mandatory as you can use AA Mirror with limited functions in a no-root phone).

  1. Install Android Auto on your Android device if you haven’t already downloaded it.
  2. Enable the Developer Settings on your Android Auto by tapping a few times in the About Android Auto section you find in the Main Menu.
  3. Enable “Unknown Sources” which you find at the bottom of the menu.
  4. Then you need to download AA Stream via the WheelPal App.
  5. Now you can do the necessary modifications and adjust the settings by following the guide provided by the AA Stream developers.

3. Screen2Auto

Screen Auto is one of the latest mirroring apps which can be introduced as a combination of Android Auto Mirror and Android Auto Stream.

Features of Screen to Auto

  • Available for free download
  • No registration or sign up process
  • Gives access to non default Android Auto Apps
  • Require Root Access
  • Video playing facility

Steps to download Screen2Auto

  1. Enable third party apps to be downloaded on your phone as the apk is not downloaded from Google Play. (Android Auto Menu → Settings → Security → Check Unknown Sources)
  2. Download Screen2Auto APK via the WheelPal App.
  3. Install it and use it as a normal application.

Hardware Solutions for Android Auto

Enhance Your Android Auto Experience with Wireless Adapters

Upgrade your Android Auto effortlessly with cutting-edge hardware solutions. With the help of wireless Android Auto adapters, integrating any app into your system has never been easier or quicker. Say goodbye to lengthy processes and embrace seamless connectivity.

Discover these remarkable Android Auto adapters now offered at the CarPlay Hacks store. Additionally, simplify your selection process by using the WheelPal app, ensuring you find the perfect item to complement your preferred applications. Don't miss out on this opportunity to elevate your driving experience!

  1. Carlinkit Ai Box Wireless Android Auto Adapter
Carlinkit AI Box 2023

Experience the future of in car entertainment with the latest innovation - the Carlinkit Wireless CarPlay AI Box. This advanced wireless adapter opens up a world of possibilities, allowing you to seamlessly explore video streams from popular platforms like Netflix, YouTube, TikTok, and more.

Say goodbye to limitations and hello to a new era of in-car entertainment. The Carlinkit Wireless CarPlay AI Box brings convenience and excitement to your driving experience like never before. Upgrade your journey today!

Compatible Device: iOS and Android Phones

Prerequisites: Compatible with models with built-in CarPlay and Android Auto

  1. Onince Ai Box Wireless Adapter
Onince Ai Box Wireless Adapter

Experience seamless multi-platform support that empowers you to connect effortlessly. Designed with car lovers in mind, Onince wireless adapters redefine in-car entertainment, seamlessly integrating preloaded applications such as YouTube, Hulu, Netflix, and more.

Don't miss out on the ultimate driving companion.

Compatible Device: iOS and Android Phones

Compatible Cars: 2016-2022 Cars

Prerequisites: Compatible with models with built-in CarPlay and Android Auto

How to enjoy apps which are not available for Android Auto

However, there are some situations like you have to wait in your vehicle for hours. So we have some hacks for adding those apps to your Android Auto. But we strongly remind you to be concerned about your safety all the time.

When it comes to Android Auto hacks , you can simply follow the Android Auto Netflix Hack. Also we invite you to try the same on other apps too.

Also we are introducing the Android Auto alternative called InCar App. You can enjoy most of the apps which you do not find in Android Auto. But this app is just a simulation of Android Auto and you can enjoy it only with the landscape mode of your phone.

How to get YouTube for Android Auto

Simply follow the Android Auto hacks like YouTube Hack so that you can enjoy YouTube on your Android Auto. Or else you can use YouTube with InCar App, the Android Auto Alternative which is only works as a simulation.

But keep it in mind that these type of visual based apps are restricted dues to safety reasons. So use the app wisely.

What is the best navigation app for Android Auto

Among all the Android Auto navigation apps, Google Maps and Waze are the most famous apps among users. We can not exactly say what is the best, it depends on what features you seek from your navigation apps. The best option is to try both and deciding.

Android Auto Google Play Music Not working

Google has replaced its official music app from Google Play Music to YouTube Music. The new YTM app allows you to browse via millions of tracks , music uploading and downloading options and audio PlayBack options.


There are many communication, entertainment and navigation apps compatible with android auto. You can simply add them and have an advanced driving experience in a safe way.

Some apps are restricted in Android Auto due to safety reasons and you can still have them with Android Auto alternatives like InCar app or with some hacks like Android Auto YouTube Hack .

Hope you customize your Android Auto app list with the above suggestions. We all love to get our car life an enhanced one. But again I remind you, your safety should be the most prioritized thing. So focus on roads while not missing your communication and entertainment.

And stay with carplayhacks for everything about Android Auto :  hacks, tips, news, apps any many more to enhance your driving experience.