Download NGXPlay / CarBridge Now on any iOS [UPDATED 2022]

Download NGXPlay / CarBridge Now on any iOS [UPDATED 2022]

“Hey !, Have you ever wanted to enjoy your most favorite apps like Youtube, Netflix, Videos, Facebook and Games on CarPlay? If so, do not hesitate to download NGXPlay or to download CarBridge –  We have made it easy for you with WheelPal App”

This article is for all the car lovers from beginner level to expert , who are willing to enjoy any app on CarPlay including the non default CarPlay Apps.

Anyone can do this enhancement and here I am providing you the safest and 100% working methods to download NGXPlay and CarBridge.

Why you should download NGXPlay / CarBridge ?

By default Apple allows only a limited number of apps for CarpPlay. But if you have CarBridge or NGXPlay, you are getting the opportunity to enjoy any app on CarPlay including third party apps.

Apps you can enjoy on CarPlay with NGXPlay / CarBridge :

YouTube, Netflix, Messenger, Facebook, Games, Safari, Slack, Hangouts, Skype, Twitter, Videos, Photos, Instagram, VLC media player, KMPlayer etc.

Download NGXPlay

download ngxplay -  NGXPlay logo


NGXPlay is a tweak for Apple CarPlay to mirror any Apple app or a third party app running on iPhone into the CarPlay screen. So that drivers can just control the phone and take quick actions by simply paying attention on the wide CarPlay screen without looking at the phone.

How to Download NGXPlay ?

Download NGXPlay

Downloading tweaks like NGXPlay is not as simple as you download an app from the Appstore as they are not available for direct downloads. Also  you need to "jailbreak" iPhone to use NGXPlay.

Jailbreak ?

Since NGXPlay is to bring unofficial apps  on  CarPlay, Apple firmware doesn’t allow to do that with default settings. Therefore you need to expand iPhone’s limitations and this restriction breaking is called "jailbreaking"

This can be easily done by a jailbreak tool which is compatible with your iOS version and phone model.

So let's see what are the safest and the easiest ways to download NGXPlay with and without jailbreak.  

  1. Download NGXPlay with WheelPal (works with any iOS version)

WheelPal logo

Many car users face issues in jailbreaking the phone and downloading the NGXPlay app, and I suggest the WheelPal app as the most convenient and the safest method for them to download NGXPlay.

Actually for latest iOS versions like iOS 15, iOS 14, iOS 13 , iOS 12 etc, WheelPal is the only easy-accessible method to download NGXPlay.

Certainly, the most interesting thing is you do not need an already jailbroken iPhone to download WheelPal App.

But you need to jailbreak your phone to enjoy NGXPlay. So that WheelPal provides you the instructions, step by step guides, jailbreak tools, NGXPlay.ipa, necessary repos and all the resources you need to jailbreak your device and to download NGXPlay.

After that the app guides you to add any app on CarPlay.

WheelPal is now compatible with iOS 9 to iOS 15 . Only the jailbrekable devices can get the maximum out of it.

As WheelPal is available for free, you can simply install the app and check the compatible jailbreak tools for your device.

2. Cydia for Downloading NGXPlay  

This method also requires jailbreak and All you need to do is jailbreak your iPhone with a compatible jailbreak tool and download Cydia app.

Then add sources (Repo – BigBoss) through the Cydia app you have on your Home Screen.

BigBoss URL – (Add this in add sources URL space)

3. Download NGXPlay without Jailbreak

‘How to download NGXPlay without jailbreak?’  has become a very common question among CarPlay lovers due to the lack of tech knowledge or the difficulty of finding compatible jailbreak tools.

To be frank, jailbreak is a must for NGXPlay. But, there is a way to download NGXPlay without jailbreak. It’s via the app called “InCar”. This is actually a CarPlay simulator on phone.

This app is available for both Android and iOS users. So you can try InCar App as a simulation of NGXPlay.

InCar App logo

Visit the apps section on out site to read more and download InCar App.

How to Download NGXPlay for iOS 11- iOS 16

The ability of downloading NGXPlay depends on your phone model and the iOS version. Because, it requires jailbreak and the jailbreak tools are not available for all the iOS versions. Let's see the possibility of downloading NGXPlay for each iOS version.

Download NGXPlay for iOS 16

By now, only iOS 16 beta 3 is released and iOS 16 public version is about to be released. And hopefully Odyssey will introduce a jailbreak tool for iOS 16 same as the way they are going to do for iOS 15 and with that, downloading NGXPlay iOS 16 will not become a dream anymore.

NGXPlay iOS 16 without Jailbreak
WheelPal by Carplayhacks is the only solution to get NGXPlay on latest iOS versions. You do not need jailbreak to install WheelPal on yor iOS 16 phone, yet you have to wait for a jailrbreak to add apps for CarPlay. Until that, you can just try InCar - Apple CarPlay simulator which works fine for iOS 16.

Download NGXPlay for iOS 15

iOS 15 was released for the public in September 2021 and still no jailbreak tools are available for iOS 15. When a compatible jailbreak tool or a PC method is available, you can download NGXPlay on iOS 15 devices.

We are bringing you the news as soon as we hear about a compatible jailbreak tool or else you can check it anytime with the above mentioned WheelPal app, which can be installed with any iOS version. Until that you can check what are the CarPlay iOS 16 new features.

Update : We got to hear that Odyssey is going to release a jailbreak tool for iOS 15 and 15.1 very soon and with that you will be able to enjoy any app on Apple CarPlay.

Download NGXPlay for iOS 14 : ( iOS 14- iOS 14.7)

In order to download NGXPlay for iOS 14 you need to jailbreak your device and you can use Checkra1n jailbreak tool (PC, computer method) for this.  

With Checkra1n tool, you can download NGXPlay on iOS 14, iOS 14.1, iOS 14.2, iOS 14.3, iOS 14.4,iOS 14.5, iOS14.6 and iOS14.7.

download ngxplay on ios 14

If you are going to install NGXPlay with the WheelPal app, the instructions and required tools are provided  for downloading iOS 14 and higher after jailbreaking your device using the PC method. If you are planning to follow the steps to download NGXPlay iOS 14 manually, first you need to jailbreak your phone with Checkra1n.

Note: For now the PC method is compatible only with iPhone A9 (X) and lower devices.

NGXPlay download for iOS 13 (iOS 13 - iOS 13.7)

You can use NGXPlay on your iOS 13- 13.7 after Jailbreaking your iPhone and if you're going ahead with WheelPal, it provides all the compatible jailbreak tools based on your iOS version. Also it provides iOS13 NGXPlay repo and other sources too.

If you are going ahead with manual steps to Download NGXPlay iOS 13, you can jailbreak your iPhone with a tool like Checkra1n, Unc0ver, Odyssey.

Download NGXPlay for iOS 9, iOS 10, iOS 11, iOS 12, iOS 12.2 and iOS 12.4

If you are downloading NGXPlay with WheelPal, it provides you all the compatible jailbreak tools based on your iOS version. If not you can use jailbreak tools like Checkra1n and Unc0ver and then follow the download NGXPlay steps given below.

Step Guide for downloading NGXPlay  (any iOS version)

  1. Check the device compatibility for installing NGXPlay using WheelPal app. (It will give you the compatible jailbreak tools for your iPhone with your current iOS version)
  2. Then follow the steps given by the app to jailbreak your device and install NGXPlay.  
  3. If you want to install it manually, you can jailbreak your phone and install Cydia App.
  4. Then in Cydia app, Go to Sources>tap edit> add> insert URL (BigBoss URL –
  5. Now go on search and search for NGXPlay.
  6. Then select and install NGXPlay.
  7. Congratulations. Now you are free to launch and enjoy NGXPlay by enabling your favorite apps on the application.

How to use NGXPlay?

After installing NGXPlay, you can go to the Settings and customize NGXPlay app's settings. There you can do the followings.

download ngxplay - ngxplay screenshot
  • Enable or Disable NGXPlay tweak
  • Set Frames per second
  • Select applications for Apple CarPlay.

So you can simply add any desired app on CarPlay with the + button.

Download CarBridge



CarBridge is a tweak that enables non default apps including third party apps on Apple CarPlay. This runs apps on real CarPlay without just mirroring from phone.

So we can simply introduce NGXPlay as a CarBridge alternative.

Instead of Mirroring apps to CarPlay like NGXPlay does, CarBridge actually runs apps on CarPlay. But the DRM imposed by some apps like Netflix, Hulu, etc does not allow CarBridge to run those apps on CarPlay.

CarBridge also requires a jailbreak, and the good news is, now a jailbreak is available for the devices running up to the latest iOS 14.8.1

How to download CarBridge

Download CarBridge CarPlayhacks

‌You can download CarBridge for any iOS version with a jailbroken iDevice, and you may download CarBridge mainly in two ways.

  • By donating CarBridge - If you are interested in getting CarBridge at a few dollars cost, you can simply go with this.
  • With downloading CarBridge.ipa With Packix repo - Carbridge Lite works best for iOS 13 (Now available for iOS 13.7)
  • By downloading via Cydia. - You can follow the steps below in order to download CarBridge.

Step guide to download CarBridge :

  1. To start downloading CarBridge, take your iPhone and back up it. Because, if anything happens to your phone during the process, it will lose internal data.
  2. Next you need to jailbreak your iPhone with WheelPal app or you can either install Impactor and drag the jailbreak .ipa file to Cydia Impactor.
  3. Next click on Cydia.
  4. In Cydia install these: -Rocketbootstrap, Applist  & Filza
  5. Perferenceloader – is not there to see in Cydia, so you’ll need to navigate in your source tab ex. Big Boss / System PerferenceLoader
  6. Install the leftyfl1p.deb file (You’ll need Filza to install this)
  7. Congratulations ! Now you have installed leftyfl1p.deb file and are free to use any app on CarPlay.

Download CarBridge for any iOS version. (iOS 11 - iOS 16)

Jailbreak is a must for CarBridge and currently you can not install CarBridge without Jailbreaking your device.

CarBridge ‘s new update on march 2021, supports iOS 14.3.  Anyhow iOS 13- iOS13.7 , iOS 12, iOS 11 and other users can use UnCover, Checkra1n or Odyssey for jailbreaking their devices based on the iOS version compatibility.

Download CarBridge for iOS 16

Downloading CarBridge for iOS 16 will not be a dream since many of the jailbreak developers are waiting for iOS 16 public version to be released for developing a jailbreak tool for that. Odyssey, Checkrain, Oncover will be working on this and at least one of them will release a successful jailbeak tool for iOS 16. With that, you can enjoy CarBridge and customize CarPlay app menu as you wish.

Download CarBridge for iOS 15

Things being prepared from the CarBridge's end to offer you CarBridge for iOS 15. This requires jailbreak compatibility and we need to wait for a compatible jailbreak to Download CarBridge for iOS 15 devices.

You can install WheelPal app and check whether there is any jailbreak tool compatible with your iOS 15 and if there are jailbreak tools, that means you can install CarBridge on your device.

Download CarBridge for iOS 14 ( iOS 14 - iOS 14.7)

With the latest update of CarBridge tweak now you can download CarBridge for iOS versions up to iOS 14.8. For that, you have to jailbreak your iPhone and you can simply use the WheelPal app to check whether your iPhone and the iOS version running on it, is compatible with a jailbreak tool.

Download CarBridge for iOS 14 - iOS 14.8.1

Download CarBridge for iOS 13

Now you can download CarBridge for iOS 13 -13.7 with Packix. Carbridgetweak offers it with demos for jailbreaking.

Before that, you can simply install WheelPal app which is available for free download, and check whether a jailbreak is available for your phone model and iOS version. Because, if there are no any jailbreak available for your phone, then there is no use of paying for CarBridge.

Download CarBridge for iOS 13 - iOS 13.7

So you do not have to waste your time going after fake CarBridge cracked versions; CarBridge repos for your iOS version. What you simply have to do is jailbreak your iDevice with a compatible jailbreak tool and then follow the steps given below.

CarBridge for Android ?

Is there are CarBridge Android version ?  Can I download it for Android with CarBridge apk ? are common queries today. So the simple answer is, the CarBridge app has only the CarBridge.ipa which is only available for iPhones. But if you still need to experience CarBridge on your Android phone, you can do that with InCar app.

Moreover, there are hacks to get CarBridge functionality on Android Auto, like Android Auto YouTube hack, which you can find on our blog.

Download CarBridge without jailbreak

To download CarBridge without jailbreak, you really have to wait for a no jailbreak solution from the CarBridge team. Because CarBridge.ipa is only compatible with jailbroken devices. I can suggest you the InCar App to experience the CarBridge functionality on a no jailbreak device.

Drawbacks of CarBridge

CarBridge app has the following drawbacks.

  1. It can not run some video streaming apps like Netflix, Hulu due to the DRM restrictions of these apps.
  2. You need to change phone settings so as not to unlock the phone throughout the drive.
  3. Depends on the CarPlay screen type.

CarBridge Alternatives

  1. WheelPal is the best CarBridge alternative to be downloaded. It overcomes all the drawbacks of CarBridge. You download it on non jailbroken devices, and it does not depend on the CarPlay screen type.
  2. NGXPlay is also an alternative to CarBridge. But it only mirrors phone apps to CarPlay rather than running apps on CarPlay like CarBridge does.

NGXPlay vs CarBridge

CarbBridge vs NGXPlay

After getting to know that both NGXPlay and CarBridge offer almost the same functionality, many users have the problem, what is the best CarPlay tweak among NGXPlay and CarBridge ?

The main difference between the NGXPlay and  CarBridge apps is, CarBridge runs apps on CarPlay while NGXPlay mirrors phone apps on CarPlay. Here I just compared CarBridge and NGXPlay, so that you can easily get an idea.

NGXPlay just mirrors the apps running on iPhone to the CarPlay displayActually runs apps on CarPlay
Can be installed on any jailbreakable iphone with WheelPalCompatible with iOS 14.3 and less
Can mirror any app on CarPlaySome apps like Netflix, Hulu can not be used with CarBridge due to the DRM restrictions.
Works fine with any Carplay ScreenWorks best with touchable screens
No need to change phone settingsNeed to change phone settings to keep the phone unlocked throughout the drive

So you can decide what to choose, just by comparing the features and drawbacks of  NGXPlay vs CarBridge.

What is NGXPlay?

NGXPlay is a tweak which enables third party apps which are not available on Apple CarPlay by default. You can enjoy any app on CarPlay including Netflix, YouTube, Facebook, Skype, Messenger, Hangouts, Mails etc.

What is CarBridge?

CarBridge is a tweak which enables you to run third party apps on Apple CarPlay. With this you can run non default apps on CarPlay like YouTube, Facebook, Messenger etc. But CarBridge can not run apps like Netflix, Hulu due to the DRM imposed by these apps.  

What is WheelPal ?

WheelPal is an iOS app by to install any app on Apple CarPlay. It works with all the jailbreakable iOS versions and devices.

Is CarBridge app Free ?

No CarBridge app gets a small fee for the service, but should say that the service is worth the pay.

What are the apps I can add to CarPlay using WheelPal?

You can simply add any app and check weather how to add these apps to Apple CarPlay. YouTube, Netflix, Facebook, Messenger, Hangouts, Skype , Viber, Twitter, Slack.

Can I install CarBridge without Jailbreak ?

No. You need a jailbroken phone to enjoy CarBridge.

CarBridge Netflix not working

CarBridge does not support Netflix due to the DRM protection of the app. It is a known issue and hopefully the CarBridge developers will find a method to overcome this issue.

What are the best CarBridge alternatives ?

WheelPal and NGXPlay are the best CarBride alternatives.

How to install NGXPlay on iOS 14?

  • Install WheelPal app with the given steps above
  • Jailbreak your device with the provided compatible jailbreak tools by following the step guide. (Instructions will be mailed to you)
  • Install NGXPlay by following the given steps.
  • Enjoy NGXPlay functionality on your iPhone.

Can I use NGXPlay for my iPhone 11 PRO running iOS 14 ?

Jailbreak is a must for installing the NGXPlay app, and as iOS 11 PRO does not have a compatible jailbreak for iOS 14, you cannot enjoy it now. Therefore, you have to wait until a stable jailbreak is released for your device and iOS version.

Is CarBridge iOS 15 available now?

Currently CarBridge is available for a limited number of iOS versions below iOS 14.3. You can check whether you have a jailbreakable iPhone using WheelPal app and then you can have the same functionality with that app.

Can I enjoy NGXPlay iOS 15 ?

Yes, you can enjoy NGXPlay on iOS 15 with WheelPal app, but you must have a jailbroken device for that. If not you need to jailbreak your device with a compatible jailbreak tool.


In conclusion NGXPlay and CarBridge are the best tweaks for CarPlay, which allows you to add non default apps to Apple CarPlay. Both of them need jailbreak .

In short, you can download NGXPlay with WheelPal app for iOS 13, iOS 14, iOS 15 and any iOS version. Besides you can donate CarBridge or use Cydia to download CarBridge iOS 14 and below.

After successfully installing these apps, you can enjoy YouTube, Netflix, Videos, Games, Facebook and other non-default apps on Apple CarPlay. But use these apps wisely when you are driving as these apps are restricted by Apple due to safety reasons.

Hope you enjoyed the article, stay with carplay hacks for more safe and working hacks related to Apple CarPlay.

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