Top Podcasts Apps for Apple CarPlay

Here you have the Top 5 Podcast Apps for Apple CarPlay support music apps. These apps support Apple Carplay and do not require jailbreaking

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Top Podcasts Apps for Apple CarPlay

Many drivers like to just listen to their favorite music while on the road, but not all drivers listen to music behind the wheel, and some get used to playing Podcasts. In recent years, the number of podcast apps has increased.

We have the list of the best podcast apps for CarPlay and the best podcasts for a long drive. Stay tuned!!!

Best Podcast Apps for CarPlay

spotify logo
Apple Podcast
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1. Spotify

Spotify App on Apple CarPlay
Spotify App

You may download your favorite podcasts to listen to and stream your favorite podcast online with the Spotify CarPlay app. Spotify is the most famous free music app and podcast streaming service. It Supports CarPlay by default and is supported for any vehicle with Apple CarPlay.

There are many features on Spotify, Siri voice commands are used to listen to podcasts on Apple CarPlay. Also, you can save podcasts that are synced with CarPlay. It has a large podcast library. That's super cool, right?

Additionally, Spotify offers a free plan with restrictions and a subscription plan with all the features you'd expect.

You can download the app, create an account, and use Spotify with Apple CarPlay. You can get an awesome podcast experience with Spotify for sure.

Download -Spotify

2. Apple Podcast

Apple Podcast on Apple CarPlay
Apple Podcast App

The Apple Podcasts app gives users access to millions of free podcasts that can be played or downloaded for offline playing. It is available for the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, Apple TV, and Apple Watch. The Apple podcasts is a popular app of best CarPlay apps.

The Apple Podcasts app has always existed as a separate application for iOS users. Apple podcasts have easy navigation/ search. So you can easily enjoy your favorite podcast on apple podcast while you are driving.

Not only that, It’s easy to control with CarPlay controllers. (knob/voice/touch screen) and Podcasts from various genres are available. You can choose your favorite podcast as your preference. Also, Apple CarPlay and apple podcasts are fully compatible.

Download -Apple Podcasts

3. iHeartRadio

iHeartRadio on Apple CarPlay
iHeartRadio App

The iHeartRadio CarPlay App is ideal for you if you enjoy listening to music, podcasts, or other radio shows while driving. iHeartRadio is the best option for enjoying your favorite podcast.

iHeartRadio works with the majority of iPhone models as well as cars that enable CarPlay. It has a large podcast library. Thereby, you may stream your preferred podcasts while driving.

Download -iHeartRadio

4. Overcast

Overcast on Apple CarPlay
Overcast App

Overcast interface is user-friendly, making it easy for you to find podcasts you might like. Also, Overcast now provides additional features, such as compatibility with CarPlay. So if you need to listen to podcasts, you can now experiment with Overcast.

Let's see some features available on Overcast.

Overcast supports CarPlay by default. It’s easy to control with CarPlay controllers. You may work with CarPlay by voice command and touch screen. It makes your work.

Also, Overcast Has a large podcast library. You can create personalized Playlists with filters and priority settings for each episode and modify the list as much as you like.

Download -Overcast

Best Podcast Apps Which Lacks CarPlay Support

Google Podcasts
google podcasts
Podcast Player
podcast player Logo
TuneIn logo
Juke logo
Pocket Casts
Pocket Casts logo
Podcast Addict
Podcast Addict Logo
Anchor Logo
Podcast Republic
Podcast Republic Logo
Audecibel Logo
iVoox Logo

However, if you’re still interested in these apps to try with CarPlay, you can enable it with a jailbreak.

Jailbreaking refers to removing software restrictions built into iOS devices.

Just Follow how to jailbreak your device with NGXPlay or CarBridge.

Best Podcasts Behind the Wheel

Our team is enthusiastic about long drives and finds different types of podcasts to enjoy while driving. So we have listed the types of podcasts they’re recommending.

1. Conversational Podcasts

You always love to listen to conversation-format podcasts with amazing guests and talented hosts. As well as, if you need to refresh while driving, conversational podcasts are good for sleepy long drives.

Imaginary Advice
Imaginary Advice logo
Reconcilable Differences
Reconcilable Differences logo

2. Storytelling / Investigative Podcasts

Sometimes you are interested in new things. Storytelling and investigation podcasts are one of the most interesting podcast types for drivers. The important thing is investigation podcasts good for sleepy long drives. You can engage with driving joyfully. Because of thrill and curiosity.

Dirty John
Dirty John
Someone Knows Something
Someone Knows Something

3. Interview Podcasts

Interview podcasts engage you with new things. It leads to some truly invaluable advice and insights from the world’s most interesting people. It can be about celebrities, art, pop culture, global events, or self-improvement.  These are the interview podcasts picked by our team.

You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes
You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes
The TED Interview
The TED Interview

4. Monologue Podcasts

Monologue Podcasts give you a live theater feeling by reading actors. Every podcast takes you on an audio adventure and also showcases things you never heard. It’s a super amazing experience while driving. You don’t get tired for sure.

The Psych Monologues
The Psych Monologues
The Hannity Monologues
The Hannity Monologues


There are many podcast apps available on CarPlay. That’s actually a really good thing! You can pick and choose your favorite podcasts. Not only that, podcasts are the best option for long driving. And we discussed all the things about the podcast with CarPlay.

All podcast apps are not accessible with CarPlay. But we can enable those apps by Jailbreak with NGXPlay or CarBridge. And finally, we are given types of podcasts. Because car lovers’ preferences are different. They are important for those looking for different tastes of podcasts.