CarPlay compatible Maps

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CarPlay compatible Maps

What is the first thing that hit your mind when you heard the phrase “CarPlay Maps”? Most probably the Apple Maps I guess. The reason is, Apple Maps is the default CarPlay map solution and only map which supports Apple CarPlay at the moment. However, Things are changing pretty fast in the CarPlay community to overcome its rival Android Auto. CarPlay Google Maps and CarPlay Waze support were not available previously but now have been added to the CarPlay. With this Apple has overcome one of the biggest advantages of Android Auto over Apple CarPlay.

As you may already know, Android Auto is ahead of Apple CarPlay in some scenarios such as advanced Google Assistant, Google Maps support and many Android Auto compatible apps. Even in this stage, many users still prefer CarPlay over Android Auto due to the clean user interface, reliability & hardware performance and the less laggy responsiveness of Apple CarPlay. But, they needed a better map solution than Apple Maps. Google Maps on Apple CarPlay is not a new requirement. It has been there since the first release of CarPlay. But, this is the first time Apple has listened to their users’ requirement on CarPlay Google Maps and trying to implement it.

Google Maps on CarPlay

If you compare Apple CarPlay vs Android Auto, what will be the most weighted option you’ll consider? Map support, of course. It’s a must when you are on the road and relying on your infotainment system to guide you to the end of a journey. And many end users agree to the fact that Google Maps is far better than Apple Maps. In this situation, it’s a win for everyone when Apple decided to show Google Maps on your CarPlay home.

Waze on CarPlay

Waze now appears on your CarPlay supported infotainment system along with Google Maps. This is also a product of Google, but the interface and features are totally different except the basic map features. You may read more on CarPlay Waze support and features, get to know which will suit you better.

How to Get Google Maps on CarPlay

There are mainly two options you can choose from. The first option is to update iOS 13 or higher and then it will be available for all iOS users without an extra effort. The second option is jailbreaking. As you know, you can escalate privilege to the iOS system by jailbreaking. After jailbreaking, you are free from limitations imposed by Apple.

If you are a tech guy and need a CarPlay maps alternative so that you can get Google Maps, Waze or any app on your CarPlay display, you can have it by jailbreaking your iPhone. Jailbreak the device and install NGXPlay or CarBridge. Get to know NGXPlay and CarBridge better so that they will serve you better. Using NGXPlay or CarBridge, access any iPhone app including Google Maps and Waze on your infotainment display.

On the other hand, even if you are not a tech person, there is an easy option for you to get any of the Maps app for your CarPlay. What you have to do is just install WheelPal App. It gives you all the step guides and support.

Step guide for WheelPal App installation.

CarPlay Maps Alternatives to Use Google Maps

There are some alternative options for having Google Maps. Well, some are very basic options. But if you need to focus on the road while getting to know your route and traffic details, you will definitely appreciate these options.

1. Phone Holder

Don’t blame me. Many users still use these to get to their destination without a hassle. Apple CarPlay, Android Auto or no infotainment system support at all, this will serve you at hard times.

2. Head-Up Display (HUD)

Advantages of head-up displays are no additional mounting is needed such as phone holders and easy to focus on the road because you can project the map details directly to your windscreen. There are some HUD systems and HUD apps which require additional equipment to work as expected. But many apps will work fine just with your smartphone.

3. Mirror your Smartphone to the Infotainment System using HDMI to Mini USB Cables

You can mirror your smartphone screen to the infotainment system’s display using HDMI to Mini USB cables. It’s a good way to see map details, but you can’t control the smartphone with this technique because it only mirrors your smartphone’s display to the infotainment system’s display.

Now you have realized, CarPlay Maps does not represent the Apple Maps OR there is no such thing as CarPlay compatible maps. It could be the map you chose. Prepare for the traffic, be there on time.

The latest CarPlay iOS 16 version and the upcoming next generation Carplay 2.0 will bring you and unmatchable CarPlay map experience with their add-ons and new  features.


Navigation apps holds an important place in best CarPlay apps and there are best CarPlay Music apps like YouTube Music , BBC iPlayer etc. Also there are communication apps like Phone, WhatsApp.

The most interesting thing is you can now install any navigation , entertainment of communication app you wish to have on CarPlay using the WheelPal app.  Install WheelPal app from our Apps and Downloads section.