Sensible Android Auto: Xposed (SAAX)

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Sensible AA:  Exposed- SAAX

What is SAAX?

Sensible Android Auto Xposed is a simple module that can make Android Auto less restrictive. These Xposed frameworks and related modules have been popular among Android Auto enthusiasts for customization and to add additional features. The Sensible Android Auto module is more important while the vehicle is in motion. For the Android Auto car enthusiasts who are seeking customizing and advanced functionalities, this offers them a plethora of options to enhance the Android Auto experience.

Xposed frame work

Xposed framework is a powerful tool which can allow users to modify their Android systems without making changes to the original APKs. With Xposed modules, users can add features, customize interfaces, and also tweak the system behavior without flashing custom ROMs or making complex modifications.

When it comes to the Sensible Android Auto Xposed (SAAX) module, it can enable users to go beyond the default Android Auto features allowed by Google. It can enable the standard features offered by Android Auto and provides a range of customization options and more functions.

SAAX Features:

  1. Customizable UI
  2. Enhanced notifications
  3. Additional Shortcuts and widgets
  4. Voice commands to improve hands-free experience
  5. Compatibility and stability

Like most apps and tweaks for Android Auto, SAAX  also has restrictions. In some built-in AA units get the speed bump warning which is distracting. Also, it was not allowing scroll lists. However, now you can scroll the lists while driving ( songs, playlists etc)

SAAX module is working fine up to Android Auto 7.0  (AA 6.3.611314). It became popular among users who used monitoring apps to use their Android devices while driving Android Auto cars.

You can download SAAX version 6.3.611314 from GitHub.

This also requires rooting access like almost any other AA Tweaks. Because, to exceed the limitations provided by Google you have to root your device. Therefore, the developer has already provided a warning to anyone who is willing to use it, to use it at their own risk.

SAAX alternatives

If you want to try any other alternatives other than SAAX here we got you more solutions for that. These apps can add any app to Android auto with various ways. And also don’t forget to check out the wireless Android Auto adapters too.

WheelPal App

WheelPal app is an Android app that can help you to install almost any app on Android Auto infotainment system. If you are interested in getting more apps for your Android Auto, we suggest WheelPal is the best app for your requirements.

If you are in need of watching YouTube or Netflix on Android Auto, WheelPal is there for you to help!

Step guide for WheelPal App installation.

Mirroring Apps

Mirror screen on Android Auto is common among car enthusiasts to use their favorite apps on Android Auto. If you are interested on mirroring your Android phone to Android Auto, we have got more solutions to check out.

  • AA Mirror

AA Mirror is the most famous Mirroring app among car enthusiasts around the world. It lets you mirror your Android device to your Android Auto display.

  • AA Stream

AA Stream is the next most popular app which was made following the AA Mirror app. Both are mirroring apps, but have a little difference and advanced features.

  • Screen2Auto

Screen2Auto is another solution to screen mirroring as it is based on both screening and mirroring.

All of these apps will allow you to engage with your Android mobile while driving your car. But one thing you need to remember is, that all of these apps require root access to perform their full functions. Otherwise, the apps will run with their limitations.

Android Auto Apps Downloader- AAAD

AAAD is another tweak that will allow you to download third-party apps. With AAAD you can download CarStream, AA Mirror, AA Mirror Plus, AA Stream, Screen2Auto, Fermata Auto and widgets for Android Auto.

Hardware solutions to add any app on Android Auto

If you are interested in a non-root method to install any app on Android auto, here you go. We have a hardware store with wireless Android Auto adapters to match with your needs. Here we are going to tell you more about wireless Android Auto Adapters.

1. Carlinkit Ai Box wireless Android Auto adapter

Carlinkit Ai Box wireless Android Auto adapter
Carlinkit Ai Box wireless Android Auto adapter

This wireless Android Auto adapter is a popular and easy-to-use product among car enthusiasts. It is compatible with Android 11,12 versions. It comes with a USB type C connector and can be used to connect to the car. This product can allow your Android Auto display to watch YouTube, Netflix like apps. However, you should have built-in Android Auto to use it.


  • Easy to use/ carry
  • Connection made easy with USB, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and support 4G network
  • Video streams like YouTube and Netflix are available to watch in the Android Auto system
  • Automatically connects once you connect it.
  • Fast performance
  • Available for a large range of car models (Except BMW)

2.  Onince AI Box wireless Adapter

Onince AI Box wireless Adapter
Onince AI Box wireless Adapter
  • This adapter comes with 2GB of RAM and 16 GB of ROM to enable lag-free Wi-Fi connections. It supports multi-platforms and is a highly reliable and affordable car accessory to connect your Android device to the car infotainment system. most importantly you can watch YouTube and Netflix like DRM content with your Android Auto. 2016-2022 cars are compatible to use it


  • Compatible with both iOS and Android phones
  • Fast and reliable
  • Consisted with a 5GHz chip
  • Easy to connect with mobile hotspot
  • USB cables are provided
  • Can watch YouTube, And Netflix videos

Here we got you Sensible Android Auto: Xposed and other ways to add your favorite apps on Android Auto. With time, there’s no need to worry about your Android Auto requirements, you will find many ways of achieving them with Android Auto. Keep in touch with CarPlayhacks for more updates on all your favorite apps and tweaks! Check out AA Phenotype patcher and AA AIO tweaks too.Safe drive!!


  1. Can I use AA AIO Tweaker instead of Sensible Android Auto: Xposed?

In both, functionality is the same. But in AA AIO you don’t need to install Xposed to make it work. However, there are more apps and tweaks there which have the same process.

2. Is it harmful to Install Sensible Android Auto: Xposed?

Any app/ tweak that needs root access can be harmful to your device. That’s why developers ask you to do it with your own risk.